#NiceAttack: 84 Dead Including Two Americans. Will The Decision Makers Wake Up? [VIDEOS]

#NiceAttack: 84 Dead Including Two Americans. Will The Decision Makers Wake Up? [VIDEOS]

#NiceAttack: 84 Dead Including Two Americans. Will The Decision Makers Wake Up? [VIDEOS]

The news regarding the terrorist attack in Nice is horrifying, saddening, and infuriating. Since the Charlie Hebdo and kosher deli attacks in January 2015, France has dealt with 10 terrorist attacks, including Nice. The attacks were carried out with use of guns, stabbings, a beheading, and truck ramming.

In response to this latest terror attack, France has extended their State of Emergency for another three months. President Francois Hollande called this what it is “scourge of terrorism.”

The French government will be mobilizing their soldiers and calling up their reserves to help strengthen the security of the country, plus ramping up their intelligence efforts.

Meanwhile families and friends are mourning those whose lives were taken by the terrorist. Two Americans, a father and son, have been identified among the 84 men, women, and children killed in the attack.

A family representative told NBC News that the victims were Sean Copeland of Texas and his 11-year-old son Brodie.

The Copelands lived just outside of Austin in Lakeway, Texas.

“We are heartbroken and in shock over the loss of Brodie Copeland, an amazing son and brother who lit up our lives, and Sean Copeland, a wonderful husband and father,” the family said in a statement distributed by friend Jess Davis. “They are so loved.”

A family vacation cut short by the most horrific way possible, a terrorist attack. A family now in shock and despair.

From left to right: Sean Copeland, Maegan Copeland, Brodie Copeland, Austin Copeland, Kim Copeland. Courtesy of the Copeland family
From left to right: Sean Copeland, Maegan Copeland, Brodie Copeland, Austin Copeland, Kim Copeland. Courtesy of the Copeland family



As the events unfolded many conclusions were batted around. Here’s what we do know.

The killer, a 31-year-old French Tunisian named by local newspaper Nice Matin as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a married father of three, mounted pavements at high speed and ploughed through crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice last night.

His 30 minute rampage down a nearly two mile stretch of the Promenade de Anglais ended with a shootout with the police.


Police are now combing through the gunman’s home for additional evidence. He is known to French police for illegal weapons and violence, including domestic violence.

So what is the response of American leaders?

And then he went on to host his gun control town hall meeting. Next up – Hillary Clinton

“Its terrible that France has faced too much tragedy and violence…” Wow. Ok. So her next idea is to do an intelligence surge while at the same time slamming our friends in Europe for not being forthcoming with their intelligence gathering efforts. That’s helpful. NOT.

Lets hear what Donald Trump has to say.

“this is war. If you look at it, this is war coming from all different parts. And frankly it’s war and we’re dealing with people without uniforms.”

He’s right in that they don’t have uniforms, only an ideology of the mind, and that’s definitely hard to track.

France is approaching 10% or more Muslim population due to their immigration policies. As Powerline Blog’s Paul Mirengoff points out, a large number of the Muslims in France hate the very country they live in.

They are inspired to a significant degree by the success of ISIS (and this is true whether they belong to ISIS or not). Before its rise, some groups were calling for acts of terrorism in the West — in fact, one al Qaeda affiliated group called for jihadists to attack pedestrians with trucks in just the way the terrorist did in Nice — but Muslims weren’t carrying them out in the West on a regular basis.

Now, they are. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

I don’t think it is either. The author of “Defeating Jihad,” Dr. Sebastian Gorka, had some very thought-provoking commentary last night that is well worth considering.

He is correct. Most who work the streets to gather intelligence and do everything possible to deter terrorist attacks understand the realities of terrorism. Unfortunately, many of the decision makers around the world do not, nor do they (President Obama for one) seem to care to accept the reality that Islam and ISIS doesn’t put on a uniform and march off to war. Their uniform is the radicalization of the mind. Hashtag campaigns, hugs, sing-a-longs, and empathy diplomacy have been and are useless. Those who wage war against us know it and use it to their advantage.

84 families are in mourning, scores of others will be recovering from injuries incurred by this terrorist attack. What will it take, how many more lives must be shattered before our decision makers will wake up to reality? Will they finally get serious about the threats we face? Those are questions only they can answer, but I fear they won’t.

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