Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Show Us the Crime” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Show Us the Crime” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Show Us the Crime” Edition

“There were times when his nerve so forsook him that he began shouting for mercy even before the beating began, when the mere sight of a fist drawn back for a blow was enough to make him pour forth a confession of real and imaginary crimes.”
1984– Book III, Chapter Two.


The featured photo above shows Lavrentiy Beria head of Soviet secret police – whom Stalin introduced to FDR at Yalta, as “our Himmler”.  

Most people know who Himmler was, but how many can tell you what the WWII meeting at Yalta accomplished?  Short version, it carved up Europe into Soviet and Western European spheres of influence.  As always with western democracies, the totalitarians got the better end of the bargain, while Western Europe condemned Eastern Europe tototalitarian tyranny and state murder for another 50 years or so, first under Stalin’s Beria and then under Khrushchev and other Soviets. Until the whole rotten system collapsed of its inner failures.

But Paladin never lets a failure go to waste. Especially his own. Last Sunday VGirls posted his item on “Intimidation by the Numbers featuring the expropriated and purposely mangled George Wallace quote, “intimidation today, intimidation tomorrow, intimidation forever. Too clever by half. Paladin was blind, thinking state intimidation needed some structural organization as opposed to unpredictable, random assault – the next stage should have been easy to foresee. But Paladin failed to see it.

All of us saw it three days later when the DOJ raided Rudy G’s office and apartment searching for a punishable offense.

Beria reputedly said “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” Naturally, Wikipedia is missing the famous quote, and Paladin could find no authoritative source. But who really cares if Beria said it or not, the human ruin in his murderous wake shows an iron adherence to the policy of intellectual and legal terror. Now the Beria policy has become an official United States instrument of law.

We have entered a reign of officially sponsored authoritarian compulsion, with the DOJ in the Southern District of New York mounting an anal probe into “America’s Mayor”.

What’s next?

An ATF field office near Minneapolis arresting a restaurant owner with a legal firearm under the cash register? An IRS mass audit of CPAC speakers, and donor rolls? An expanded DHS No Fly List? Proof of Vax required to rent a car? Get a haircut?  Buy Groceries? You already need it for any medical procedure. If the CDC could make Proof of Vax required for an elbow bump, they would.

Across the board they’re getting away with it. So, what’s left to get away with?  Something else.  Something soon. Something you didn’t see coming.

The jackboot is drawn up, the hobnails at your face, the fist is cocked, where will next blow fall? No one knows, and no one is supposed to know. The Wormtongue newsies applaud, the Prog Borg Left wears a sandpaper strap-on and half this country quietly acquiesces. While the other half of the nation seethes in restraint.

Yet the outcome is still far from certain. Which is why the National Socialist Left is pushing so hard.

They still don’t have the stones for outright gun confiscation, nor the machinery in place. Their strongholds in Chicago, LA, San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle, (among others) are ungovernable, and are not going become habitable any time soon. And the bankrupting of the country is like a horde of lemmings rushing over cliff. Which makes socialist Americans in an increasingly vulnerable position vis a vis a vast swath of the country. They can make rules, but they can’t make everyone comply.


They may well fix oncoming elections, but they will never bring along our modern Minutemen, the Deplorables. We are Freedom’s Army ready, willing, and able— and YET a great act of capitulation happened Wednesday night.  An act of unconditional surrender when the 40 Republican House Members and 30 Republican Senators sat passively by as lie after lie was spat in Americans faces—the jackboot came down and not a single member of the opposition (our side) walked from the chamber. We saw Nancy Pants tear up a speech on live TV – our side? A flock of supine ankle-grabbing catamites.

Was January 6th really “The worst attack on our Democracy since the civil war.” There was only one death that day. An unarmed womana Deplorable, a retired Air Force officer. But we still don’t know who pulled the trigger on her.


For shame.

You’re not duly elected representatives. You’re mask zombies. Toothless pabulum gammers.  Fart Catchers.

You saw, you tugged your chins, tsk-tsk – but gave our mummified talking fraud Chinese bootlicker president and his party all the respect his side needs to keep on stomping us. Glad you could catch up on your beauty sleep, Ted Cruz.  You couldn’t even be bothered to take a mask off and sit there like a man. Their rules are your rules and you’re making their rules – OURS.

And in so doing you and the rest caved, by sitting there like the overpaid, worthless slugs you are – our side – the Republicans and yes, our Conservatives gave their blessing to the next intimidation, the next assault, the next arrest. How many leftists want Trump arrested for “crimes” – 90%, 95% — all of them? When Republicans sit still for this crap, the DOJ will find another Giuliani.  And another and another.

And soon it will be you.



The featured photo is of Lavrentiy Beria and used under CC BY-SA 3.0.



  • Toni Williams says:

    Standing ovation.


  • Skillyboo says:

    Was the raid on Guliani’s residence intended to get John Kerry off the front pages? Seems whenever the State has a crisis it wishes would disappear some fabricated event involving a conservative pops up. Makes on wonder if they have a cookie jar filled with things to be done if one of their own gets in trouble and they want to change the focus.

  • Teslaca says:

    Far too few people understand your last line. No one ever believes they will be next. Until it’s too late. Until their life and livelihood is destroyed.

    What do we have to do to get representatives in office that actually represent us?

    I’m with Toni. Brilliant piece Paladin.

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