Trump the Vulgar – The Angry Deep State Tells All

Trump the Vulgar – The Angry Deep State Tells All

Trump the Vulgar – The Angry Deep State Tells All

For decades, the elected Senators and Representatives, the un-elected bureaucrats of the permanent Washington D.C. class, along with the liberal/progressive/socialist/authoritarian academics and think tanks have engaged to ignore the will of the American people. These people, along with the legacy media, have spread the wealth among themselves. They have shoveled massive government projects and pork barrel projects to friends, family and associates. During this time, they have denigrated the business builders, home builders, entrepreneurs, skilled trades and first responders who actually make this Country run. They have laughed at us and bilked us. In turn we gave them Trump the Vulgar.

Type “Trump Vulgar” into Google search and you get nearly 17,000,000 hits. President Donald Trump isn’t the first to have the laser beam of annihilation trained on him by the permanent, entrenched D.C. establishment. These Republicrats are the “man behind the curtain” in the “Wizard of Oz” wielding the levers of power to force us to dance to the tune of the day.

Here, my fevered imagination conjures what would happen if the Deep State Tells All. How deep is the hatred of the Deep State for you and I?

How did it happen? How did that vulgar piece of shit get elected?

It could not happen. Steps had been taken to ensure that it never happened but it did. The wrong person won. For the first time since the Republicrats took control. The wrong person won. To say that Donald Trump is vulgar is just the tip of the iceberg.

Donald John Trump is not one of us. His father, Fred Trump built lower and middle class housing in Brooklyn and the other boroughs of New York City, for crying out loud. Trump is not Manhattan and would never be acceptable. Trump is a “bridge and tunnel” guy.

Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. Not Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Wellesley. Not since that buffoon actor, Ronald Reagan have we had a President so uneducated. Eureka College in Illinois and you want to call that an education. Ugh. These people.

Donald Trump is not a politician. He went on shock jock radio shows like Howard Stern and Don Imus and flapped his jaws like an Iowa soybean farmer. The orange spray tan he wears does not look professionally done. And, the hair! Who are his image consultants? Don King and Albert Einstein?

There is absolutely nothing about Trump the Vulgar that is Presidential.

Even the cowboy Reagan managed to “act” Presidential in the photo above, but we could never get the people to turn on him. Nixon was one smart son of a sea cook, but we always knew that we would get him. Gerald Ford was a great athlete. Making Ford looking like a stumbling idiot was hard. Thank goodness the cameras are always rolling and we knew that his beloved Betty was a drunk. That information kept Ford in line. We knew Jimmy Carter was a functional idiot. He could learn and did well at the Naval Academy, but there is smart and then there is savvy. His wife, Roslyn Carter, she was a tough cookie and savvy as all get out.

We are the Republicrats. The permanent establishment. We are better than you. We are smarter than you and we tell you how you will live. You people who live in flyover country think you know what it takes to make it in the modern global economy. We laugh at you. You don’t belong anymore than Donald Trump.

The Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas are all part of those who belong. They went to the right schools and did and said the right things. They were polished and professional. The Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas all belonged. They understood. They understood that the permanent professional class run the Country and the three branches of government rely on us to make it work. They played the game. We would have preferred Al Gore and John Kerry to George W. Bush, but whatevs. Gore is dumber than a box of hammers but he has chakras and we knew about that for decades. Kerry is boring as fuck but he wanted it so much.

John McCain actually thought he had a chance. Yeah, a fat chance. We knew McCain was going to be the candidate because the Republicans always did the “it’s his turn” thing. McCain couldn’t run a coffee bar. Barack Obama was going to be President. End of story. Then, McCain threw us for a loop with Sarah “Barracuda” Palin. Palin and her hockey mom shtick. No one saw that coming. The girl was whip smart, but not our kind, dear. Where did she go to school? State colleges in a bunch of places before she (finally) graduated. Can she even read? And, Alaska? It’s great for a vacay, but she lived there. Full time. And, she was Governor. Palin could have gotten McCain elected. When McCain saw that Palin was popular with the crowds he turned on her. McCain has a huge…ego. Plus, we plant an untrue story about an expensive wardrobe makeover for Palin and she was toast. And, Senator McCain, on his death bed, is still throwing poisoned darts at Palin. Good boy, McCain. We will praise him in the obituaries.

After eight years of Obama, the Republicrats had two great candidates. We had Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Both Clinton the Second and Bush the Third would have increased the power and prestige of the Deep State. Hillary is a true believer in the power of the “State” and she must prove once and for all that she is the “smartest woman who ever lived.” Jeb needs to prove that he is Presidential timber and he won’t fight us. The Bushes are all good people, but they would never fight back “wouldn’t be prudent”.

We needed a couple of people to run against Hillary Clinton. Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland and Senator Bernie Sander of Vermont fit the bill perfectly. Well, thank goodness for the super delegates. Who knew that the kids would like “Crazy Bernie” and his free stuff for everyone speeches?

Then, crass, crude and common Donald J. Trump announces he is running for President of the United States. We enjoyed the Hell out of that announcement. Just exactly how many different groups can one man insult in one speech. Most fun we had had in a long time. We, Deep State Republicrats, were taking bets on the number of hours before “The Donald” would drop out. Not weeks, not days, but hours.

And, the sumbitch took out the other 49 or so Republican Presidential candidates like he was swatting flies. The other coiffed and smooth candidates were so “sanitized for your protection” that they couldn’t answer questions without looking vacant and vacuous. Donald Trump became the Republican candidate for President of the United States. Dafuq?!

We had insurance policies. We had the “pussy” tape. Even women who use the “C” word every day got their panties in a wad over that. Trump never even said he had grabbed a woman. He said he could.

We had the Russian collusion story too. Hillary gave us that one gift wrapped in the form of the “Dossier”. Just like Hillary started the “birther” story about Barack Obama. Using the Dossier, we had informers inside the Trump campaign.

Trump won the blasted Electoral College anyway. Well, we are working on getting rid of the Electoral College. Donald Trump’s Presidency was doomed before he was inaugurated. Trump and his bitter, clinging, deplorable supporters. They will find out.

Maybe another dossier. Maybe just a few planted stories. There is no news reporting today. The “journalists” are so used to being spoon fed everything starting with Kindergarten that they repeat verbatim what we send them.

One way or another the Deep State must and will keep power. Who will the people run next an electrician and a welder? Don’t make us laugh, suckers.

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