It’s The Jim Acosta Show! [VIDEO]

It’s The Jim Acosta Show! [VIDEO]

It’s The Jim Acosta Show! [VIDEO]

Jim Acosta of CNN is sad. No one at the Trump rallies seems to like him or his network. And when they yell at him during a live shot, it hurts him right in the FEEEEEEEEELINGS.

You see, the people at the Trump rally decided to crash his live shot by yelling at him.

And that makes him sad. Or maybe SAD!

Oh, Jim. You mean you weren’t in your bubble version of America anymore, where your preferred politician is in power and the rallies are all friendly to you. Meaning the Obama years.

So Acosta went to the White House today, to whine to someone he’s already complained about – Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – to get her to validate his feelings.

Sarah, being a mom who can recognize a whine at 20 paces, was having none of it.

And then poor Jim took to Twitter to pour out his woes.

But let’s hold on just a minute…

And here we have the crux of the problem.

Congratulations, Jim Acosta. You have failed the FIRST rule of journalism school: YOU are not the story. Do not make yourself the story.

As a result, you have become the least effective journalist covering the White House and the president – which actually need and deserve serious coverage – by turning it into the Jim Acosta Show (total hat tip and theft from Stephen Miller acknowledged). The story is not the rally – it’s how people reacted to you at the rally. The story is not the daily presser at the White House – it’s how the Press Secretary didn’t validate YOU.

The first thing that got hammered into me by my first very old-school journalism professor was that when reporting on a story, the reporter does not exist. News stories are to be written the way that Sgt. Joe Friday used to interview witnesses on “Dragnet” – “Just the facts.” We would be dinged if we used an adjective that even remotely betrayed an opinion.

And I just checked, Jim – you’re older than I am. We both got similar degrees at public universities. Are you telling me that I got a better education than you did? Or have you just ignored every lesson that your j-school profs once told you? The facts are undeniable – you’re failing as a journalist and a reporter because you have made yourself – your reactions, your questions, your feelings, your video – the story.

And CNN is failing as a news source because they tolerate this. The story is no longer about anything else on their network except how much the president and his supporters loathe them. Oh, and Russia. So the network is no longer reliable or legitimate because they keep stoking the fires of how much the president dislikes them.

I once wrote about how the media needs to take a look at their practices and say, “Physician, heal thyself.” But it’s been made repeatedly clear by the Acostas in the press that they have zero interest in fixing themselves, because they are too invested in their narrative of “The Resistance” and mocking those they dislike – or worse.

Nothing is going to change because President Trump will not – and the press used to love it – and the media is refusing to. I hope everyone is enjoying the Jim Acosta Show of failed journalism, because this is now what we are stuck with.

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