Liz Cheney Was Always A Phony

Liz Cheney Was Always A Phony

Liz Cheney Was Always A Phony

Liz Cheney will lose to her Republican Primary opponent, Harriet Haggeman, on Tuesday. Good. In a sign of her future, disgraced Senator Al Franken joined her Dad, former VP Dick Cheney, and Kevin Costner, a Los Angeles cowboy, in endorsing her. They are her fellow travelers and those are perfect endorsements for Liz. She is a phony Wyomingite and Republican. She deserves her ignominious loss.

Earlier this month, our Nina, who knows Wyoming and cowboys, carved up Liz and her endorsement from her Dad, Dick. Remember how the Left was jazzed by gigging Dick? Me, too. We’ll get back to that in a moment. Victory Girls didn’t bother to write about the endorsement from Valley boy Cosner, but Liz Cheney was super proud and touted the phony cowboy as a “real man”.

That was awfully arrogant of Liz. She is not a biologist. Plus, she needs to define what makes a “real man”. Actors are people who spit lines that someone else wrote. National Review wrote this about the Costner-Cheney connection:

Costner has not explained his Cheney advertisement, letting the photo speak for itself as if it was one of his movies. Actors get accustomed to being manipulated, and Cheney’s exploitation of Costner uses him no differently than a hack filmmaker would. His political thinking is so small-minded that whenever he makes art, it’s a happy accident.

Speaking of things that speak for themselves, the Al Franken endorsement is par for the course.

The ratio was deep on this one. While some wondered if this was a parody account, it cannot be. It was unintentionally funny. Al Franken was never funny, intentionally or unintentionally. Franken was a phony as a comendian and an angry twat as a Senator. Franken came off as a holier-than-thou and self-import jerk, while he was a serial rude jerk to women. Franken called Dick Cheney “Darth Vader” and now endorses his daughter. Oof.

But, it make sense. Liz Cheney is as phony as Franken and Costner and as power mad as her Dad. Cheney was born in Madison, Wisconsin. That wasn’t her choice. She graduated from McClean High School in Virginia, again not her choice. College in Colorado, and law school in Illinois. Those were her choices. Long stretches of her career were with the State Department in D.C. (nepotism) and law firms in New York City. She finally bought a home in Wyoming in 2012 and ran for office capitalizing on the Cheney name in Wyoming. And, now her phony chickens are coming home to roost. Even current campaign volunteers found Liz to be a carpetbagger:

It’s been a curious path we’ve walked with Ms. Cheney. In 2016, my husband, Tim, ran against her for Congress. We tried to paint her as an outsider who didn’t know the state. While we were once on the receiving end of her fierce campaigning, we are now supporters who see her as a lifeline to sanity. Perhaps she saw what I saw of Wyoming’s red-to-reddest spectrum. I’ve knocked on thousands of doors and shaken thousands of hands in Wyoming, and I see a nuanced electorate that judges the person, not the party.

Her current campaign commercial is not going to endear her to Wyomingites. She uses her best headmistress tone to tell us that no honest person could believe the 2020 election was stolen. Liz Cheney is smart and we are gullible, brainless fools. Behold:

The final exhibit in my case. Liz was never really a Republican. She is a phony AND she hates the average man. Vote accordingly, Wyoming.

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  • “…lifeline to sanity…” That lifeline has a very big anchor attached to it, folks. Been across the border, sampling that high test Colorado hash, have you?

  • Taylor says:

    I cannot stand her and the whole Bush-Cheney mediocrity.

  • Kevin says:

    I love how republicans turn on themselves and eat their own … for telling the truth. Your choice to stand with Liz Cheney over The F&#king Genius (TFG) is telling. One is telling the truth and the other is doing what they’ve always done throughout their life … lie, lie, lie, lie and lie. It’s time the republican party cannibalizes itself. America will be a much healthier and nicer place to live; actually the world will be a much healthier and nicer place!

  • John Casteel says:

    We really do need to be careful of GOP politicians, especially ones closely tied to D. C. They in no way represent their constituents. Name recognition gets them elected, over and over again. Tough to break but we need to get after it.

  • […] Republican, who ran her platform solely on January 6th and was endorsed by “real men” like Kevin Costner and (cough) Al Franken, had this to say at the AEI […]

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