Obama’s Latest Power Grab: Net Neutrality

Obama’s Latest Power Grab: Net Neutrality

Imagine a future where the internet is governed by a bunch of un-elected bureaucrats who attempt to regulate its inner workings. Well, today became that future.

Net Neutrality: the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved new regulations today which set guidelines for internet providers — a certain slippery slope with progressives feverishly looking for ways to control the internet — especially as more and more people turn to web surfing every day. Thankfully, we’re already seeing push back from some Republicans who vow to repeal this latest power grab from Obama’s Administration.

Congressmen Fred Upton (MI-R), the incoming Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Greg Walden (OR-R) and Lee Terry (Neb-R) have pledged to fight the FCC’s new regulations.

“The FCC’s hostile actions toward innovation, investment and job creation cannot be allowed to stand,” said Upton in a statement. “Today’s vote is a sad commentary that this administration and the FCC continue to ignore the will of the American people – our new majority is committed to protecting personal liberty and reducing the size and scope of the government.”

Make no mistake. This IS more big government intervention in the marketplace to try and fix something that simply isn’t broken. The internet has been open, entrepreneurial, and freedom-enhancing since it was spun off from a government research project in the early 1990’s — no, Al Gore didn’t invent the internet — and it needs to stay that way.

Does Big Brother know what best for you? No. The Obama Administration which has already nationalized healthcare, banks, student loans, the auto industry, and insurance companies; has now moved forward with the first step in controlling how Americans use the internet. It is yet another threat to our freedom.

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  • Greta says:

    I’m not sure the Republicans have the will to fight this. I think John Boehner or Jim DeMint should go to the American people and ask them if they think their cable company has the right to control which web sites they visit and what that content is. Even though you pay a provider for the use of your bandwidth. I’m sure you’d hear a very loud NO that even Obama would hear.

  • ESF says:

    Just another fix by Obama something that isn’t broke. There are already rules in place to protect consumers. This is just unnecessary and greedy.

  • Douglas says:

    Ah… fear mongering and flag waving in one little post. Well done!

  • Ken says:

    “Ah… fear mongering and flag waving in one little post. Well done!”

    I’m sorry, Douglas, do you care to actually refute this post with facts or truth or are you just going to regurgitate dem talking points????

  • David says:

    Ya, Douglas. What Ken said. Double. >:

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