Say Anything In NYC, But Do NOT Question Mask Mandate!

Say Anything In NYC, But Do NOT Question Mask Mandate!

Say Anything In NYC, But Do NOT Question Mask Mandate!

In New York City, you are allowed to SAY ANYTHING! That was the latest from Eric Adams during an attempt to dunk on Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis.

Isn’t that so cute??!! There’s so much rich irony here! NYC is a crime-riddled mess, has been among the strictest in the country for lockdowns, and is hideously expensive to live in. Florida is…NOT. So that makes this latest move by Eric Adams quite the knee slapper!

Only one problem with Adam’s assertion that one can say anything, anything at all. Except THAT ONE THING.

Daniela Jampel, who served as an assistant corporation counsel, learned she was canned less than an hour after she confronted a caught-off-guard and apparently annoyed Adams over when he would “unmask our toddlers.”

Jampel had publicly challenged the mayor at an unrelated event on LGBTQ issues — as Adams stood in front of a podium banner that read, “Come to the city where you can say whatever you want.’’

“Three weeks ago, you told parents to trust you that you would unmask our toddlers,” Jampel told the mayor.

“You stood right here, and you said that the masks would come off April 4. That has not happened.”

There you go. One is allowed to say anything, except THAT which goes against the preferred narrative. In this case, let’s keep toddlers masked because the science of politics demands it. Even as NYC is way into the green regarding cases, let’s continue to cause years of harm by keeping children (who are in the very LEAST risk category) masked up. One can say anything, except ask questions about mask mandates. 

What is very interesting about this is Jampel has been an employee of the city for a number of years. However, she’s also living in reality, and last year published an op-ed about keeping schools open. 

There is now enough space in our schools to safely bring back all students who want to be back, five days a week, for a full-time, in-person education. It’s safe for our vaccinated teachers. It’s safe for kids. So why aren’t we doing it?

Daniela wrote that a YEAR ago and NYC schools are still in flux because narrative, unions, Covid fear, and just plain politics. 

Oh the hypocrisy is deep and wide here. Furthermore, the city’s statement alluded to the idea that Jampel has been making “troubling claims” for some time. However, if the HR department had problems with her prior to this, why was she granted extended maternity leave instead of being let go? 

Of course, this could be because Adams has mandated that any communication from anyone in city government must be approved by him before becoming public. 

Does that mandate include commentary as a private citizen outside of work? It does seem like it, given this latest move. 

Eric Adams sneered at Florida for not being progressive enough. He loudly proclaimed that one can SAY ANYTHING while visiting or living in the Big Apple. Yes folks, you can say anything at all…except THAT. 

The toddlers must suffer under Adam’s asinine mandate. Will this latest move along with the current lawsuits over the mask mandates have an effect? Or will he continue to dig in his heels while promoting his hypocritical “Say Anything” ad campaign against Florida?

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