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No, #WomensMarch: It’s Liberalism That’s Working To Take Away Our Rights

No, #WomensMarch: It’s Liberalism That’s Working To Take Away Our Rights

No, #WomensMarch: It’s Liberalism That’s Working To Take Away Our Rights

While legions of pink pussy-hatted liberal comrades all over the country are out marching against Donald Trump over some mythical lost “rights”—the breathless media following their every step—the truth is this: it’s liberalism that’s working to take away “women’s rights.”

And no, I’m not taking about the “right” to murder my unborn child.

Science Says: DNA trumps. So, no, not your body. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

I’m talking about the rights we’re all born with. Inherent rights. God-given rights. Rights enshrined in our Bill of Rights. Rights that no man can take away. They Include:

Freedom of  speech and religion: Today’s feminism is notorious for its demands for conformity. It also attacks religions like Christianity and Judaism, while at the same time holding hands with Islam, the most repressive, patriarchal, anti-gay political system in the world. The Women’s March is “lead” by Linda Sarsour, who exploits western women in her efforts to mainstream Sharia Law.

Self defense: Liberals work every day to eradicate the Second Amendment and our rights to self-defense. It’s a fact. And few are more guilty of this than liberal women themselves. I’m looking at YOU, Shannon Watts.

Due process: Since even before the birth of the #MeToo movement, men accused of sexual harassment or worse have been automatically deemed guilty, particularly by feminists. See Exhibit A here, here, and here. Barack Obama was the champion offender of due process.

Economic freedom: Liberalism is the greatest offender of economic liberty. It taxes. It regulates. And it thinks your money is ITS money. And it throws a hissy fit when challenged on that fallacy. See Nancy Pelosi.

And that’s just the short list of the attacks on personal liberty that the useful idiots attending the Women’s March willfully ignore.

Oops. Truth bomb. More incoming:

Yeah, no, pink-hatted wussies. Donald Trump has taken nothing from you. Or any of us.

In fact, President Trump has done the opposite: he’s championed our rights. He’s protecting the right to religious freedom, he stands for our right to self defense, and for our rights to privacy. He’s decimated onerous regulations and cut our taxes so that we may spend OUR money as we see fit. He’s championed state’s rights, and he’s given us a Supreme Court justice dedicated to preserving the very document that ensures that we are all indeed, created equal. So here’s a tip: take off those silly hats, and the blinders you’re all wearing. For when you do, you’ll see the truth. And the truth, and a heavy dose of GROW UP, shall set you free.

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  • Scott says:

    God help me, at least one, if not all three of my dumbass sisters were marching today, and quite possibly my adult daughter… so sad that they’re so stupid…

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Never has so much been said about so many who managed to accomplish so little. These idiots may be the dumbest morons that the Prog world has to offer. They’re so wacky not even they know what the point of all this stupidity is other than someone told them to do this for some reason.

    • Jodi says:

      Oddly enough, I’ve had that same discussion multiple times today. Not one pink hat-wearer can tell me what rights men have that women don’t.

  • Timmy says:

    Pink hats are now rascist. Grown women in vagina costumes.

  • GWB says:

    Rights that no man can take away.
    Oh, they certainly can take them away. Otherwise we wouldn’t need the Bill of Rights. Especially the 2nd.

    He’s championed state’s rights
    Careful, now. That there’s one of them dog-whistle phrases for racist southern rednecks, donchano.

    What’s funny is, I thought the pink pussy hats were no longer allowed, since not all women have them, and the ones that do aren’t all pink? Is there a conservative trans ‘woman’ of color who could have stood by the march and screeched “SHAME!” at every woman wearing one?

  • Jim says:

    The cartoon faces make me think of mythological harpies: “birds with the heads of maidens, faces pale with hunger and long claws on their hands. Roman and Byzantine writers detailed their ugliness. Pottery art depicting the harpies featured beautiful women with wings. Ovid described them as human-vultures.”

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