Putin’s cyberwar?

Putin’s cyberwar?

Putin’s cyberwar?

Vladimir Putin is not a nice man. He is not playing by our rules. Like all Russian leaders, he is constantly expanding Russian influence through fair means or foul. This would not surprise our grandparents or their parents: Russian leaders whether Tsar or Commissar are power hungry autocrats. This is a fact and one that no rendition of You’ve got a friend will stop or hinder. This time Russia is not building a wall: they are hacking along with their usual gaming the middle east and oppressing the Tatars and Ukrainians. CNN discusses the latest issues here:

US-Russia relations have deteriorated sharply amid a barrage of accusations and disagreements, raising the stakes on issues ranging from the countries’ competing military operations in Syria, disputes over Eastern European independence and escalating cyber breaches.

This will be a challenge for our governing officials (neither candidate in my opinion is worth a warm bag of spit) to keep this from going bad fast.  And hacking is hardly a surprise.  This is typical Russian political maneuvering.  Invasion, intimidation of neighboring countries and deflecting the people’s attention back home from economic disaster.

Regardless of who inhabits the White House next, Putin isn’t likely to alter his course. Aligning Russia with Syria, countering the US at the UN Security Council and pushing back against NATO by flying bombers along the western Atlantic coast in September, among other moves, serve the Russian leader at home.

After November?

Putin is playing both Clinton and Trump like a conman in Vegas plays a mark. Putin also is successfully deflecting attention from issues at home. And how this is handled may be the difference between a cold war and a shooting war. Neither of which are good for America or her allies.

This is not the Bullwinkle show but Boris and Natasha

All joking aside, Russia is a danger to us, no matter how many times they put up a happy front.   Hopefully our congress and whoever is president can see that and not become either a pawn or a scapegoat.

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  • It’s disappointing to see the same cheap anti-Russian hysteria here that seems to occupy LTC Ralph Peters’s every waking moment. McFarland and Keane are two other Fox News fools that are beating this particular drum like a rented mule.

    Russia is not aligned with our Saudi and Qatari “allies” who fund and supply ISIS scum, it did not wage unconstitutional war against Libya, it does not now wage unconstitutional war against Syria, and it does not pretend to bomb ISIS while supplying and training said scum. Nor does it float sick, contemptible fairy tales about “moderate” terrorists in Syria.

    Crimea and E. Ukraine would be in Ukrainian hands today if Obama and Nuland had labored to bring down the elected government.

    It’s the insufferable arrogance of the US that is fueling war and terror in the M.E.

    • GWB says:

      it did not wage unconstitutional war

      Apples, meet oranges…. Their war in Syria (and plenty of other invasions around the world) wouldn’t be governed by our constitution.

      It’s the insufferable arrogance of the US that is fueling war and terror in the M.E.

      Uh, no. It might be the arrogance of this administration – or its incompetence – that is failing to stop it. But we are NOT fueling the terrorism.

      This isn’t “cheap, anti-Russia hysteria”, it’s fact. Saying so indicates a fool or a dupe.

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