Obama Bros Go Bitter On Trump-Kim Meeting [VIDEO]

Obama Bros Go Bitter On Trump-Kim Meeting [VIDEO]

Obama Bros Go Bitter On Trump-Kim Meeting [VIDEO]

If you were part of the Obama Administration while it normalized Cuba and dropped off pallets of cash in Iran, maybe you should just sit out commenting on the meeting in Singapore between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

But that would require self-awareness and introspection, and we’ve already seen that the mouthiest of the “Obama Bros,” his most diehard defenders, have no sense of self-awareness. Or irony, for that matter.

Behold, the master of the Iran Deal echo chamber, Ben Rhodes.

Just sit back and enjoy the dragging that ensued.


Oh yes, THAT.

Tommy “Dude, that was like two years ago” Vietor is just plain bitter.

Former speechwriter Jon Favreau can’t let go of his Iran Deal bitterness.

Also, he seems to suffer from the same amnesia as Ben Rhodes.

And more amnesia from Dan Pfeiffer.

Look, we all know that the Obama Bros haven’t yet recovered from Hillary’s defeat and the collapse of the pretty little bubble they’d made for themselves.

And while there is plenty to be concerned about with Kim Jong-Un and the agreement that was signed, the Obama flunkies who were more than happy to suck up to dictators just as awful as Kim – so long as it made their boss look good – are not the commentators to be casting stones at the Trump Administration from their glass house.

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