Visitor Logs? We Don’t Need Any Visitor Logs!

Visitor Logs? We Don’t Need Any Visitor Logs!

Visitor Logs? We Don’t Need Any Visitor Logs!

Amidst the Biden classified documents mess, we find out that the Secret Service isn’t tracking the visitors to either of Biden’s Delaware homes.

“Like every President in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal,” the White House Counsel’s Office told Fox News Digital on Monday. “But upon taking office, President Biden restored the norm and tradition of keeping White House visitors logs, including publishing them regularly, after the previous administration ended them.”

Well, isn’t that something? The slam against Trump is par for the course. By the way, just because Trump didn’t PUBLISH the visitor logs doesn’t mean that there weren’t visitor logs! Yet it’s amazing how many people firmly believe there aren’t any WH visitor logs from the Trump Administration. This statement from the Biden folks helps further that narrative.

However, it’s the rest of the statement that stands out for me. Biden keeps visitor logs at the White House, but the Secret Service hasn’t been tracking who is traipsing in and out of either of his Delaware homes since he took office in 2021??

Amazingly, Democrats have expressed concerns about Biden’s mishandling of these documents, at least two dozen at last count, and wonder if this embarrassing Corvette security is going to be a problem for the Administration and Democrats. 

Biden was supposed to ‘be better than Trump at this stuff.’ 

In 2020, America elected Joe Biden to be not-Trump—a role for which he seemed well-suited. In 2016, the country voted for burn-it-all-down upheaval. Trump was the tribune of those who felt betrayed and misled and mistreated. Four chaotic years later, alarmed voters fled into the arms of an aging former vice-president and senator—a man they had twice rejected as a presidential contender—who seemed the personification of the steady hand.

No one expected Biden to be transformational or extraordinary, but we did need him to be the anti-Trump in the most important ways. We needed him to be sober and responsible, to play by the rules, and to uphold the primacy of law and procedure. And he delivered. President Biden freed the country and the world from the tyranny of tweeted insults, conspiracies, threats, lies, fantasies, and reversals. And while naturally some will criticize his policies, Biden has conducted the presidency with dignity. He has gone some way toward restoring a sense that the system, whatever its flaws, is basically sound.

Good gravy, Mona of The Bulwark fame and a solid Never Trumper completely twists herself into a pretzel expressing concern about Biden’s crappy handling of documents, yet somehow tries to convince herself and the rest of us that THIS Presidency has been dignified. Mona has evidently been living under ALL the rocks these last fifty years! Just take a gander at his atrocious speech at Martin Luther King’s church yesterday. His Philadelphia speech was rancid, not dignified! Furthermore, his word salads are nearly as bad as Kamala’s are. 

Furthermore, the reason he was rejected during his previous Presidential campaigns involved LOTS of lying and plagiarism accusations that turned out to be true. 

As for the lack of visitor logs, it is a big concern that the Secret Service is saying that they aren’t keeping track of anyone who shows up at either of the Biden homes. 

Yes, this is and should be a national security concern.  Biden claims that because his vintage Corvette was in the garage at one of his two homes, everything was super secure. Except that Hunter paid a boatload of rent, as in nearly $50K a month from 2017 through 2018, while he was snorting drugs and schtupping his brother’s widow. Who knows how many of Hunter’s drug-addled pals traipsed through the house and garage! 

So again, the Secret Service SHOULD be keeping visitor logs of who shows up, when, and how long they stay. There are serious national security implications on this. 

Finally, why are personal staff in the lead on searching for documents?? This should be solely under the purview of the FBI and DOJ. 

Finally, it doesn’t matter WHO the President is or was, and no it isn’t hypocritical to be calling out Biden for what is CURRENTLY the issue.

What matters is that the classified documents should’ve been handled in the appropriate manner. Right now, as Jonathan Turley points out, it has been at least six years since Biden left the White House as Vice President. ALL documents should’ve been handed over to the National Archives. Instead Biden has HIS attorneys combing through documents and then notifying those with security clearances when they find something. 

The answer appears the same as in the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails: control. Using private counsel allows Biden to raise attorney-client privilege. Trump also used counsel, but eventually the FBI raided his home to search and remove not just classified material but documents found in boxes with that material.

Yep, control over what is found and spinning the finds is definitely key. 

That’s a boatload of horse hockey. Biden shouldn’t be given a pass on the document issue nor the lack of visitor logs, but the double standard is in play and will be for the foreseeable future. The Corvette defense is strong with this one. 

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  • JAW3 says:

    There’s a log. The private attorney Bob Bauer is a major legal tool going back to the Clinton scandals and he will make the investigators ask for the exact name of the log before coughing it up, IMO.

  • Sgt Steiner says:

    The law is quite clear on classified documents. Improper handling and storage is a felony, regardless of “intent.” Ask anyone who has held Secret (me). Top Secret, Eyes Only, SCI., etc. Biden became a felon the minute those documents left the White House 6 years ago.

  • LTC (Ret.) Ted says:

    Here we see the “semantics defense” perfected by former president Bill Clinton. A statement, “There are no visitors logs”, depends on the word “are”. In full, it’s likely that such a statement, in full, ought be “There are no visitors logs any longer, ha, ha, suckers!”

  • Kevin says:

    When did you fucking care about “visitor logs?” Surely not when the fucking genius denied anyone from looking at the White House logs. When are you going to cough up the Mar-A-Largo logs? Not any time soon.

    P.S. I took a hiatus from the toxicity and lies but I’m back for another round.

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