Thanks, Trump! Citing Tax Cuts, List of Companies Offering Bonuses, Perks, and Pay Hikes Balloons to 164

Thanks, Trump! Citing Tax Cuts, List of Companies Offering Bonuses, Perks, and Pay Hikes Balloons to 164

Thanks, Trump! Citing Tax Cuts, List of Companies Offering Bonuses, Perks, and Pay Hikes Balloons to 164

We really should all be dead by now. Between the catastrophe predicted following the overturning of the inaptly-named Net Neutrality regs, to the recent passing of the tax bill last December, according to the Doomsday Democrats the majority of us should be six feet under. Exhibit A:

Or in other words:

Fear mongering. It’s what’s for dinner. Except…the opposite has happened.

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As of last evening, 164 companies are now offering their employees bonuses, raises, higher 401K contributions, or some combination of all three. Some utility companies have reduced their rates. And still other companies are planning expansion, which will result in further hiring, which will result in an expanded tax base, which will result in further infusion of cash into our economy. While I’m no economic expert, that’s a big fat DUH. That’s what happens when you unchain businesses from overly-burdensome, often ludicrous regulations, and then significantly slash their taxes. This link summarizes the extensive, and growing, list of companies awarding their employees, many citing tax cuts as their reason. Can you just hear ChuckAndNance now: Shut up! Stop thanking Trump and the GOP! You’re crushing our narrative!

I’ll wait a moment whilst you finish snickering.

Ok, let’s continue.

How ’bout that “memo” line, eh, Negative Nancy? Yes, I’m gloating.

Even before the list expanded in the past week, the bonuses, wage increases and rate hikes being offered by big and small companies and public utilities was praised by President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Some companies are offering bonuses up to $3,000, increases in 401k contributions and wage hikes.

The new list, pulled together by the taxpayer watchdog Americans For Tax Reform is likely to bring more attention, especially because ATR’s John Kartch also included the amounts of bonuses or rate hikes being offered along with quotes crediting the tax reform package as the reason for their generosity. [emphasis added]

So, no, Former President Obama (I love that title!), this is NOT your economy. Nope. Economists agree: it’s all Trump’s.

Yeah, sorry, BO, that’s just another of your self-serving fabrications. You spent eight years blaming Bush for your anemic, historically-bad economy. Seems it’s YOU who lives in a fantasy world. But then, what else is new?

Now remember: not ONE Democrat voted to ease the tax burdens of hard-working Americans and/or their employers. Why? Because they knew what was about to transpire, including this…

…and they’d rather we remained over-taxed, unemployed, and hopeless rather than admit that they’re wrong. Or worse yet, that the black community, a significant part of their voter base, wakes up and realizes that the Democrat Party has done absolutely nothing for them in their quest for the American Dream. In fact, the opposite is true. Nope. It’s literally party before country with the likes of them. It’s the very danger George Washington warned us about centuries ago.

Here’s the obvious takeaway, liberals: the way to increase pay for American workers is not by the full force of government, stuffed mostly with economic illiterates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders who have precisely zero knowledge of the costs of running a business. No, it’s by cutting the crushing tax burden of their employers, many of whom—despite the cries of ARMAGEDDON!! from Schumelosi—are sharing their economic boom with their employees, who in turn will flow it through our economy. Here’s hoping voters realize this truth come November, and not hand the giant gavel back to the woman who not only attempted to derail tax cuts for 90 percent of us, but thinks our money is her money, and that she knows far better that we how to spend it.

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  • Skillyboo says:

    Also, our 401k’s are soaring. Tthe rising stock market is providing enough earnings that, at least our, principal need not be touched.

  • CaptDMO says:

    “We really should all be dead by now”
    Oh, it gets worse. Mr. Trump is scheduled to deliver a State of the Union speech.
    SOME congresscritters have chosen to take a well publicized hide in place rather than be slapped in the face with MORE “metrics” of their own consistent ignorance
    Much like Wisconsin Dems in ’11’.
    I have no recourse but to refer to them all as uppity.

  • Kevin Donegan says:

    Balloons? There are over 10,000 companies with 1,000* or more employees. 150 companies = .015%. * When you google “how many companies in the US”, 30,000,000 is a number that comes up. I just used large companies. .015%. I don’t know if I would call that “ballooning.”

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