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Obama’s Thanksgiving Scolding: Syrian Refugees Are Today’s Pilgrims [Video]

Obama’s Thanksgiving Scolding: Syrian Refugees Are Today’s Pilgrims [Video]

Obama’s Thanksgiving Scolding: Syrian Refugees Are Today’s Pilgrims [Video]

Yesterday, as we sat down with family and friends to enjoy our Thanksgiving feast…and discuss anything and everything EXCEPT politics, the President decided his weekly address needed to include a lecture along with his view of history. Take a gander

Alrighty then! Where to begin? Most certainly the Pilgrims took a huge chance, boarded tiny little ships, crossed an immense ocean, and landed on a continent that they knew NOTHING about. It was literally feast or famine. They all had to learn to work together and somehow they had to figure out how to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves in a harsh strange new land.


In fact, it took a couple of years and Governor Bradford recognizing that their survival depended upon the Pilgrim’s ditching the socialistic experiment they’d originally started out with before any thought of a Thanksgiving celebration entered their minds.

Most certainly Americans are the most generous people in the world. However, in spite of the President’s Thanksgiving scolding, we are also smart and realistic. So much so that we look at the writing on the wall and understand more than Obama wants to about how this issue isn’t about closing the gates and locking the doors to the real genuine Pilgrims who are working hard to enter this country legally. Nope, its about the Boston Bombers.

Photo Credit: NY Post
Photo Credit: NY Post

Its about the fact that the FBI and DHS have both admitted several times to Congress and the American people that, in spite of Obama’s stubborn reassurances, the vetting process is so full of holes it’s a sieve. Its that the FBI’s elite surveillance teams are tracking 48 MAJOR ISIS suspects here IN the U.S. right now! Its about the fact that the President is demanding we house, clothe, feed, and educate an ever increasing number of refugees with zero expectations of anything in return.


Its about the fact that its not JUST Syrians we are worried about. How many refugees from other countries living here and/or Americans who’ve drunk the ISIS kool-aid have attacked us on our own soil or have snuck off to join in ISIS reign of terror?

250 thus far and the numbers are climbing. If we can’t even deal with that effectively, how in the world do you expect us to welcome new refugees in and fully believe some of them won’t try the same thing? The answer is, we can’t. In fact, the folks at Powerline blog have been writing about the very real dangers of the Somali “refugee” problems in Minneapolis for several years. Scott Johnson’s article in this week’s Weekly Standard bluntly states:

Unfortunately, according to a September report of the House Homeland Security Committee task force on combating terrorist and foreign fighter travel, Minnesota also leads the country in contributing foreign fighters to ISIS. Reviewing the public cases of more than 250 Americans who had traveled to join ISIS, the task force found that 26 percent of them came from Minnesota. When it comes to exports to ISIS, we’re number one.

Is it me, or is that a goal we should NOT be aspiring to? Oh but never you mind. We are supposed to let the great one scold us on Thanksgiving so he can spend quality time planning for his umpteenth round of golf. Never mind the fact that his lecture doesn’t sit well with quite a few people, nor the fact that he keeps cherry picking groups to throw under the bus so those pesky state governors will quit blocking his way.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement said in a letter to state resettlement officials that states may not deny benefits and services to refugees based on a refugee’s country of origin or religious affiliation.

Understandably the reaction to that particular lecture/scolding wasn’t well-received.

I know right? Well, the Scolder In Chief has spoken! According to the Turkeys who are running this country, the only thing we have to fear is missing out on those super duper Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday buying, and whatever you do, don’t forget your favorite charities on Giving Tuesday! Everything else that may be important like terrorists and threats to our homeland?? Nahhhh…that’s just gravy.

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