Biden Redefines Numbers, Claims Zero Inflation

Biden Redefines Numbers, Claims Zero Inflation

Biden Redefines Numbers, Claims Zero Inflation

First, the Biden administration worked on changing the dictionary so that a recession was no longer a recession. Now, Biden will attempt to change math, so that 8.5% inflation in July is really ZERO inflation.

Hmmm. Anyone else’s wallet or checking account see that magical zero inflation from July? Here is what the Bureau of Labor Statistics had to say about the Consumer Price Index this morning.

The all items index increased 8.5 percent for the 12 months ending July, a smaller figure than the 9.1-percent increase for the period ending June. The all items less food and energy index rose 5.9 percent over the last 12 months. The energy index increased 32.9 percent for the 12 months ending July, a smaller increase than the 41.6-percent increase for the period ending June. The food index increased 10.9 percent over the last year, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending May 1979.”

And here’s what Biden was saying this morning about the magical inflation drop. It all zeroes out, everyone!

“I just want to say a number: zero,” Biden said in the White House East Room before signing legislation granting greater medical and disability benefits to veterans suffering illnesses linked to inhaling toxic smoke.”

“Today, we received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July — 0%,” Biden said. “Here’s what that means: while the price of some things go up — went up last month, the price of other things went down by the same amount. The result? Zero inflation last month.”

“But people are still hurting,” the president went on, before repeating: “But 0% inflation last month.”

Biden then proceeded to accidentally step on his own message by urging Congress to pass the Senate-approved Inflation Reduction Act, which he said would keep inflation “from getting better,” a view advanced by Republicans, before correcting himself to say “from getting worse.”

Yeah, that’s not how numbers work, Grandpa Joe. And that’s not what those July numbers mean.

Does that sound like “zero inflation last month”? Nope, that’s still 8.5% inflation. Now, Biden knows – or at least his administration knows, because I’m not sure that Biden has any thoughts left in his noggin anymore – that inflation is 8.5% and that is still a near-record high. But this is the same administration that once accepted credit for a YUUUUGE two-cent drop in gasoline by cooking a graph, so when have numbers and honesty ever been a part of Biden and the Democrats’ messaging? Especially when the media are just willing liars who lie on behalf of the Democrats?

Anyone else feeling that “breather” in inflation? I just went grocery shopping this morning and ohhhhh boy, let me tell you about prices going up and size of pre-packaged items going down. And don’t even get me started on those empty shelves. And what does the American consumer always need to buy and pay for? Food and energy. If you’re not buying gasoline for your electric car, you’re still buying the electricity to make it go.

Now look, we all realize what the White House is trying to do – eke out a win any way they can. And if that means lying about the numbers, and then watching the media fall obediently into line, then that’s what they are going to do. And yes, the media are rushing to obediently fall into line in order to prop up Biden and the Democrats as the midterms loom ever closer.

I’m not sure that I would call that “Inflation Reduction Act” a win juuuuuust yet. There is a slight – a very slight – possibility that some House Democrats might be getting cold feet over the bill.

Texas Democrats Rep. Henry Cuellar, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, and then-Rep. Filemon Vela wrote a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last year complaining the fee, which was included in the earlier version of the House “Build Back Better” legislation, “unfairly targets oil and gas companies” and that it would hurt the ability for the U.S. to be competitive in the world energy market.”

It’s unclear if Gonzalez and Cuellar’s opposition to the fee has worn off after the scaled-back version of the bill passed the Senate with the fee included, and both appear to be waiting to see how conversations surrounding it shake out as the week progresses.”

“My priority is ensuring this bill would not raise energy prices or hinder American energy jobs at such a critical time,” Gonzalez told The Texas Tribune over the weekend. “These are the people and values I represent and will continue to fight for.”

He admitted, however, that there were “still come (sic) concerning provisions” contained within it.”

Two Democrats wouldn’t be enough to sink the bill, but how many more nervous Nellie Democrats are out there, looking at their races, and then considering the reality that this bill is a gift to the IRS and the climate change fanatics, without any inflation relief help at all (remember, Bernie Sanders himself said so)? Nancy Pelosi might be able to let two Democrats vote their consciences – but not many more than that. And what if the Squad decides to be the wrench in the works?

In other words, Team Biden shouldn’t be crowing about the “Inflation Reduction Act” just yet, or retweeting all the spin on “zero inflation” when the American public can still see the numbers on the gas pump not dropping down to January 2021 prices. We the people are not going to be happy about “zero inflation” when everything that we actually need to live – like FOOD – keeps going up in price. This isn’t a “breather.” This might be the true beginning of stagflation. Redefining the meaning of numbers isn’t going to solve the very real problems the wallets of the American people are facing.

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