Pete Buttigieg To Keystone Pipeline Workers: Go Code

Pete Buttigieg To Keystone Pipeline Workers: Go Code

Pete Buttigieg To Keystone Pipeline Workers: Go Code

Keystone Pipeline XL workers who just lost their jobs should learn to code. That was the implication of Pete Buttigieg’s response to Ted Cruz during yesterday’s hearings.

I admit, my jaw dropped when I heard this. His attitude was seriously of the ‘PFFT, that’s no big deal, you can find another job at same pay rate Easy Peasy!’ Do YOU know how to run the heavy equipment it takes to build a pipeline? I don’t and Buttigieg sure as hell doesn’t. Do YOU know what is needed to engineer a pipeline through multiple states, and across international borders? I don’t and Buttigieg definitely doesn’t. Furthermore, it isn’t just the pipeline workers themselves impacted. It’s their families, and it is all of the subsidiary industries that are affected by Biden’s job-killing move. 

“TC Energy Corp will eliminate more than 1,000 construction jobs in coming weeks and halt work on the Keystone XL oil pipeline after U.S. President Joe Biden revoked the project’s presidential permit, the company said in an email to employees.

Biden’s decision to cancel the permit is seen as the project’s death knell, after more than a decade of legal battles and shifting fortunes based on who held office in the White House. Opponents of the line fought its construction for years, saying it was unnecessary and would hamper the U.S. transition to cleaner fuels.

“I believe this will send a concerning signal to infrastructure developers that resonates far beyond our project and will stifle innovation for a practical transition towards sustainable energy,” said KXL President Richard Prior in the email, sent on Wednesday and seen by Reuters.”

One thousand construction jobs…GONE. Which has downstream impacts on all the sub-contractors, equipment companies, families, and the communities who benefitted from the pipeline construction. In the midst of Covid, I’d be willing to bet that small town restaurants and hotels benefitted greatly from having pipeline workers there and were able to hang on. Those jobs gone? Those small town businesses just took a massive hit. So, I’d venture to say the job loss from those thousand jobs needs to be tripled at the very least.

But good ole Petey, a fan of commuter trains, magically assumes any pipeline worker can find another job with a snap of their fingers. Uh huh… 

Exactly. Read his entire thread

Needless to say, the unions were NOT pleased. As they rightly pointed out, “environmental ideologues” were part and parcel of this job killing effort. This is all part of the entire Green New Deal effort, that ignores the fact, that you can’t just wipe out coal/oil/natural gas and immediately replace it with electrical, wind, and solar energy. But evidently that’s the belief of those environmental ideologues and Pete Buttigieg. 

“I believe that the president’s climate vision will create more jobs on that,” the former mayor of South Bend, Ind. said. “And I think it’s going to be very important to work with him and work with Congress to make sure that we can deliver on that promise too. That on that, more good-paying union jobs will be created in the context of the climate and infrastructure work that we have before us than has be impacted by other decisions.”

Right now there is NOT a strong job market in the green new deal sector. Why? Because the market is itty bitty and unsustainable. But that doesn’t matter to the Biden Administration. Nor does it matter that a major wrench was thrown into the US/Canada relationship. While Trudeau tried to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear on this, others in the Canadian government were not amused by this move. 

Does Pete care about the cross-border impact of this move? Nope. 

This is all part and parcel of what he described in 2019 as the Democrat party freeing all union workers from Freedom. Yes, you just read that last sentence and said…Wut? This is what Pete said in 2019.

Make no mistake, this isn’t just about killing the Keystone pipeline. No, it is the first move in killing the oil and gas industry as well. 

Meanwhile, there is good news! To all the Keystone pipeline who just had your jobs axed by the Biden Administration, you are FREE! The government, with their job-killing regulations has made you FREE! This is your brand-spanking new “generational opportunity” to have the government transform and supposedly improve America’s infrastructure. Evidently health equity and job equity are the same for Pete as long as it is all run on the government’s say so. Therefore the Keystone pipeline workers have their marching orders! Grab your pencil and paper and LEARN TO CODE!

Feature Photo Credit: Oil field pump by DrStClaire via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • rbj1 says:

    The Democrats have nothing but contempt for the working class. I hope the stupid party gets a bit smarter.

  • SFC D says:

    “hopefully our climate change policy will create millions of jobs.”

    Hope is not a plan. Obama proved that many times. Between the pipeline, border fence, and fracking, how many thousands of jobs did Biden destroy in his first 24 hours? Hell of a first day, Joe.

  • David says:

    When the unemployment numbers kick in,& UP, in a month or so, and gas prices go up, and Unemployment filing goes off the scale, and money runs out to cover the unemployed, watch the country implode.
    Pete’s gotta go… HE’S CLUELESS AS HIS BOSS… There’s not even a toss up there. They are both walking down the Yellow Brick Road….There’s No Place Like Home Joe… No Place Like Home…..

  • David says:

    I just watched the Pete on the stump… He speaks just like Obama, and there was not a Black person in the crowd.
    And I feel sorry for the people who voted for him, because if he keeps up with his rhetoric, he’s going to end up back in South Bend, working for Parks & Recreation…… How’s them Codes for Ya Pete!

  • John Wilson says:

    I saw Pete’s testimony. He’s a serious lightweight. World-class!

  • George V says:

    Canada should send a note to Biden “Screw you, I’m done.”, dig up and scrap the pipeline that’s been built, start another one to get the oil over to their west coast and sell it to Japan or Korea. But they’re too nice for that.

    What I don’t understand is why progressives can’t do simple math to add up the number of windmills and solar panels that would be needed just to replace electricity generated today, then add in what will be needed when all the natural gas heating systems are replaced, then add in what will be needed for recharging when all the cars, trucks and trains are electric, then add in how many trucks will be needed because half their capacity will be used hauling batteries….. it just does not compute, no matter how much hand-waving is done about technology improvements.

    Also need to add in all the infrastructure needed to run more power lines to deliver more electricity to where it’s needed, much of which will be places with limited power today like recharging stations for trucks out away from cities. Don’t forget the bajillion tons of copper and rare-earth elements that must be mined and refined. Environmental damage much?

    Saw an article the other day on that in Germany, where they’ve been working on renewables for some years, that electricity prices are several times what they were in the past, that people can’t afford electricity, and the legislature had started to discuss legal frameworks to determine where the power companies should prioritize when electricity needed to be cut off. The renewable power is so intermittent that they can’t maintain the frequency of the alternating current and the instability could damage the power grid without being able to cut power. And this is Germany, known for good design and engineering.

    That’s our future. Hopefully our lawmakers will make the huge power-sucking server farms of our wonderful social media giants the first to be cut off when our power grid starts to die. But I doubt it.

  • alanstorm says:

    Liberals : “Trump caused a rift with our allies!”

    Also liberals: “Screw Canada!”

  • wolfwalker says:

    The entire “learn to code” meme is a crock. Many people simply can’t learn how to write good code, for whatever reason. For those that can, they enter a world where employers demand you already have experience before they’ll even consider hiring you. There is no such thing as an entry-level programming job anymore. The stories you hear of people coming out of “coding boot camp” and getting a job that pays sixty or seventy thousand dollars a year are garbage. Like any other “wow, look what X can do for you!” type advertising, they publicize the handful who succeed, and leave out the masses who paid the money and did the work and have nothing to show for it.

  • Cameron says:

    Pete: “We are the party of freedom.”

    My history book says “That is a lie.”

  • Cameron says:

    “Needless to say, the unions were NOT pleased. ”

    Then you shouldn’t have supported Biden. But you won’t leave the Democrat plantation any time soon. I’d feel pity for you, but I have to live with this as well.

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