Rudy Giuliani Investigation Regards Ukraine Ambassador

Rudy Giuliani Investigation Regards Ukraine Ambassador

Rudy Giuliani Investigation Regards Ukraine Ambassador

The New York Times is reporting that the warrant served on April 28, 2021 at the Madison Avenue apartment of Rudy Giuliani regards the firing of former Ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. Giuliani is claiming that he is being investigated for not registering as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act because of work he did in the Ukraine. It all smells like the dirty Department of Justice and the FBI finally got their wish after two years of throwing stuff at the wall.

Victory Girls’ Nina told you about this in her post from November of 2019:

Giuliani’s name has been waived around quite a bit since all this impeachment mess started taking off. Because he dared to do as the President asked, and act as an envoy in talks with Ukrainian officials, he’s done something BAD! As if the Democrats nor media had ever heard of back channel communications before?

Back channel communications are part and parcel of the political landscape and have been for centuries. Benjamin Franklin went to France and England prior to the Declaration of Independence to gain support and assistance for the American cause. FDR used numerous back channel communications prior to and during World War II. Reagan did the same when trying to get the Soviet Union to back down.

Rudy Giuliani has known this was coming all along. Especially as a former Assistant Attorney General, he knows how the Deep State works.

From the New York Times article:

The long-running inquiry reached a turning point this week when F.B.I. agents seized telephones and computers from Mr. Giuliani’s home and office in Manhattan, the people said. At least one of the warrants was seeking evidence related to Ms. Yovanovitch and her role as ambassador, the people said.

In particular, the federal authorities were expected to scour the electronic devices for communications between Mr. Giuliani and Trump administration officials about the ambassador before she was recalled in April 2019, one of the people added.

Yes, about Marie Yovanovitch. Miss Yovanovitch was with the State Department for 33 years. She was called to testify before the first impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. She first testified that the Obama/Biden Administration wasn’t concerned about Hunter Biden and Burisma. Under questioning from the wonderful Elise Stefanik, Yovanovitch admitted that before her 2016 confirmation hearing, her practice testimony included prompts from the Obama people about how to answer questions regarding the Biden family and Burisma. You can read Nina’s take here.

More from the New York Times article on the serving of the warrants:

In the Giuliani investigation, the federal prosecutors have focused on the steps he took against Ms. Yovanovitch. Mr. Giuliani has acknowledged that he provided Mr. Trump with detailed information about his claim that she was impeding investigations that could benefit Mr. Trump, and that Mr. Trump put him in touch with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

After a few aborted attempts to remove her, Ms. Yovanovitch was ultimately recalled as ambassador in late April 2019 and was told that the White House had lost trust in her.

Mr. Giuliani said in an interview in late 2019 that he believed the information he had provided the Trump administration did contribute to Ms. Yovanovitch’s dismissal. “You’d have to ask them,” he said of the Trump officials. “But they relied on it.” He added he never explicitly requested that she be fired.

Rudy Giuliani was working back channels for the Trump Administration. Back channels have always been part of State negotiations, since our founding.

If Yovanovitch did not believe in the Trump doctrine, she shouldn’t have been fired. She should have quit. According to CNN, she didn’t believe in the Trump doctrine:

The retired career foreign service officer, as she did in her testimony before the House during the impeachment inquiry, cautioned that the department was being “hollowed out” and helmed by “senior leaders (who) lack policy vision, moral clarity and leadership skills.”
“The policy process has been replaced by the decisions emanating from the top with little discussion,” Yovanovitch said Wednesday. “Vacancies at all levels go unfilled and officers are increasingly wondering whether it is safe to express concerns about policy, even behind closed doors.”

She should have quit.

Rudy Giuliani appeared with Tucker Carlson and discussed the warrants and the Foreign Agents Registration Act:

Yes, Rudy Giuliani had offered for two years to discuss this issue with the FBI. The FBI wanted him to come in and talk with no limits. That sounds like a perjury trap. You remember how they did General Michael Flynn. Giuliani says all evidence on his electronic devices is exculpatory.

As Paladin wrote yesterday:

Last Sunday VGirls posted his item on “Intimidation by the Numbers” featuring the expropriated and purposely mangled George Wallace quote, “intimidation today, intimidation tomorrow, intimidation forever”. Too clever by half. Paladin was blind, thinking state intimidation needed some structural organization as opposed to unpredictable, random assault – the next stage should have been easy to foresee. But Paladin failed to see it.

All of us saw it three days later when the DOJ raided Rudy G’s office and apartment searching for a punishable offense.

Stay tuned, Cats and Kittens. Remember that they are not really after Donald Trump or Rudy Giuliani. They are trying to teach us a lesson

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