Jim Acosta Thinks Trump Supporters are Really, Really Icky. [VIDEO]

Jim Acosta Thinks Trump Supporters are Really, Really Icky. [VIDEO]

Jim Acosta Thinks Trump Supporters are Really, Really Icky. [VIDEO]

I’ll be honest here — I don’t particularly like watching Trump rallies on TV. I keep expecting Russell Crowe to jump on stage in gladiator gear, yelling “Are you not entertained?” I really prefer to see what Trump has done as President, and so far I’m encouraged. However, CNN’s Jim Acosta just hates covering Trump rallies, because all those icky people!

Here’s Acosta’s assessment of what went down at the recent Trump rally in Tampa:

Actually, Ben Shapiro kind of agrees with Acosta about the Coliseum-like atmosphere of the Tampa rally, but he also issued this throw down to Acosta:

Exactly. Remember what happened at UC Berkeley in 2017 when gadfly Milo Yiannopoulos showed up to speak? This:

Now the last time I checked nobody at any Trump rally broke windows, destroyed property, or set fires.

But Politico’s Marc Caputo decided to go one better on Acosta’s contemptuous tweet. So he said “hold my latte,” and then this happened on his Twitter account:

Caputo retracted that tweet, but unfortunately for him, and happily for us, screenshots are forever.

Now if you voted for Trump, even if it was just to avoid a Hillary presidency (shudder), then know that the mainstream media don’t just despise you, they really, really despise you. Furthermore, they don’t even want to understand you, or why you supported Trump. You — all 63 million of you — are so beneath them that you’re not even worthy of respect. Or, as my husband says, not worth the gunpowder to blow you all up. You’re just a bunch of dumb yahoos without a full set of teeth.

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune is one of my favorite political writers. And he’s sort of like me — conservative while not totally onboard with everything Trump. But he made these points about the media in a recent column:

“So, what is bothersome isn’t that reporters and many pundits don’t understand Trump. I really don’t know who does understand him. He wasn’t my choice for president.

But what concerns me are his voters, our countrymen and women. That’s half of our nation. And what bothers me is that I really don’t think many in journalism want to understand them.

Shame them? Yes. Understand them? No.”

But let’s go back to Jim Acosta covering the Trump rally, shall we?

I wonder: if Jim Acosta gets so butthurt about the barbarian hordes who attend Trump rallies, flip the bird at him, and yell “CNN sucks!” — why does he keep covering them?

It’s simple, really. While Trump throws red meat at his crowds, Acosta, by his very presence, is also passively throwing his own red meat. Which, of course, is himself. Because he’s there, he whips the crowd into an anti-CNN frenzy.

And that’s just what CNN wants for ratings, isn’t it?

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