#NiceAttack: World Decision Makers Cave On Terrorism [VIDEOS]

#NiceAttack: World Decision Makers Cave On Terrorism [VIDEOS]

#NiceAttack: World Decision Makers Cave On Terrorism [VIDEOS]

Well, I guess it was just too soon or futile to even asked the question I posed in my post earlier today.

What will it take, how many more lives must be shattered before our decision makers will wake up to reality? Will they finally get serious about the threats we face? Those are questions only they can answer, but I fear they won’t.

No sooner had the question been asked and post published, news reports popped up indicating that too many key decision makers around the world are and will once again cave to terrorism.


President Obama’s statement was lackluster at best. In it he discusses directing his “team” to get in touch with French officials to offer help or something. Condemn, Solidarity, partnership, resilience, and democratic values were some of the lovely buzz words he used.

Question: did Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on behalf of the American people, condemn in the strongest terms every German and Japanese strike during World War II? Did he add that the U.S. administration was in touch with Hawaiian or Polish or French or Midway etc. officials and was ready to offer any assistance in the investigation?

The answer is no, because there was no need to offer such condemnations. The world was at war, and the world knew it was at war. The fact was obvious, as was which side each combatant was on. Nor was there any need for an investigation after each battle. Everyone knew what was going on, and why.

That’s a darn good question with a pretty definite answer. But its not just Obama, there are many others who have caved to terrorism and refuse to step up to the plate. Via Legal Insurrection we get a chance to hear Council On Foreign Relations President Richard Hass’s take:

Wait what??!! Here’s that last bit again.

We’ve got to be, we’ve got to be smart in how we respond to this because our connections, as you see here in New York and other cities with entire populations and communities, our best measure of defense is making sure that people in these communities are working with us rather than threatening us. [Emphasis Added]

As Mark says in his lead, we are in bigger trouble than we realize if decision makers spout the idiocy that keeping potential terrorists from entering the US would incite US based Muslims to rise up against us. Oh but it doesn’t stop there.

I kid you not. That’s exactly what he said.

The shameful surrender conjured up by Prime Minister Valls’ comments will do nothing to stem the rise of the far right in contintental Europe. If mainstream politicians refuse to protect the populace, hide the extent of Islamist rapes and crimes and continue the hated migrant policy, it is unsurprising that the besieged people of Europe turn to more or less any politician who appears to have the will to protect them and strike back at the hideous ideology that mows down 84 children and adults on France’s national day of celebration.

Meanwhile French President Francois Hollande spoke in Nice just a short while ago.

I’d venture to say he understands the realities, but when others in his own government as evidenced above don’t – therein lies the problem.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. Appeasement, hugs, empathy diplomacy, hashtags, and idiotic sing-a-longs won’t work. They will never EVER work.

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  • GWB says:

    making sure that people in these communities are working with us rather than threatening us

    Seems to me that if they’re likely to threaten you, then they have already declared their allegiance, and they are collaborationists, traitors, or enemy agents. And they should be treated as such.

    There’s much less collateral damage if they give their life for their cause at the end of a rope than at the end of a detonator wire.

  • jacmo says:

    I have been saying for quite some time that these murdering terrorists will continue their rampage until they know there are repercussions to their actions. I suggest that whenever a terrorist is identified to have committed an act of terror such as what happened last night in Nice then their entire family should be immediately deported back to their homeland. No reparations for property, no right of appeal, no returning ever, Drastic, definitely but how else can we retaliate against the dead terrorist but to let them know that they alone caused the hardship that their family will endure because of their actions?

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