Trump Doesn’t Plan To Fire Rod Rosenstein

Trump Doesn’t Plan To Fire Rod Rosenstein

Trump Doesn’t Plan To Fire Rod Rosenstein

The media and pundits had something new to salivate over this morning. The burning question on their minds was …will Trump fire Rod Rosenstein?

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was joining President Donald Trump aboard Air Force One on Monday, a likely indication that his Justice Department job is at least temporarily safe following a chaotic two-week period that fueled speculation that he was preparing to resign or be fired.

The flight to a police chiefs’ conference on Monday provides an opportunity for their most extensive conversation since news reports last month that Rosenstein had discussed possibly secretly recording Trump to expose chaos in the White House and invoking constitutional provisions to get him removed from office.

Yes, the AP did say that Rosenstein’s job was likely safe, but as you read further into the article, you’ll see  that the tone and tenor was one of ‘but hey! he still might get fired!’

All of this, as we wrote about here, was in response to a NY Times story that breathlessly reported that Rosenstein is a spy and wanted to invoke the 25th Amendment in retaliation for James Comey’s firing.

A. It very quickly became evident that the wags at the NY Times don’t understand sarcasm

B. The NY Times and the rest of the media is all too happy to run with unverified claims by anonymous sources because TRUMP!

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But Rosenstein’s meeting with Trump and the oh so anticipated firing didn’t happen last week.

And, as we know, the meeting was delayed until today and Trump was blunt that his preference was to keep Rosenstein in place. You just KNOW that the media was hoping Trump would fire Rosenstein so they could then opine endlessly about how this means Trump did collude and this means that Trump is gonna remake the FBI and this means that Trump is MEAN! ELEVENTY! MAKESTUFFUPBECAUSETRUMP!!

And then this happened.

So is Rosenstein fired?

And just like that, the media lost another opportunity to slam Trump. However, I give it about two hours and they’ll spin something up about Trump Russia Mueller because that’s how they roll.

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  • Aussie says:

    It will Illuminati soon, or the International Jews, or the Lizard People from the Center of the Earth.

    I tend to believe the Lizard people story, as Ruth Bader is one of them.

    Need to support Veritas, as they totally smash the Left with their undercover shenanigans.

  • Aussie says:

    Trump has to force investigation into all Feinstein behavior over “claims”

    Democrats are so stupid they would have left evidence all over the place.Also have to dig up Social media on all Claimants.
    This will give Republicans a chance to totally enrage the Left just before the mid-terms, and the Left will resort to violence to resist the sunlight on the corruption.
    A few good civilian clashes with fascist Antifa would also be good for votes, and drag Republicans and Independents off their couches.

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