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#PodestaEmails6: When You Thought Clinton Corruption Couldn’t Get Any Worse [VIDEOS]

#PodestaEmails6: When You Thought Clinton Corruption Couldn’t Get Any Worse [VIDEOS]

#PodestaEmails6: When You Thought Clinton Corruption Couldn’t Get Any Worse [VIDEOS]

In the span of a few days, Wikileaks has publicized 6 different groups of emails between Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta and numerous other people attached to her 2016 campaign, the Clinton Foundation, the State Department, and the media.


We’ve written about these revelations here and here. The information found in the emails is mind-boggling. Its infuriating. And the level of arrogance and corruption is beyond disgusting. Particularly in light of the fact that most of the media has taken a vow of silence on this. With key exceptions.

Below you will find a few of the 2000 emails that were released earlier today. Read them and weep for our Republic.

Wait a minute! The FBI said in July there was nothing to see, move along! Uhhh yeah, read the above again. Check the email addresses. A. Podesta doesn’t have near the security clearance he should to see that info. B. That was on of Hillary’s bathroom server emails -NOT her State Department email. But wait, there is more. Much much more.

Try this bribe combined with ‘helping Haiti’ on for size.

Diversity jokes?

Definitely hiding emails and servers.


Seriously folks, where does it end? Hillary would LOVE for all of this to go away. And unfortunately, it likely will be swept under the rug or under one of her many curtain coats if we let it.



The depth and breadth of the collusion is staggering. Media in the tank? Check.


More coordination with the White House, this time regarding Obamacare and the Supreme Court? Check.


Hillary enabling Bill regarding his own assaults on women all because she wants power? Check.

Cozy weekends with George Soros in Southhampton? Check.


Throwing Europe and its Muslim immigration issue under the bus? Check.


Via Zero Hedge, we have emails about Hillary’s emotional detachment, questions about Bill for Jan 14, 2016 debate, jokes about the yoga, and in the comments of that thread – an email regarding Hillary’s negativity.

Almost every message being projected outward from her campaign is negative, and a candidate with high distrust ratings should not be doing this, and my phone has been ringing and my email box has been full with Democrats who like me who support her but who, like me, are appalled and losing confidence.

I have never seen anything like this.

This campaign is devoid of positive messages, uplifting appeal, and coherent rationale.

Ouch. And then ANOTHER admission of the bathroom servers – Plural!

IRS was hacked. I think the State Department was hacked. Sony hacked. Banks hacked. As we try and close the Benghazi Chapter and the email drip drip. Is there ever a moment in TiMe not to Defend the decision but layout the fact….HRC servers were not hacked. Know this is s naive thought but just thinking. Sent from my iPhone

I said just a few emails right? I could go on for days with this latest email dump. I’ll point out one more email that Zero Hedge picked up on. One that is quite frankly, scary. Pay close attention to the words used in the email below.

The discussion of “wet works”, days before Scalia’s deatrh:

From:elmendorf@teamsubjectmatter.com To: john.podesta@gmail.com
I am all in

Sounds like it will be a bad nite , we all need to buckle up and double down
From: John Podesta [mailto:john.podesta@gmail.com] Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2016 4:36 PM

To: Steve Elmendorf <elmendorf@teamsubjectmatter.com>

Subject: Thanks
Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.

Keep in mind the above was sent out only FOUR days before Justice Scalia’s untimely death. In case anyone is wondering about what “wet works” means…

I don’t know about you, but the timing of that email and the words used in that email have chills continually going up and down my spine.

Folks, this latest email dump from Wikileaks verifies what I’ve known all along concerning Hillary Clinton. Her corruption and desperate need for power knows no bounds. THIS is what we want for President? I absolutely don’t want that and neither should you.

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