Obama’s Thanksgiving Scolding: Syrian Refugees Are Today’s Pilgrims [Video]

Obama’s Thanksgiving Scolding: Syrian Refugees Are Today’s Pilgrims [Video]

Yesterday, as we sat down with family and friends to enjoy our Thanksgiving feast…and discuss anything and everything EXCEPT politics, the President decided his weekly address needed to include a lecture along with his view of history. Take a gander

Alrighty then! Where to begin? Most certainly the Pilgrims took a huge chance, boarded tiny little ships, crossed an immense ocean, and landed on a continent that they knew NOTHING about. It was literally feast or famine. They all had to learn to work together and somehow they had to figure out how to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves in a harsh strange new land.


In fact, it took a couple of years and Governor Bradford recognizing that their survival depended upon the Pilgrim’s ditching the socialistic experiment they’d originally started out with before any thought of a Thanksgiving celebration entered their minds.

Most certainly Americans are the most generous people in the world. However, in spite of the President’s Thanksgiving scolding, we are also smart and realistic. So much so that we look at the writing on the wall and understand more than Obama wants to about how this issue isn’t about closing the gates and locking the doors to the real genuine Pilgrims who are working hard to enter this country legally. Nope, its about the Boston Bombers.

Photo Credit: NY Post
Photo Credit: NY Post

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