#SanBernardino: School Shooting Is Being Called Murder-Suicide, Ghoul Shannon Watts Already Grandstanding [VIDEO]

#SanBernardino: School Shooting Is Being Called Murder-Suicide, Ghoul Shannon Watts Already Grandstanding [VIDEO]

#SanBernardino: School Shooting Is Being Called Murder-Suicide, Ghoul Shannon Watts Already Grandstanding [VIDEO]

Poor San Bernardino is in the news again for the worst reason. A school shooting that is being called a murder-suicide by local police has left two adults dead and two children in critical condition.

Police respond at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino on April 10, 2017. (photo: KTLA/Doug Saunders)

According to the San Bernardino Police Department and their chief’s Twitter feed, this occurred at North Park Elementary School, and the children were NOT the target.

A San Bernardino police official says two children wounded in a shooting at an elementary school were not the targets.

Police Capt. Ron Maass says, “The children we do not believe were targeted. The suspect had come to the classroom to visit. The adult female was in the classroom.”

Police did not identify the shooter or the teacher.

The weapon was a handgun, police said.

The two wounded students are in critical condition.

Cue grandstanding gun ghoul Shannon Watts, who never lets a dead body get cold before she chimes in.

Just a note – if Shannon Watts says this is the “right time,” then you can pretty much bet on it being the absolute WRONG TIME for her hot take.

Not that anyone who could tell her that can get through to her, seeing as she blocks anyone who disagrees with her.
Also, California is pretty much her dream state for gun restrictions.

We know absolutely nothing about the circumstances surrounding the shooting (other than it is a high likelihood that this is domestic violence related), but that’s never stopped good ol’ Shannon!

We offer our prayers for the children wounded, and for the skill of the doctors attending to them, and for the families of those who have been impacted today. If you have any other automatic response to the news of people being shot at a school, I suggest you examine the condition of your soul – if you have one left, Shannon.

The San Bernardino Police Department has confirmed the identities of the victim and the shooter, and confirmed that yes, this was domestic violence.

And sadly, a child has now died.

The released details are just awful.

The gunman was identified as 53-year-old Cedric Anderson, of Riverside, who shot his wife, Elaine Smith, also 53. She was a teacher in the special-needs classroom for students in first through fourth grades.

Anderson said nothing as he began firing a large-caliber revolver, according to police. Both of the children who were hit were standing behind Smith. An 8-year-old later died. The other student was hospitalized in stable condition.

The gunman had a history of weapons, domestic violence and possible drug charges that predated the marriage, which lasted only a few months, authorities said.

The boy who died was identified as Jonathan Martinez. Authorities did not name the other boy who was wounded.

There just aren’t words enough to express our sorrow for the families of Elaine Smith and Jonathan Martinez.

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  • Max says:

    Ghouls never change, sadly. Trying to score political points is always most important to them.

  • Scott says:

    Typical liberal POS, not the slightest concern for the victims, just using a tragedy to further an agenda, and as usual, facts be damned… Watts has got to be one of the flat out dumbest shits on the face of the earth.. and that’s being kind, IMO

  • Wfjag says:

    Another example that gun control laws and gun free zones don’t provide any protection. The man has a criminal record of violent crimes and so it was illegal for him to own or possess a firearm; he committed a crime by bringing a firearm into a school; he walked past whatever passed for school security; and, without an alarm being raised, made it to his ex-wife’s classroom and shot her and himself (the bullets going through her body and also striking the children). Only armed security at the school’s entrance could have stopped him. However, providing armed security at schools isn’t a response being called for. Rather, following the standard Progressive playbook, the calls are for greater restrictions on the rights of law abiding citizens, which laws criminals will continue to ignore.

    • GWB says:

      The calls for restrictions are based on the assumption that enough restrictions will make guns go away, forever and completely. Then, because NO ONE will have guns, there will be no school shootings.

      Two flaws, of course, in that thinking:
      1) If NO ONE has guns, then what will the cops and the military have? And if the military and cops have firearms, there will be firearms out in society, too (that whole criminals-don’t-obey-the-law thing).
      2) Firearms are EASY to make. They are complicated to *manufacture* (to make them with a factory-like process so parts are interchangeable, etc.), but they are easy to make. Ammunition is harder (if it were to all go away, that is, with no one to manufacture brass and such), but it’s very doable.

  • GWB says:

    The shooting in San Bernardino is the 12th school shooting in 2017.

    Uh, no. The way she counts “school shootings” is disingenuous, at best.

    So, gun control would have stopped this shooter, Shannon? (Sorta like the “gun free zone” stopped him, right?) It was already illegal for him to have a gun.

    And, while this is already wrong, I have to also hate the shooter for being a bad shot. He shot those innocent children because he didn’t consider “downrange” from his target (either he missed or he over-penetrated).

    And, lastly, of course, if she had had a weapon herself, the victim might not now be dead (assuming she had trained with it). Nothing about whether there was a ‘protective’ order, nor whether she had a firearm that she had to do without at school.

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