Dear Kids, Stay Off Twitter [VIDEO]

Dear Kids, Stay Off Twitter [VIDEO]

Dear Kids, Stay Off Twitter [VIDEO]

Ever since the dawn of time, mankind has had thoughts that should have either been written into a diary or just kept to themselves. With the advent of social media, and the lure of “going viral,” it seems like every single thought, no matter how moronic or outrageous, now gets broadcast to the world at large via social media, especially Twitter.

So, this is a message to my own teenager, and to all those other teenagers and young adults out there who have been raised on the idea that fame is a single tweet away.

Stay off Twitter. Stay off Snapchat.

Set your Facebook posts and Instagram posts to friends only.

And even if you do all of that, know that anything you say on a social media forum can be screenshot and saved forever. And the social media mobs are unforgiving – to both sides.

Most of you kids will know the Marvel movies “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” Well, this week, the director, James Gunn, was fired by Disney/Marvel over old – and yes, disgustingly inappropriate – tweets.

Gunn had been a willing part of the Twitter/social media mob that had forced others out of their jobs, and now finds himself in the same position. Welcome to the New Rules. We warned you that you wouldn’t like it when they got applied equally.

But it’s not just James Gunn who has been caught with less-than-appropriate social media posts this week. A prosecutor in San Bernardino, CA, is under investigation for rude and questionable posts about Maxine Waters and Michelle Obama. Jesse Jackson (that paragon of moral virtue who has never said a disparaging thing *cough*) wants the man disbarred for his posts.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson called Thursday for the disbarment of San Bernardino County’s top gang prosecutor over vulgar, racist and sexist comments on social media that targeted, among others, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, former first lady Michelle Obama and someone shot by police.

Joining the chorus of civil rights activists condemning Deputy District Attorney Michael Selyem, Jackson said: “He has tainted every investigation he’s ever touched, and that’s why he should never practice law again.

“We will not stop until he’s disbarred,” Jackson, a two-time Democratic presidential candidate, vowed during a news conference at San Bernardino’s New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. A day earlier, civil rights activists and church leaders rallied outside the San Bernardino County Government Center demanding that all of Selyem’s past cases be reviewed for potential bias or misconduct.

Is this really the way we want to conduct society now, in a perpetual witch hunt for wrongthink or wrongspeak?

Also raked over the coals this week – and the biggest lesson to all you teenagers – was Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader. He was pitching in the All-Star Game – obviously a huge highlight in his career – when someone went digging through his Twitter account and found tweets that were condemned immediately as offensive. He was 17 when these tweets were sent, and now they came back to haunt him as a 24 year old professional baseball player.

Fortunately, Hader’s team is standing behind him – literally and figuratively – and the team will not punish him beyond Major League Baseball’s requirement that he attend “sensitivity training.”

And even though some media types want ALL THE PUNISHMENTS, most normal people are recognizing that the outrage mob is… just that.

Dear kids, I am begging you – stay off social media for as long as you can. And stay off Twitter in particular. While you can restrict who sees your posts to some extent on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is the equivalent of screaming into the internet void, which is unlike space – because everyone can see and hear you scream. And whatever you scream may come back to bite you years later. Save yourselves the headaches. Stay off Twitter.

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  • George V says:

    There ain’t much “social” about Social Media, it appears.

  • Jim says:

    “Gunn had been a willing part of the Twitter/social media mob that had forced others out of their jobs, and now finds himself in the same position.”

    A biblical saying comes to mind: “Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone.” Not to mention “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

    The one thing that I find terribly depressing about this modern age of instant communication is the great delight that the self-appointed and self-proclaimed ‘caring’ social monitors, mostly of the puritanical left, take in hurting other people so as to build their own [apparently fragile] self-esteems.

  • Skid Marx says:

    Never used Fakebook, Twatter, Shitstagram or any of that profound navel gazing that will enhance my IQ by many points. Who could send the fastest semi-nude or nude selfie must have been the intention of these indispensable pages. Yes I just walked across the room and would you look at my butt, it is beautiful!
    Also I don’t have a “sailfawn” (cellphone) and love the comments from chatty Cathys in the family who are like…OMG like how can a person not like have a like sailfawn.

  • GWB says:

    are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio’s values,
    This is rich. They’ve been entirely consistent with all of Hollywood’s values for a long time. Disney puts out plenty of objectionable crap right along with the rest of them.

    that targeted, among others,
    Hmmm, why only mention those two? Were they the only prominent ones? Or were they the only left ones?

    He has tainted every investigation he’s ever touched
    And the Civil Rights movement has soooooo much to thank you for, too, Revrum!

    He was 17 when these tweets were sent, and now they came back to haunt him as a 24 year old
    The internet is FOREVER.

    I don’t do social media. I won’t even do “LinkedIn” because it has been used to hunt people down before.
    I have, at times, been intemperant on the internet. And even – once or twice – wrong. So I’m generally anonymous here. And I have the opportunity to think twice before hitting “Post”. Doing the same thing on Twitter? Heck no. (There’s a reason it’s called Twitter.)

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