Kim Jong-Un Is A Dictator And Always Will Be [VIDEO]

Kim Jong-Un Is A Dictator And Always Will Be [VIDEO]

Kim Jong-Un Is A Dictator And Always Will Be [VIDEO]

President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, as Toni noted here, are now meeting in Singapore to discuss peace or something. We can hope for peace and we can certainly hope that an enslaved country will be free. But what we and President Trump must NOT forget is that Kim Jong Un is a dictator who will never change his spots.

Kim, his father and grandfather, and the regime they direct have given no indication, ever, that they recognize the dignity and worth of human life. Some 36,000 Americans died fighting off the north and its Chinese ally between 1950 and 1953. The North Korean government caused a famine in the 1990s that killed somewhere between hundreds of thousands and more than one million people. Another hundred thousand or so are imprisoned, right now, in the North Korean gulag where slaves are starved, beaten, tortured, and killed. Even high-ranking officials are subject to “liquidation” by sickening methods, including execution by a firing squad of anti-aircraft batteries.

Heck, just days ago the little dictator fired his top military commanders.

All three of North Korea’s top military officials have been replaced, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported Sunday, citing an unnamed intelligence official.

Given his atrociously evil history regarding those who oppose him, it’s a miracle that they are still alive.

Let’s talk about how horrible North Korea and Little Rocket Man are shall we?

A 2014 U.N. report found that

Systematic, widespread, and gross human rights violations have been, and are being, committed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, its institutions and officials. In many instances, the violations of human rights found by the Commission constitute crimes against humanity. These are not mere excesses of the state. They are essential components of a political system that has moved far from the ideals on which it claims to be founded. The gravity, scale, and nature of these violations reveal a state that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world.

No parallel. And no conscience. From the U.S. State Department’s “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2017:

The people of North Korea faced egregious human rights violations by the government in nearly all reporting categories including: extrajudicial killings; disappearances; arbitrary arrests and detentions; torture; political prison camps in which conditions were often harsh, life threatening, and included forced and compulsory labor; unfair trials; rigid controls over many aspects of citizens’ lives, including arbitrary interference with privacy, family, home, and correspondence, and denial of the freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, religion, and movement; denial of the ability to choose their government; coerced abortion; trafficking in persons; severe restrictions on worker rights, including denial of the right to organize independent unions and domestic forced labor through mass mobilizations and as a part of the reeducation system.

That is just a very small sampling of the horrors that North Koreans endure. The late Christopher Hitchens was not a fan.

A Nation of Racist Dwarfs
Kim Jong-il’s regime is even weirder and more despicable than you thought.

Want to know more? Otto Warmbier died because of Kim Jong-Un.

How about Ji Seong Ho whom President Trump invited to the State of the Union earlier this year?

The strength and resilience and courage he has demonstrated to get himself healed – after having surgery W/O ANESTHESIA!! and into freedom after years of excruciating pain and struggle shines a bright glaring light on one of the most totalitarian regimes in the world.

Or the three American hostages that were freed in early May?

The media is jumping all over this and touting how WONDERFUL IT IS! that Kim Jong-Un has gotten Trump to the table.

Except there are two problems with this.

  1. Little Kimmie got schooled by Trump and caved immediately
  2. North Koreans, until June 10th had exactly ZERO idea that a summit was happening b/c all media information was stifled as usual, and the narrative was… Dear Leader is on a trip.

Memo to President Trump, don’t buy a pig in a poke. Kim Jong-Un was brought up as a dictator and a dictator he always will be. All the negotiations in the world won’t change that fact.

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