Newsom Challenges DeSantis To A CNN Duel

Newsom Challenges DeSantis To A CNN Duel

Newsom Challenges DeSantis To A CNN Duel

It all started with bussing illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and a sanctimonious tweet from California Governor, Gavin Newsom. Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, responded in kind and pointed out that hair gel was muddling Newsom’s brain function.

DeSantis has a point. But Newsom is just not having it. Which is why the California governor has challenged DeSantis to a debate…on CNN!

Hey @GovRonDeSantis clearly you’re struggling, distracted, and busy playing politics with people’s lives. Since you have only one overriding need — attention — let’s take this up & debate.”-Gavin Newsom

Newsom went on to tag CNN as the proposed hosts of said debate. So brave. Debating a Republican on his home turf. Such a tough guy. So thirsty.

It’s really actually quite humorous that Gavin Newsom is accusing Ron DeSantis of “playing politics with people’s lives”. What about all of those children who were out of school for almost two years? What about the families who were told to lock down during Christmas while you and yours were out at upscale restaurants?

Reflecting difficulties in adjusting to remote learning, younger students did profoundly worse than older students. Math scores dropped 20.1% for third-graders, 21.5% for fourth-graders and 22.1% for fifth-graders but only 10.1% for seventh-graders.”

Playing politics with people’s lives much, Gavin?

Skid Row, Tenderloin. Poop maps. Yep. People are crapping in broad daylight in your streets, Mr. Newsom. But Ron DeSantis is struggling? Guess DeSantis doesn’t understand the “California Way”:

Yet, Newsom’s supporters say he’s right about calling deSantis a “chief bully”:

This is nothing more than a stunt, but it’s done with intention — cruel intention to humiliate and dehumanize. It’s disgraceful, it’s repugnant and, I would argue, it’s illegal.”

I think we’ve crossed the Rubicon of any decency. (DeSantis) is focused on demonizing and othering. He looks to vulnerable communities to exploit them purely for monetary and political purposes. He fund-raises off all of this.”-Gavin Newsom

No Democrat, never, ever, ever has used these tactics. Not a one. (SNORT)

A “chief bully”, huh? Come again, who took out ads to play in Florida urging Floridians to leave the state? And you really want to go there with the “cruel intention to humiliate and dehumanize?” (Key word here being dehumanize).

This is not the lil’- dab’ll-do-you type of hypocrisy. This is the whole damn container of Dippity-do!

Shall we mention the abortion billboard ads that Newsome took out in Red States? So much for the most vulnerable of all! So much for everyone having their freedoms! Pack your flip-flops and come to California, ladies! Gavin Newsom will abort your babies.

The greazzy-haired politician cannot be bothered protecting California’s electrical grid or providing water to Californians, you see. Nope. He needs to prove a point to Ron DeSantis and wants to have pissing match with him on CNN. With the abysmal ratings that CNN holds, this might just drive ratings up a tick. Mr. Newsom will probably get the debate questions in advance and we’re sure the venue will be a cool, mask-free and comfortable 68 degrees.

But sure, Gavin. We’re sure a debate with DeSantis will be absolute FIRE. Funny we should mention fires considering the feckless, useless California governor can’t figure out why the forests in his state are burning down…or wait…scratch that, he doesn’t care!

Just like most people with their “no human is illegal” lawn signs.

Here’s a challenge, Newsom. Get your border under control, get test grade scores up for the little nuggets, clean up your city streets, get a handle on crime in your state, make sustainable changes to California’s infrastructure, get people off of unemployment and in the workforce. You do all of that for your state (and then some) and then, only then can you successfully debate DeSantis-or anyone for that matter.

In the meantime, I hope the next stop for some of these immigrants will be your next French Laundry soiree.

I’ll stick some Skinny Pop in the microwave for this one.

Featured Photo Credit: Gavin Newsom by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic, cropped.

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  • Chad King says:

    I think a true debate between Newsom and DeSantis would be a great idea. But not the CNN gang bang that Newsom craves. Here’s a modest proposal:

    1. Each side picks one moderator. They can be as biased as they want–under my rules, political hacks will be showed up as such.
    2. The moderators take questions from recent major opinion polls and ask them verbatim. No follow-up questions are allowed–the other candidate can follow up if needed (e.g., what limits do you favor on abortions after the first trimester?). The moderators aren’t part of the show–they ask a policy question and then shut up.
    3. The questions would be screened immediately before the debate by a panel of more-or-less neutral experts to eliminate “are you still beating your wife” type questions or questions based upon factual errors. Not sure where you’d find such people–Jonathan Turley? Alan Dershowitz? Kim Strassel? There are still a few principled people out there.
    4. Each candidate is in a soundproof glass box. The candidates can listen to their opponent, but only one microphone is active at any time. The candidates take turns having the floor.
    5. Each candidate has a 45 minute “chess” clock. Their time starts to run when the moderator finishes the question and ends when they finish their answer and relinquish the microphone. The candidate can talk as long as he/she wants and say whatever they want–but when his/her time runs out, they’re done and the remainder of the other candidate’s time runs unopposed. Short, direct answers will make clear the candidate’s position and save them time for later questions/explanations.
    6. The candidate can rebut the answer of the other candidate, as well as answer the question posed to them–but every second their mike is live takes up their time.
    7. If a candidate chose to waste their time spouting gibberish (like Kamala likes to do), they wouldn’t make their points and would make the candidate who chose to intelligently answer the questions look like a genius. People who could give a direct answer using small words and short sentences would be quite successful in this format.

    As long as the Republicans agree to let left-wing political hacks set the terms of debates, they won’t be able to get their ideas across (I’m looking at you Candy Crowley and Chris Wallace). Time to use technology to have issue oriented debates where the candidates don’t waste the time shouting over each other.

    • Cameron says:

      One I would add to your list.

      The instant a moderator interrupts the speaker, they are expelled, a backup moderator takes his place and ten seconds is added to the clock of the person who was interrupted.

  • Cameron says:

    Why should it be on CNN? The new owner’s claim to the contrary, they aren’t trustworthy. And DeSantis should be asking Gavin point blank what law was violated and why he never filed charges if he thinks he’s in the right.

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