NY Times Newest Hire Hates White People, And They’re OK With That [VIDEO]

NY Times Newest Hire Hates White People, And They’re OK With That [VIDEO]

NY Times Newest Hire Hates White People, And They’re OK With That [VIDEO]

The mainstream media just keeps digging deeper and deeper holes for themselves. CNN’s Jim Acosta is a prime example. The AP with Trump’s grocery store example is another. Meanwhile, the newest hire for the NY Times Editorial board has a well documented hatred for white people.

NYT announced on Wednesday that they hired Sarah Jeong to join their editorial board. Jeong previously wrote for the Verge and authored “The Internet of Garbage,” a book about online harassment and free speech.

Think about that for a minute. She wrote a book about ONLINE HARASSMENT and FREE SPEECH. Perhaps she should’ve looked in the mirror. Why? The following is why.


Let’s take a closer look at a few of her gems shall we?

Wowwwww…that’s CLASSY.

Seriously, in what realm is any of this ok?

Yeah, the NY Times evidently marches to their own drummer. If it was anyone else, such as a baseball player by the name of Josh Hader whom Deanna wrote about here, the knives would be out and the calls for stepping down would be reverberating around the world today!

It’s ok to call for Josh Hader’s firing. It’s ok to get James Gunn dumped from Hollywood, and it’s ok to virtue signal against anyone who said something racist …unless you are the New York Times.

Right. Because you see, the NY Times explains, therefore we need to Shut Up.

So, let me get this straight. Sarah Jeong’s racists tweets from 2014 etc are peachy keen because she was responding to harassment because of her race?? Uhhh NO. I. DON’T. THINK. SO!

Take a look at her tweets again. Those are NOT responses. They are direct comments toward white people and white men in particular. Any responses of hers in those tweets are a continuation of what SHE started.

She regrets stuff and because she’s regretful, the NY Times is ok with her racism.

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Paging the NY Times. Do you remember Quinn Norton? You should. You see, you wanted to hire her as an opinion writer for the technology page. You did, and then summarily fired her just hours later. WHY?

Well, she also, as the linked story shows, had a history of problematic and racist tweets as well. So, the NY Times fired her.

Is there any difference between what Quinn tweeted and what Sarah tweeted? Why, no, no there isn’t. Yet the NY Times is defending Sarah and threw Quinn to the curb. The hypocrisy is hip-deep right now.

How will the media spin this? The Federalist’s Sean Davis has the answer.

Exactly. But you see, the New York Times has it’s standards and it starts with hypocrisy and flows right into twisted-pretzel double standards on level Megatron.

Kevin makes a good point here:

If, on the other hand, the Times is more or less satisfied with Jeong, then it should resist the social-media mob campaign to have her dismissed. It is up to institutions to hold the line against mass hysteria and the mob mentality of social media.

Was this a good move by the New York Times? Only they can answer that. Is their defense of Sarah’s racist tweets hypocritical on various levels? Why, yes, yes it is. Should the NY Times fire Sarah and as such hold to the same standards they used with Quinn Norton? When you look at it that way, the answer is very likely “yes.”

However, they shouldn’t. Sarah, by her nature, will likely drive the editorial page into the ditch all on her own. And the NY Times shouldn’t fire her. What they SHOULD do is have the same standards for all employees, but they don’t. And they are seemingly OK with that, too.

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  • De says:

    Great piece, Nina. So long as the NYT, CNN and other journalistic rags keep treating the American people like idiots, conservatives will continue to win. Most Americans are not stupid, and they do recognize hypocrisy and bias when they see it.

  • Matthew W says:

    I think that this is a great hire for the NYT.
    It will bring them down even faster.

  • SED says:

    Apparently, racism is not racism when it’s directed against white people. And it’s not just the NYT that behaves this way. This non-racism is becoming institutional. What do y’all think will be the logical outcome of this trend?

  • E-Beavis says:

    We hate them right back and wouldn’t dishonor our backside by using the NY Slimes for emergency toilet paper.
    Bolshevik rats had batter wake up to the fact of how hated they are outside of their hive mind circle jerks.

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