Resentment, Marcotte and Republican M.O.

Resentment, Marcotte and Republican M.O.

Resentment, Marcotte and Republican M.O.

The “fake right-wing outrage” and M.O.s of resentment from the Republicans continue now that it is looking like a Democrat will be in The White House. This from Salon’s Amanda Marcotte:

For Republican politicians and right-wing media, whose careers are centered around feeding silly victimization narratives to the right-wing base, there was all manner of made-up nonsense to get the rubes riled up. For months, the right-wing narrative was focused on claims that the coronavirus pandemic and/or measures to contain it were all a giant conspiracy aimed at tanking Donald Trump’s re-election chances. The fall was then consumed by similarly bonkers conspiracy theories about “voter fraud” and Joe Biden somehow “rigging” the election.”-Amanda Marcotte, Salon

I remember someone getting angry at me on here a few months back for calling Marcotte a shrieking shrew. But it’s totally okay to call Trump supporters rubes? For the record, the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t a hoax but for sure was a tool to tank Trump’s re-election chances. By tanking a nation’s economy and creating mass panic and yet more division, the Democrats and their talking heads at news outlets across the nation did exactly that. And then, oh (insert giant gasp here), the rubes created a “bonkers” conspiracy theory that Joe Biden “rigged” the election. For the record again, Joe Biden did not “rig” anything. He doesn’t have the mental capacity to do such a thing. But, lo and behold, how do ballots go missing? Could this have built resentment amongst the Republican voter base? Those hard-working “bumpkins” in the heartland? Damn skippy!

But now, according to Marcotte and her Brooklyn feminazi tribe, people who believe the resentment and these “right-wing conspiracies” are nothing but rubes, uneducated masses throwing a temper tantrum. Marcotte harkens the Republican’s M.O. here back to Obama’s tan suit scandal.

So the right is returning to the strategy of the Barack Obama years, churning out a steady stream of fake outrage over supposed Democratic transgressions — remember how angry they were that Obama wore a tan suit? — all to feed their metanarrative that Democratic governance is inherently illegitimate.”-Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Sheer resentment from the backwoods folk missing their two front teeth, for sure. Nevermind the sheer tackiness, resentment and disrespect from the former Commander In Chief who is “smart” enough (after all, he’s gone to Harvard) to know that his choice in clothing would be noticed. But let’s move along here to what Marcotte calls the true “fake” outrage of 2020.

The resentment now is oh-so-sexist, she says.

This past week saw a deeply unpleasant return to the long-standing Republican practice of firing up the base by bashing Democratic women for supposed sacrileges against ladylike behavior.”-Amanda Marcotte, Salon

How are Republicans firing up the base with sexist resentment? Look no further than Dr. Jill Biden!

“A hell of a doctor”. And The View‘s audience claps!

Amanda Marcotte goes on to scold Joseph Epstein, a man, who called Dr. Jill Biden “kiddo”. So sexist and misogynistic! Where was this outrage against misogyny from the left when they basically called First Lady (because she still is), Melania Trump an “escort”, a “whore” and “uneducated”? Right. Our moral betters on the left were the ones who started that hateful rhetoric because they speak the truth. “Melania Trump posed nude with another woman,” they gasped as they clutched their pro-abort RBG pearls. That is no way for a lady in The White House to act!

But, according to Marcotte, the rubes are showing resentment, once again, by asking Jill Biden to not be a pretentious Democrat elitist and drop the “Dr” title for a spell. I, for one, would agree that the arduous process of obtaining an advanced degree in anything but perhaps medicine or the law, has been reduced to provide accessibility to those who want to throw around the title of “Dr.” in the education world. It means jack squat. Jill Biden is an Ed.D, not an MD who could not clearly determine in her dissertation that 25 plus 75 is 100. I, personally, worked with a person who insisted everyone call her “Doctor” who could not figure out how to take her computer off of airplane mode to save her life! This person obtained a doctorate in education from somewhere. Now, all of a sudden, calling people out on their elitist, pretentious BS is a form of resentment? Sure. Okay.

Marcotte is not done with her rant on the rubes and their sexist resentment of Democratic women. Enter “we can do hard things”, Biden campaign manager, Jen O’Malley-Dillon. Yep, you can do hard things, Jen. That Biden presidential campaign was so hard. So hard to get him out of the basement. So hard to get the tech working swimmingly. So hard to get people to show up to his appearances. So hard to put caps on the campaign questions and the Hunter scandal going into Election Day. So hard to eek out a “victory”.

Marco Rubio calling Jen O’Malley-Dillon out on her harsh and divisive language, according to the delusional mind of Marcotte, was another illustration of the Republican M.O. of stirring the pot of resentment. She’s a woman, she’s a Democrat. Ergo, she gets a free pass and can say whatever she wants and no man better call her out on that.

Republicans and the media enablers are focused on finding any way they can to distract from their unpopular policies. Male resentment over women’s growing power is and will remain a favorite go-to, because apparently that well isn’t close to running dry yet. “-Amanda Marcotte

Male resentment. Media enablers. Marcotte does not even understand that most of the media is on her side! And as far as male resentment goes, she has not even touched upon the female resentment amongst the rubes from the “backwoods” who are “probably inbred”. From a woman’s standpoint, Marcotte’s claim is as elitist and insulting as they come but Conservative women have come to expect this sort of thing over the years. Damn right, we’re resentful. You want to talk about hard things? Take it from this woman who worked multiple jobs to pay for a (mostly useless) college degree, who grew up in big cities on the east coast and pulled off an MBA while her Marine husband was deployed and her son was an infant. You want to call Republicans, f#ckers, now? Look in the damn mirror at yourself for once. Contrary to the belief that Republicans are all rubes, I’m no hillbilly and still have my two front teeth. And I will say that the resentment is strong and our outrage is far from fake. Republicans do not need an M.O. to “build more resentment”. We got here all on our own with the help of the liberal elite and our abilities to use our God-given brains, thank you very much.

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  • Cameron says:

    Amanda, the fact you are allowed to exist pretty much disproves how oppressed you and your kind think you are.

    • SDN says:

      Oh? Let us know when you get fired for being a Leftist, hmmm?

      Or assaulted in the street because of the hat you wear.

      Or just because you’re white.

      We’ll wait.

    • SDN says:

      Oh? Let us know when you get fired for being a Leftist, hmmm?

      Or assaulted in the street because of the hat you wear.

      Or just because you’re white.

      We’ll wait.

      In the meantime, gaze on my middle fingers.

    • Kathy Leicester says:

      If I were close enough I’d beat you with a stick until you went to the ER.

      Ever been fired for your ideology, marxist? We have.

  • Linda S Fox says:

    Many of the Deplorables came from families without money and/or influence. Yet, they managed to work their way into financial and personal stability, and often more.
    All the fancy schools and tutors couldn’t turn Chelsea Clinton into anything more than a mediocre intellect and heavily ghosted ‘author’. She manages a scam-foundation by family connections. Her husband has failed at multiple investment firms.
    That’s just ONE example – others include the multiple over-hyped Kennedys, the Kerrys and Heinzes, the Bidens and Pelosis, and all of the other Leftists that only got anywhere, because they were dragged over the finish line.

  • CaptDMO says:

    After years of Ms. Marcott’s enlightenment, I’m surprised you give her deep thoughts “ink” .

  • mac says:

    This wench is ugly, foulmouthed, and managed to get published initially in the same way that Heels Up Harris got her start in politics. At least that loudmouthed “Squad” member looks semi-decent, even if she obviously hasn’t got a clue about politics. This chick looks like the worst 40 miles of the Baja 1000, and has a commie worldview to match. She should be ignored completely.

  • Brad Mueller says:

    Is Amanda working her pie hole again? She’s like a bad horror movie. Little known fact. She gratifies her sexual desires with a turf compactor specially designed by Northrop-Grumman. It’s true.

  • Steve White says:

    Ah yes, another opportunity to tell an ever-green joke (credit to Stacey McCain):

    Q: How do you best demonstrate Amanda Marcotte to be a blithering idiot?
    A: Quote her…

  • Elmer T. Jones says:

    Salon has survived by spewing Trump hate to their base of Trump-obsessed haters. Nobody clicks on any of their essays that do not headline Trump. Without Trump their website looks like every other click-bait site in the universe. Marcotte’s essay featured the usual photoshop of evil Trump, even though he had exactly nothing to do with the media-manufactured controversy about “Dr.” Biden. Blah blah unearned white male privilege, blah blah, men afraid of strong women, blah blah, Nazi racist Trump supporters. As a journalist, Amanda is indignant that the Nazis are cashing on on fake outrage when the heavy analysis should be left to professionals like herself. Her only hope now is that Trump gets more outrageous after the election or that Kyle Rittenhouse becomes the next George Zimmerman. If Trump was merely to enjoy retirement and stay out of the limelight the left-wing media would finally collapse under its own dead weight.

  • Peter Suck says:

    WTF is wrong with her mouth? That’s not normal. What a FREAK!

  • DSmith2 says:

    You’re paying attention to A. Marcotte, why, exactly?

    They win when you do that. Stop doing that. Get those people out of your head.

  • Sam L. says:

    Obama wore a TAN SUIT???? WHY was I not notified? WHY should I care that he did?????? Unless it was an UGLY tan suit, but how could I know at this late date? I don’t care what he wore or wears.

  • Richard says:

    Just point out that, if Jill Biden should be called doctor, then Bill Cosby should be too.

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