Tlaib Thinks Trump Should “Be Nice or Leave”

Tlaib Thinks Trump Should “Be Nice or Leave”

Tlaib Thinks Trump Should “Be Nice or Leave”

Like most members of the Democrat party, Rashida Tlaib happens to think there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her behavior and exercises the mantra “Be Nice Or Leave”.

The self-proclaimed “mama working for justice” posted this yesterday to make her point that we need nice leaders in the Oval Office:

Of course, the proud Muslima of District 13 got owned. And rightly so.

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

A little too ironic…yeah, I really do think!

Because being nice gives you that calming feeling, right, Rashida? Just like cussing out a president with whom you don’t agree with the mother of all cuss words in front of your sons. Nice.

Tlaib is also a staunch advocate for #CloseTheCamps and cheered on the Wayfair workers and their threats to walk out when they became aware the company sold beds to a government contractor. Beds are nice for kids to sleep on. Letting them sleep on concrete is not nice. Tlaib is also a fan of Ilhan Omar–who said something-not sure if it was-nice

Far too long, we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen, and frankly, I’m tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it. CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” –Ilhan Omar

You know what the 9/11 terrorists were not? Nice. You know what strategy does not work with terrorists? Being nice! They did something that was not nice. And yes, people who do things that are not nice and who want to harm others in our country DO need to LEAVE. Or, better yet, not come here in the first place. And you know what we don’t have to do with these types of people? We don’t have to be nice to them! Just like the restaurant owner who doesn’t agree with a patron’s politics. Is she under any moral obligation to be nice? Me thinks not.

The whole “be nice or leave” mantra the liberals love to preach is specifically geared towards anyone who does not agree with their ideas and agenda. This mentality is indicative of the culture our kids and young adults are experiencing currently. Someone doesn’t agree with you? Well, they’re simply not “nice” and they can go away. And if they don’t go away, the offended will go and either pout in a corner somewhere crying victim by sniveling about what a big, fat orange bully you are or launch a social media tirade on you laden with cuss words that would make you wonder if they kissed their own mothers with their mouths.

The same people who “throw kindness like confetti” are the same ones who are quick to call others bigots, racists, insert your favorite insult to Conservatives here. These are some of the same people who advocate for no bullying in their children’s schools whilst crafting Facebook posts that read “if you’ve voted for Trump, we cannot be friends”. They don’t want to know your reasons for why you casted your vote this way. They don’t want to have a civilized, intelligent discussion that may broaden their perspective. You are no longer part of their tribe. You are deemed “not nice” and they will either quietly ghost you from their circle or they will banish you with public humiliation.

Take note: Rashida Talib wants Donald Trump to “be nice or leave”.

I’m sure our President will run right out to Hobby Lobby to pick one of these little “Be Nice or Leave” tchotchkes up for display in the Oval Office, Rashida. You know, after all, he probably should. It may ward off people like you. Or may cause the “sweet”, unassuming old lady who knows nothing about cybersecurity and who is bitter about not being president and rethink calling the current POTUS’ supporters a “basket of deplorables”. Or it may make people think twice about harassing POTUS supporters because their crazy “aunt” told them to do so. Or perhaps it may keep loud, obnoxious, catty women from making fun of the First Lady while claiming to be “pro woman”. It may prevent a future generation of kids from resorting to vulgarities and name-calling when people disagree with them and cause them to look inside of themselves for any faults of their own. But then again, we can’t expect much when their own mothers don’t possess these traits so I’m not holding my breath on any of this to happen. The blaming, the foul language and the beatings will continue and sadly, no stupid sign will improve the morale and behavior of this crowd.

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  • GWB says:

    Seeing the headline, I wondered if the post would be just “*points and laughs*” followed by 30 lines of “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” interspersed with the occasional “motherf*er”.

    Or, better yet, not come here in the first place.
    Or, even better, hold their annual shareholder’s meeting under a MOAB going off.

    The whole “be nice or leave” mantra the liberals love to preach is specifically geared towards anyone who does not agree with their ideas and agenda.
    Yes, they are using civilization AGAINST US.

    And yes, this crowd needs some beatings. They’re rapidly headed that way – when their targets will no longer care enough about the civilization they’re wrecking and will simply exercise a violent form of veto.

  • Mike-in-Keller says:

    If we’re talking about “leaving,” then I wish: (1) that every illegal alien would leave, within the next 72 hours. If there were more planes, trains and automobiles, I’d make that 48 hours. (2) That every Muslim in the U.S. who wishes to convert this nation into a Muslim nation leave within the next 24 hours. And that means you, Ms. Tlaib. (3) That every person who ever promised to leave if Bush 43 were elected or if Trump were elected would honor their promise, and leave within 6 hours. (4) That every Congress-critter who thinks that the USA is one of the worst things that ever happened would leave Congress within 1 hour, and the borders within 6 hours. They hate this place? Then leave.

    Those are people whom I wish would leave.

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