Pelosi: Inflation Reduction Act Will Appease “Mother Earth”

Pelosi: Inflation Reduction Act Will Appease “Mother Earth”

Pelosi: Inflation Reduction Act Will Appease “Mother Earth”

According to Nancy Pelosi, Mother Earth has been appeased. Why? Because the so-called Inflation Reduction Act has been passed.

Keep in mind, this act won’t reduce inflation. It won’t keep us out of a recession. All it does is throw tons of money at an issue, and create more problems with the green energy push. As in more subsidies (our taxpayer dollars going to solar and wind industries who have an abysmal ROI), and tax credits for us rubes in flyover country who will be pushed into the same as well as EV’s whether we can afford it or not.

According to MarketWatch, under the Inflation Reduction Act, $9 billion has been allocated to total energy rebates. Homeowners can receive rebates for qualified electrification projects — including up to $1,750 for converting to a heat pump water heater, up to $8,000 for a heat pump HVAC system and $840 for electric load service panels and electric appliances, such as dryers and stoves.

Rebates are also available to homeowners that will need to upgrade electrical panels (up to $4,000 rebate), insulate and seal their house (up to $1,600 rebate) and repair wiring (up to $2,500 rebate).

For those who don’t qualify, they can be supposedly eligible for new energy efficient windows and doors. Here’s a question. When looking at how much your rebate would be for updated insulation, updated electrical, or a new HVA system… did anyone look at ACTUAL market costs for these items? No they did not, otherwise they would’ve found out that rewiring a new home with 2800 sq feet of living space is, at minimum, 3x the cost of that rebate. A new HVAC system? Don’t even go there unless you want a heart attack from sticker shock. 

Don’t forget, this bill was supposed to go after all the rich people. Except, rational thinkers know that won’t be the case. As with the supposedly wonderful rebates discussed above, it will the those earning $400K or LESS who will bear the brunt of this bill that will save the planet!

A Congressional Budget Office report found that the Internal Revenue Service will collect billions of dollars from auditing low- and middle-income Americans under the White House-backed “Inflation Reduction Act,” contradicting Biden administration claims, according to Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee.

Fox News confirmed the report, finding the CBO informed congressional Republicans that, under the act, audits of taxpayers making under $400,000 will account for about $20 billion in additional revenue.

In fact, as many are now saying – including Penn’s Wharton School of Business, this act will have essentially zero impact on reducing inflation on any level. 

PWBM estimates that the Inflation Reduction Act would reduce non-interest cumulative deficits by $248 billion over the budget window with no impact on GDP in 2031. The impact on inflation is statistically indistinguishable from zero. An illustrative scenario is also presented where Affordable Care Act subsidies are made permanent. Under this illustrative alternative, the 10-year deficit reduction estimate falls to $89 billion.

So, $20 billion that will be forcibly taken from the majority of middle to lower-income Americans in order to further the asinine climate change agenda, and there will be nothing to show for it other than creating more hardship for everyone except the jackasses who call themselves Congressmen and Senators, and the political pundits who live in a bubble.

By the way, funding to update the electrical grid so issues such as brownouts in CA, and ice storms in Texas don’t shut things down again is merely a drop in the bucket in this legislation. 

Notice something regarding how the bill is now described?

But Nancy is here to tell us that Mother Earth has been appeased by the passage of this bill! Congress is doing something and Mother Earth applauds! 

I can just picture it now. A major storm is brewing. It’s going to cause lots of destruction, floods/hail/fires and the wind and solar energy grid will shut down. Nancy will suddenly appear on the Capital Steps, throw her ax in the air and issue a shrill call to Mother Earth to ‘stand down! We gave you what you demanded! Why must you punish us??’

And Mother Earth, conceivably, will send her flying ass over teakettle and then drop the House on her. Yes, I’m picturing a Wizard of Oz scenario here. Hey, it could happen! 

Keep in mind, even as Nancy works to appease Mother Earth, the issues of inflation and taxes are FAR more important than climate change. In fact climate change ranks 11th in importance. 

Nancy and all her Democrat minions in the House don’t care. The narrative is all that matters. And, evidently, we will now be free from all weather-related events now that Mother Earth has been appeased by this climate change dreck that will tax us all into oblivion. 

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  • American Human says:

    I’m reminded of the old commercial for Parkay margarine. “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!!!”.

  • GWB says:

    All it does is throw tons of money at an that is not the issue

    who have an abysmal ROI
    The ROI is almost ZERO (0) when it’s taxpayer’s money involved.

    insulate and seal their house (up to $1,600 rebate)
    If you have to er-insulate and seal your whole house, it’s gonna cost you a LOT more that $1,600. (Do these people know that you have to tear all your walls off before you can have the insulation put up, then you have to put new drywall up, again?)

    a new home with 2800 sq feet of living space
    Well, right there you’ve put yourself into the upper 50% of the populace. Or in the percentage who are over-mortgaged. But, yes, these “rebates” won’t cover much for a lot of people.
    (That’s by design. They’re always doing rebates as a progressive tax – if you’re “rich” enough to have to pay more because you have a bigger house, then you can just suck the rest of it up through all that money you’re swimming in.)

    funding to update the electrical grid so issues such as brownouts in CA, and ice storms in Texas don’t shut things down again is merely a drop in the bucket in this legislation
    Of course. Spending money on that wouldn’t line the right people’s pockets. They only give money to their co-religionists, if they can.

    “Mother Earth gets angry from time to time, and this legislation will help us address all of that.”
    Ummm, if you’ve ever dealt with a woman in the throes of hot flashes, what she demands as appeasement is BRUTAL. We’re not just looking at stopping globull warming, we’re going to be required to have another ice age. Better get your sweaters, guys.

    Also, isn’t that advocacy of a religion in an elected position? Don’t the progressives just hate that? To the point of trying to censure elected representatives over it and stuff?

    I’m picturing a Wizard of Oz scenario here.
    I’m hoping more for lightning strikes.

    In fact climate change ranks 11th in importance.
    That’s just because you all don’t care about Mother Nature. You’re evil fascists who hate bunnies and trees and very low temperatures that will keep Mother Nature from sweating.

  • RebeccaH says:

    Even while Nasty Pelosi is spewing that nonsense, she’s leaning on the podium and wobbling like a very old person who isn’t quite sure of her balance. This is what passes for leadership in the Democratic Congress.

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