Winter Olympics 2018: Go Home North Korea-Fawning Journalists, You’re Drunk

Winter Olympics 2018: Go Home North Korea-Fawning Journalists, You’re Drunk

Winter Olympics 2018: Go Home North Korea-Fawning Journalists, You’re Drunk

American journalists have done lost their minds in PeyongChang. We’ve all heard how Kim Jong Un’s sister giving Vice President Pence the side-eye gave them tingly bits to rival Chris Matthews’ obsession with Obama. Then, the North Korean cheer leading squad appeared and NBC went off their rockers:

We wonder how they screened all of these cheerleaders before crossing the DMZ? “What? You don’t like your family? You can’t go. You like your family? Great. We have collateral should you decide to defect!”

The cheerleaders “stole the show“. They were “mesmerizing”, a “huge hit”. And Kim Jong Un’s sister? CNN also thought she “stole the show“.

“If ‘diplomatic dance’ were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister would be favored to win gold.”-CNN

Yes, because she smiled. The Minister of Propaganda and Agitation Department for North Korea smiled. Vice President, Mike Pence could stand to take a few diplomacy lessons, no?

If that wasn’t bad enough, get a load of this. The Federalist’s Bethany Mandel, who is attempting to raise money to help North Korean Refugees, is now being asked to apologize, by Washington Post Columnist, Gene Weingarten because she called North Korea the “most brutal regime in human history”:

Apologize? Really? We are now apologizing to countries who favor gulags, keeping most of their citizens in poverty, dictatorship and who want to blow us to pieces? They have straight-up legit lost their minds.

I’d say it’s time to come home journos, because you’re all drunk but on second thought, if you’re hanging in South Korea, you may as well take a little jaunt to the North. I mean, look at all those happy cheerleaders and the smiling Kim Yo Jong. They could use some great journalists there who will do Un’s bidding. It will be easy work, too because they will even feed you the script. After all, you’ve had great practice for eight years of reporting on the greatest leader you think America’s ever seen from 2008-2016! Put your blinders on when you leave Happy Land Pyongyang, though. You may see this:

Or this:

Or you may hear of their socio-political classification “songbun” system. You may see patrols, barbed-wire fences, become privy to forced labor and labor camps, prostitution, starvation, torture and even cannibalism. Be careful what and how you report, though. You wouldn’t want to come back to your homeland in a vegetative state and then die from “botulism and a sleeping pill”. But yes, oh, those cheerleaders and the “diplomatic dance” of Kim Yo Jong were something!

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