The Left Has An Antifa Problem

The Left Has An Antifa Problem

The Left Has An Antifa Problem

The Left has a major Antifa problem. Antifa groups are supposedly against fascism. Yet, their actions show the complete opposite. Their brutal attacks on innocent bystanders and journalist Andy Ngo this weekend in Portland are prime examples. What does the left and 95% of the media do in response? Put the blame on Andy Ngo and work overtime to offer excuses for the violence.

As Kim wrote here, Andy Ngo was attacked for filming the protests. At last report, he is in the hospital while the doctors work to heal him and deal with a brain bleed.

The sheer number of journalists and blue check marks on Twitter who crawled out from under their rocks to blame Andy is astounding and unconscionable.

This is Antifa

This is also Antifa

And this is Antifa

They wear masks most of the time. Why? To keep from being identified. If the Antifa groups are so proud of their actions, then take off the masks!! But they won’t. Instead, they hide like the cowards they are.

They gleefully terrorize people whom they don’t even know…all in the name of Anti-fascism. They are the very thing they claim to be against.

Milk shaking with quick-dry cement is not only dangerous, it can cause bodily harm considering that it is also an acid. But the blue checks are ok with that because Antifa is supposedly against Trump.

Antifa is against the rule of law. They want and desire violence. They are lawless.

The left encourages Antifa’s lawlessness.

“U.S. Democratic candidates, their fellow travelers in the media, and international politicians of the left have long attempted to defend AntiFa.

Former Vice President Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign by praising AntiFa as “a courageous group of Americans.”

The former Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party of America and Attorney General in Minnesota Keith Ellison endorsed the AntiFa handbook which encourages “militant” behavior. Its author Mark Bray recently said: “Fascism cannot be defeated through speech”.

CNN’s Don Lemon has defended the group, while his colleague Chris Cuomo has come to their defense.”

All of which has emboldened Antifa even more. Which has led to more violence, including the riots in Portland this weekend.

No matter what Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says, there wasn’t anything civil about what happened in that city.

The media has encouraged and still encourages this violence. The Washington Post helpfully allowed the owner of the Red Hen restaurant (the very same restaurant that drove Sarah Sanders and her family out) a voice, in which she enthusiastically encourages restaurants and restaurant patrons to scream at and spit on anyone who even remotely resembles a Trump supporter.

The New York Times explicitly encouraged the physical doxxing and shaming of anyone who works for ICE or the Border Patrol.

“The identities of the individual Customs and Border Protection agents who are physically separating children from their families and staffing the detention centers are not undiscoverable,” writes Kate Cronin-Furman, an assistant professor at University College London.

“Immigration lawyers have agent names; journalists reporting at the border have names, photos and even videos. These agents’ actions should be publicized, particularly in their home communities.”

In the article, Cronin-Furman proposes a public shaming campaign — which she insists is not the same as “doxxing” — in hopes of forcing border protection agents to quit their jobs. She also said her proposal would deter others from taking jobs as border agents.”

No matter what the author says, she has advocated FOR doxxing. Something that Antifa happily does as encouraged by the author of the Antifa handbook.

“SARLIN: Do you consider Trump one of those emergency moments where potentially more violent tactics are necessary?

BRAY: The anti-fascist argument is that any amount of white supremacist or neo-Nazi organizing is worthy of emergency consideration — by no means can we allow this to take one step farther. Trump in office obviously from their perspective exacerbates this situation and empowers them and helps them to grow, but even if Hillary Clinton were in office, anti-fascists would still want to block the advance of… any of these kind of small little Nazi groups.

SARLIN: So basically, you don’t want to take a clear position on that specific distinction (between self defense and preemptive attack).

BRAY: In the abstract. I’m going to leave it at that if you don’t mind.”

Bray happens to be a lecturer at Dartmouth, so he’s definitely molding minds. But again, read the above. Supposedly the Antifa groups are against anything white supremacist or Neo-Nazi, yet they are running around attacking people, throwing milkshakes doctored with cement, and hiding behind masks. Please explain to me how that is ANY different from Nazi cretins?

Guess what? It isn’t. And their apologists are equally complicit.

The left has a major Antifa problem. They’ve decided to bury their heads in the sand about how dangerous the group really is. They offer excuses, apologies, and explanations.  Snopes even got into the act.

Don’t wait for the Democrat/Left to step up. The Antifa cretins will not go away until and unless their lawlessness is checked by the law and by the citizenry they are terrorizing.

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  • GWB says:

    Antifa groups are supposedly against fascism. Yet, their actions show the complete opposite.
    No. *sigh* Anti-Fa are not Fascists because they use violence. They are Communists. And Communists are more than happy to use violence. Anti-Fa was formed to beat up on their brown-shirted sisters (Anti-Fa are black shirts, remember – Marxists love their colored flags, doncha know). You play into the commie’s hands when you associate violence with “fascist” and not with “communist”.

    They are the very thing they claim to be against.
    Well, no.

    Mind you, they are more pro-violence than they are anti-fascist. Many probably aren’t even pro-Communism. They’re just what Stalin would call “useful idiots”.

    it can cause bodily harm considering that it is also an acid
    Ummm, also because it’s basically a wet brick (and a dry brick if you wait long enough before you throw it).

    The anti-fascist argument is that any amount of white supremacist or neo-Nazi
    And this is how it feeds their narrative. They claim to just be against stuff we all dislike, like neo-NAZIs. Don’t let them get away with it. (Neo-NAZIs are not really, usually, fascists. They’re just a**holes who like to cos-play with Hitler tattoos and stuff. They couldn’t care less who controls or owns the means of production, or the proletariat losing their chains, or any of that.)
    They foment violence specifically to advance their Communist goals.

    Please explain to me how that is ANY different from Nazi cretins?
    Aha! The crux of it. There is a minor difference between fascism and communism: international vs national socialism. That and control of the means of production, vice ownership. That’s it. It still means totalitarianism and misery for everyone but the ruling class. It’s the difference between the knife between your ribs and the knife between your ribs being twisted a quarter turn.

    Still, after all that, let’s make sure we condemn them with the right name: Communist.

    • Hate_me says:

      ‘Fascist’ carries a pretty ambiguous definition. Communists could be fascists, depending on who is applying the term. Historically, it could be applied to the Etruscan and Roman systems, but the significance of the term has shifted to a large degree in the last few hundred years. If I recall correctly, the first “fighting words” legislation came about when some hippy called a cop a fascist.

      Also historically, the blackshirts were not designed to “beat up on their brown-shirted sisters” but as a volunteer organization sworn in support of il Duce’s fascist regime, in opposition to labor unions. The color designation came from their clothing (based on the Arditi) rather than any flags they waved.

      I’m not sure from where you’re deriving this Blackshirt/Brownshirt-communist/fascist dichotomy, but the two organizations share much more similarity than difference.

    • Hate_me says:

      I’ll accept a fascist/socialist dichotomy for the origins of the Blackshirts, but that predates the formation of the Brownshirts (and the title “Blackshirt”) and was largely restricted to within Italy. I would even argue that the Brownshirts were modeled after the squadristi, in the sense that they were the paramilitary arm of a political movement designed to support that party’s rise through violence and intimidation – from both of whom antifa is drawing their playbook for the progressive democrats.

      • GWB says:

        I concede the point on “blackshirt” meaning Italian Fascist.
        However the “blackshirts” were also the “Anti-Fa” from 1929 or so. They were communist rumblers intended to smash the fascist rumblers.
        Note the identical flags from this 1932 “Anti-Fa” rally:

        • GWB says:

          And another rally:

          It’s true that not all anti-fascists were communist. But that’s what became “Anti-Fa” – a bunch of communist jacka**es who liked to dress up in black and start street fights with the fascists.

          • Scott says:

            And for no reason other that 1. They wanted to fight, and 2. they wanted power… they don’t actually disagree with each other much at all, they just don’t like competition…

            • George Turner says:

              I see the SO and SPD in one of your pictures, along with communist flags. Hrm….

              Austrian Nazis committed a lot of anti-Fascist violence. Austria was a Fascist dictatorship from 1933 up until 1938. (Austrofascism Wiki). They banned the Austrian Nazis, who were terrorists and thugs, and got security guarantees from Mussolini to protect them against the German Nazis. But the Nazis assassinated the Fascist Austrian chancellor, who was a dictator, and his successor only lasted two more years before the weight of German might tipped the balance.

              A lot happened, and there was a lot of deadly violence between Nazis and Fascists as they battled for power, but today it seems almost forgotten for the convenience of just lumping them together as bffs.

    • Micha Elyi says:

      “Marxists love their colored flags, doncha know…”–GWB

      …and the color of their flags is–wait for it–red. So don’t be a rube and fall for that invented-by-network-TV fad of being a conservative who refers to herself as “red”. The fad was promoted in order to help the real Reds run away from their murderous reputation and to give cover to their fellow-travelers in the Democrat Party. If you’re a real conservative, don’t be a red and don’t let the Dems pretend that they’re true-blue Americans either.

      Now for a history lesson: red has been the color socialists (of all parties) associated with themselves since they entered mass politics in the 19th century. The German SDP flies red banners. The British Labour Party flies red banners. Marxists fly red banners. Russian communists fly red banners. German National Socialists–red banners again. Chinese communists–red banners again, plus a Little Red Book and their anthem, The East Is Red.

      History, it’s more than just a pile of dusty old books.

    • A. C. says:

      They pass the duck test. While they are not Mussolini Fascisti, they meet the modern, and admittedly improper, definition of fascist.

  • GWB says:

    The Antifa cretins will not go away until and unless their lawlessness is checked by … the citizenry they are terrorizing.
    This. When the citizens and business owners of Portland finally “go Korean”* on Anti-Fa is when it will finally stop.

    (* A reference to the Korean-American shop owners in South Central LA who took to their rooftops with rifles and handguns during the Rodney King riots to protect their businesses from the mobs.)

    Oh, and Trump should send the National Guard into Portland and jail its gov’t for failing to protect their citizens and encouraging the lawlessness. That would be a start.

  • Scott says:

    Interesting to note that this kind of shit only happens in lefty cities, where the govt allows them to rampage, and orders the police to let it happen.. If they tried this in areas that they are not protected, you can bet that more than a few would have high speed lead body piercings when they tried to get violent…
    On that note, if you’re a conservative, stay armed, and stock up on ammo.

  • Hate_me says:

    “In Italia i fascisti si dividono in due categorie: i fascisti e gli antifascisti.”
    – Ennio Flaiano

  • Mike-in-Keller says:

    Antifa and the Portland Mayor are doing their best to move us into a shooting war.

    There will be casualties on both sides. Expect that. Thus far, the Left has been running up quite a list of victories. When our side gets into the war, that will change in a very major way.

    • 370H55V says:

      I keep hearing that, but it never seems to happen.

      But don’t get me wrong–I hope it does too.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    Re the discussion about whether antifa is fascist or communist (may I add “or nazi”)… Historically these are all totalitarian socialist ideologies that agree on central economic planning, the primacy of the government — once they control it — and abolition of individual rights as we know them. They differ on some particulars (international vs national scope, for example) but on fundamentals — economics, political rights — they are the same

  • Ben Jacobs says:

    For the Democrats, Antifa is a feature, not a bug. Antifa is their “civil” militia. It enforces the party’s will, just as the KKK enforced the Democrat’s segregationist aims. If Antifa is not actually directed by the puppet masters of the Democrat party, it is at least a symbiotic relationship.

  • Pj says:

    I know it’s a quibble, but I keep seeing this, and it bugs me.

    1) Cement does not dry. It sets and then cures. There is no quick drying cement, but there are many varieties of quick setting cement.

    2) Cement is mostly calcined lime and silica – – calcium oxide and silicate. It quite BASIC, not acidic, falling somewhere between milk of magnesia and lye. While short term exposure is rarely dangerous, it can be quite caustic if it can’t be washed off, or it gets in the eyes.

    Doesn’t change the thrust of the point, of course, but the Murray Gell-Mann in me is irked.

    • That’s an important point. The Left does not have in antifa a *problem* but a solution.*

      Antifa is just one of a number of useful tools for suppressing dissenters against the Left.

    • My “antifa solution” comment was directed towards Ben Jacobs, rather than you, Pj. But I appreciate your observations on cement and share your view that being technically correct matters.

  • David Longfellow says:

    Actually, we should consistently use the term “Klantifa” to describe this group, which is a direct descendant of the Democratic Party’s Klan heritage.

  • amr says:

    Antifa, so far , has not used gunfire against its perceived enemies. But while Americans are slow to anger enough to take to the streets, if we do, they, Antifa, will regret it. I am against violence for the sake of violence, have countered Leftist anti-TEA Party demonstrations and have cautioned against violence by my side. But if I or others are attacked and the police ignore it, then all bets are off I can guarantee that.

  • Vince says:

    Minor quibble but quick dry cement is basic, not acidic at a PH of 11.

    • GWB says:

      “Alkali” is probably a better term, as people think “Ooh, that’s bad!” when they hear it, where “basic” seems rather benign. It’s also probably why so many people confuse the two (“alkali” kinda sounds like “acidic” 20 years out from your last chemistry class).
      (And, hat tip to Pj, as well, for the same comment.)

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