Kyrsten Sinema Capitulates to Democrat’s Tax Increases & Climate Spending Spree

Kyrsten Sinema Capitulates to Democrat’s Tax Increases & Climate Spending Spree

Kyrsten Sinema Capitulates to Democrat’s Tax Increases & Climate Spending Spree

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Kyrsten Sinema has capitulated to the Democrat’s tax increases and climate spending spree.  The hysterically, ironically, “new speak” name is lost on no one either.  I’ve already noted that the “Inflation Reduction Act” will do nothing of the kind.  In fact, a recent study indicates that in the short run, it will increase inflation before hypothetically bringing down inflation sometime in the distant future. Maybe.  But what struck me the most, as I perused the Twittersphere, was a comment that nailed the full rotation of our political bodies.  “The realignment is complete. Dems now doing tax cuts for the rich.”  The Daily Wire highlights the trade Sinema needed to achieve in order to sign on to the legislation: 

“We have agreed to remove the carried interest tax provision, protect advanced manufacturing, and boost our clean energy economy in the Senate’s budget reconciliation legislation,” Sinema said, according to Fox News. “Subject to the Parliamentarian’s review, I’ll move forward.”

MSMNBC broke the news late on Thursday:

There it is.  The money shot.  It’s ALWAYS about following the money and Sinema has too many megadonors to risk their wrath.

The New York Times makes it even clearer:

“To win Ms. Sinema’s support, Democratic leaders agreed to drop a $14 billion tax increase on some wealthy hedge fund managers and private equity executives that she had opposed, change the structure of a 15 percent minimum tax on corporations, and include drought money to benefit Arizona.”

As the Daily Wire writer, Zach Jewell, points out:

“Manchin claims that reconciling with Democrats on this package will help the country fight inflation, but findings from the Penn Wharton Budget Model now bring that claim into question. If signed into law, the “Inflation Reduction Act” could result in the exact opposite of what its name suggests, as it is estimated to slightly increase inflation over the next two years, according to the Penn Wharton study.

“The Act would very slightly increase inflation until 2024 and decrease inflation thereafter. These point estimates are statistically indistinguishable from zero, thereby indicating low confidence that the legislation will have any impact on inflation,” the Penn Wharton Budget Model found.”

So how exactly is this going to be a win for the Democrats?  Any inflationary reduction (if achieved) will certainly happen after 2024.  Which is when there is an almost statistical probability that a Republican will be sitting in the White House to reap any rewards.  Until then, inflation will continue to spiral out of control and the only ones to blame will be Chucky Cheese, I mean Schumer, Joe Manchurian (I really can’t help myself) and Kyrsten See-me-now.  No one gives Biden credit for anything.  He said so himself.

But it’s the fact that hedge fund managers are going to be protected at the expense of manufacturers and producers that completes the “world is upside down” notion of our political parties being turned on its head.  Continuing from the NYT’s article:

“Ms. Sinema insisted on the removal of a provision that would have limited the preferential tax treatment of income earned by some wealthy hedge fund managers and private equity executives. Democrats instead added a new 1 percent excise tax that companies would have to pay on the amount of stock that they repurchase, said one Democratic official, who disclosed details of the plan on the condition of anonymity.


“Manufacturers remain concerned that this bill will stifle new cures and therapies,” Jay Timmons, the president and chief executive of the National Association of Manufacturers, said on Twitter, even while praising the removal of certain tax provisions. He added, “We remain skeptical and will be reviewing the revised legislation carefully.”

What Trump started, Sinema has completed.  MAGA means “for the people.”  The farmers, the truckers, the manufacturers, union workers, mom and pop stores.  All the things the Democrat party once laid claim to.  Now, the Democrats support hedge funds, global elites, and Harvard grads… We used to call those folks the Chamber of Commerce Republicans.  Almost a full year ago, Bloomberg was sounding the alarm:

“The marriage between big business and the Republican Party has long been one of the strongest in American politics. But that relationship is on the rocks, and the rift is growing wider and wider.

The conflict puts business leaders in the agonizing position of being caught between newly hostile Republicans and traditionally antagonistic Democrats.”

It’s funny, when I try to point out the facts to my blue-dog Democrat friends, the reaction is ALWAYS the same!  They wrinkle up their face and squinch up their noses at the name DeSantis or Trump.  It’s instinctive to them.  Yet when I ask them why, they just shut down the conversation.  They cannot name one policy they don’t like.  If they do come up with one, and I explain the actual policy to them they seem befuddled.  Yet, like a bad heroin junkie, they cannot give up on their party.  

When I say the name “Soros” or “Chesa Boudin” or “Bill Gates” they abhor them too.  When I point out that all of these people are the backers of the current Democrat party… they just shrug and admit those folks shouldn’t have their hands in the political pie.  And yet they keep voting for the very same people that rely on those meddlers.  

I wonder, if and when this “Inflation Reduction Act” gets passed, will the pain be worth it?  Will Manchin and Sinema pay the price?  I don’t know about them, but we sure as hell will.  Damn them.


Featured image: Kyrsten Sinema (official 2018 photo), modified, public domain


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  • Big Balinese Wheel Money says:

    Just another broken whore.

  • Lloyd says:

    Sinema and Manchin are actors… acting to hedge their election bets. In truth, they are just two more Schumer Democrats who will always support the party. Mavericks….NOT!!

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