Shannon Watts: Opportunistic Sow Lies about Charlottesville Riots

Shannon Watts: Opportunistic Sow Lies about Charlottesville Riots

There’s little that ignites my ire more than political opportunism and the use of tragedy to promote a political agenda, and there are few out there who are more prolific at using this odious tool than Shannon Watts – the cross-eyed, frothing gun grabber and head of Moms Demand Action Attention, whose ultimate talent is exploiting tragedy to promote her own agenda, and whose ultimate goal is to relieve us of our rights and freedoms as Americans. There is no lie she won’t tell and no innocent blood in which she won’t do the Macarena to promote her statist goals.

We’ve seen this before – from Cindy Sheehan, who sold out her soul (and her heroic late son) to promote communist goals; we’ve seen it from Richard Martinez, who blamed the NRA when a twisted, spoiled, Hollyweird legacy kid went on a shooting spree and killed several people, including his son, because apparently he just couldn’t get laid; and we’ve seen it from Mark Kelly, whose wife Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a madman, and who became an ardent and hypocritical gun control advocate, using the tragedy to advance his political agenda, and then getting caught purchasing the very same “assault” weapon he testified in favor of banning just a few days prior.

And while some of this can be explained away by the agony of the tragedy these individuals experienced, there’s no excuse for Shannon Watts. She’s not a grieving parent. She’s not someone who lost a loved one. She’s a political opportunist, who uses others’ pain and tragedy like an emotional vampire to advance her goals.

Given all this, I suppose it shouldn’t be any surprise that this leech has glommed onto yesterday’s riots in Charlottesville to blame Virginia’s open carry laws for the violence.

And since Shannon Watts can’t seem to open her maw without spewing some disingenuous excrement or outright lies, you know where this is leading!

Watts’ initial tweet is a panty-soiling DERP screeching that “dozens” *GASP* are carrying firearms openly in Charlottesville!

She proceeds to regurgitate her usual word salad about how no training, background checks, or permits are required to carry firearms openly in Virginia (never mind, a background check, which is a federal requirement, is conducted when a firearm is actually purchased); about how open carry makes law enforcement’s job more difficult (never mind that between 2013 and 2015, the six states and Washington, DC that banned open carry had higher rates of deaths for police officers than states that allowed it); and conflating this weekend’s violence with the murders committed by Dylann Roof.

The problem with Watts’ hysterical blathering is that no one used firearms to commit violence at yesterday’s rally, and if the objective was, in fact, to intimidate counterprotesters with firearms, that mission was an abject FAIL.

Where are Shannon Watts’ hysterical calls for more motor vehicle control?

Yesterday’s violence involved fists, not guns. One mindless psychotic drove his car into a crowd, and a police helicopter crashed nearby, resulting in at least three fatalities so far, but interestingly enough, no guns were fired. And the presence of armed fascist assholes, certainly didn’t stop AntiFa and other radical savages from using other means to commit violent acts!

But that didn’t stop Watts from using the incident to push her anti-freedom agenda. She is a seasoned public relations professional, so she likely knew that her inane anti-Second Amendment spew likely wouldn’t result in much if no actual guns were fired in the riots. So, not one to allow a crisis to go to waste, Watts figured she’d just invoke the specter of Dylann Roof – the bright, shiny object she used to draw attention from the fact that yesterday’s violence had nothing to do with guns.

And because open carry makes her tits quiver in terror, she simply pounded it as her old, reliable red herring to draw attention away from the fact that hideous violence and rhetoric dominated the day in Charlottesville yesterday.

Fact is that open carry is not a problem in Virginia. Hell, guns in general aren’t a problem. According to the Virginia State Police, firearms represented less than 25 percent of weapons used in all aggravated assaults in 2015. Firearms were involved in 253 murders during that same year and in less than 3 percent of assaults on police officers that year, and weren’t even in the top ten list of leading causes of death.

But again, that won’t stop Watts from using the odious violence that took place in Charlottesville yesterday to promote her anti-freedom agenda.

This is her modus operandi. It’s what she does. When a man in 2015 planted pipe bombs outside a Texas police headquarters before opening fire on police, Shannon immediately jumped into action and blamed the passage of open carry law in Texas on the incident – even though said law wouldn’t go into effect until nearly six months later.

Watts doesn’t like rights. She doesn’t like freedoms. She’s afraid of facts. She blocks the social media account of anyone who doesn’t agree with her, which a few years ago gave birth to a new hashtag: #imblockedbyshannonwatts (ironic, since she was at the same time complaining about being blocked by the NRA). Her only goal is to ensure that law abiding citizens of the United States have limited means to defend themselves from violence. She’s not a concerned mom. She’s not an empathetic ally. She’s an opportunistic, lying, authoritarian twit with a mighty megaphone paid for by Michael Bloomberg, who has never met a statist initiative he didn’t like.

In a sane world, her crap would be debunked, and her hysterical attempts to foment fear would be ridiculed.

I’m glad to start here.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Steve says:

    Well written!
    Stay on them, keep the faith.

  • GWB says:

    Interestingly, I’m becoming more intolerant than I was before. More intolerant of idiotic speech full of lies and misinformation. More intolerant of shrieking harpies who would deny me my (and my posterity’s) freedom.

    If I were to react with the emotional outrage the left puts on their intolerance, they really would not enjoy it. My reactions wouldn’t involve laws or twits or FB warrior-posturing. My reaction would be much more personal… and likely permanent.
    These folks don’t understand the society they are trying to build. We are NOT Germans, to blindly follow the rules. We are NOT Russian peasants, to simply plod along as the dictators change over our heads. We are free Americans, and we don’t like being told to shut up and comply.

  • Max says:

    ^Well put, GWB.

    The plus factor here is that it might just be self-limiting; doctors are seeing an unprecedented number of massive strokes in people aged 18-34. Perpetual outrage, it seems, comes with a price.

  • Scott says:

    Gee max, I’m guessing you’ll agree with me that stats such as that are a real shame…/sarc… I’m guessing that the bulk of those suffering such conditions come from one side of the isle… well, as the saying goes, Karma is a bitch, and she’s in heat!

  • Scott says:

    Dang, everytime i scroll through the posts, and come across her ugly mug, it startles me…lol

  • June J says:

    Shannon Watts needs to be on the front lines of the next AntiFa protest and perhaps get a good hard punch in the face.

  • PQW says:

    Why does anyone pay any attention to this obvious twit? We need to start ignoring ALL the leftist jerks / trolls on ALL their stupid issues. We all need to clean the poop out of the litter boxes.

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