Hunter Biden Attempts To Disassociate From Love Child

Hunter Biden Attempts To Disassociate From Love Child

Hunter Biden Attempts To Disassociate From Love Child

While his father tries to disassociate himself from classified documents found in his garage, Hunter Biden is trying to disassociate himself with one of his children.

According to this from The New York Post, Hunter Biden asked a judge to deny his 4-year-old daughter from taking his surname — claiming it’s a lightning rod for criticism and would rob the child of a “peaceful existence.”

The first son’s request on Jan. 6 came amid an ongoing paternity case against him in Independence, Ark., where Biden is fighting to lower his child-support payments to baby mama Lunden Roberts for their love child, Navy Joan Roberts.”-Jacob Geanous, The New York Post

First off, the procreation of a child by a crack-addled jackass and a stripper does not beget a “love child”. Let’s be real. There was no “love” there. But, this is not the fault of the poor four-year old girl who is in the middle of this mess. As most of us recall, there has been an ongoing battle between Hunter Biden and former stripper, Lunden Roberts.

As we recall, the slimy SOB who is the “First Son”, Hunter Biden, tried everything he could to get out of appearing in court, providing documents to the court and paying child support in this paternity case. Even a DNA test “with near scientific certainty” (I love how CNN puts that in quotes, by the way), claimed Navy Joan was Hunter’s seed. As we recall, Hunter Biden, who wanted to “protect” his pregnant wife, did not want to appear in-person and wanted a telephone hearing with the Arkansas court because of CORONAVIRUS. After kicking and screaming, Hunter Biden finally agreed to child support for the “love child”.

But now, you see, Hunter Biden is a changed man. He’s no longer going on crack benders. He’s no longer hooking up with his late brother’s widow. He’s no longer frequenting strip clubs and snorting cocaine. Hunter Biden is now a “family man” and an introspective artist (snort). He just wants to while away the hours and have a peaceful life, painting abstracts for SoHo galleries to sell at $225,000-a pop. Can’t a guy have a little peace-and-quiet?! C’mon, man!

He’s just a guy who loves to paint! Hunter Biden wants the same peace-and-quiet for his illegitimate daughter! Carrying the “Biden” name will sully her reputation, will put her under much necessary scrutiny. Sorry, but I smell a huge pile of horse excrement here.

A “peaceful existence” not marred by the Biden name:

Hunter Biden does not want little Navy to have his last name because of stigma? In the meantime, ex-stripper, Lunden Roberts, wants this little girl to carry the name because it is associated with “prestige” and “education” and “opportunity”? I’m sorry but when I think of the last name, Biden, I don’t think of those three words. I think, “classless” (take one look at Jill and her Spanx and prove me wrong.) I think “stupid” (see many exhibits from Big Guy in The White House) and I think, “opportunists”. Every, single, LIVING one of them. One one hand, I cannot blame Ms. Roberts for wanting this little girl to carry the Biden name because, in certain circles, it will afford her opportunities she may otherwise never have. One the other hand, Lunden Roberts slept with Hunter Biden. She knew what she was doing when she entered into this mess and to drag the child in like this gives off a slight trashy stripper vibe.

Personally, with a biological father such as Hunter and a two poor excuses of a grandmother and grandfather who happen to be The freaken President and First Lady who NEVER once reached out to meet this child, who would WANT this poor girl to bear that name?

To the extent this [estrangement] is misconduct or neglect, it can be rectified by changing her last name to Biden so that she may undeniably be known to the world as the child of the defendant and member of the prestigious Biden family.”-Attorney Clinton Lancaster

Hunter Biden wants to reduce child support because of “substantial material change” and does not want to drag a little four year-old into this mess by carrying his family name. What a stand-up guy!

Beautiful things. Too bad he and his shit family, to include his pretentious step-mom and senile eff-up of a father, can’t recognize a beautiful four year-old child as one of their own. It’s no wonder we, as Americans, are deemed as selfish and classless by other cultures. They don’t look at average Americans of character and principle…they look to the proclaimed people at the forefront of “prestige”, “education” and “opportunity”.

Jerry Springer could not come up with better white trash guests for a potential show. Hunter the spoiled scumbag rich kid, a stripper, a grandfather who doesn’t know where the hell he is and what day it is over half of the time and a pretentious, posturing “mother figure” who calls herself a “Doctor”. Maybe they’ll all start throwing furniture and punches at each other on that stage. That, I’d pay to see.

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  • Scott says:

    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but Hunter is right. Having the biden name would be a bad thing for the kid. She’s much better off with her moms last name, as a far smaller group of people know that her mom’s a skank stripper than know her dad to be crackhead from a crooked family.

  • Cameron says:

    I really feel bad for that little girl. She doesn’t deserve this.

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