“Neanderthal” States Lift Mask Mandates, Tantrums Ensue

“Neanderthal” States Lift Mask Mandates, Tantrums Ensue

“Neanderthal” States Lift Mask Mandates, Tantrums Ensue

Multiple “neanderthal” states went ape yesterday and got rid of their mask mandates. The tantrums that ensued were illuminating.

Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Colorado were just several of the many states who suddenly decided masks are no longer needed!

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) said on Friday that people who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 no longer need to wear a mask in most places.

The governor himself didn’t wear a mask as he walked to the podium for a news conference on Friday to give the update on the state’s mask mandate, a day after the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) announced relaxed guidelines for face coverings.

He went from that announcement to an event later in the afternoon. An event where NO ONE was wearing a mask. WHAT A MIRACLE!!

What’s even MORE miraculous is that Polis admitted what many of us have known all along. Masks. Do. Not. Work. When you say the quiet part out loud, that masks are only 50% effective…and that’s stretching it, why have we been slammed with mask shaming passive aggressive TV and radio ads for the last year now?

Never mind all that. Now that a lot of people have either had Covid or have gotten vaccinated, suddenly the mask mandates are going POOF!

Oh wait, there’s a catch. We are told you can wander freely sans mask face diaper if you’ve been vaccinated.  People in Texas, Florida, Wyoming, Montana, and several other states have had that ability for months if not this entire pandemic two-week long flatten the curve year without people being vaccinated. 

Just as states were dumping masks, multiple companies announced they too are ditching masks. Trader Joe’s led the charge. 

“The grocery store said on its COVID-19 webpage that it encourages “customers to follow the guidance of health officials, including, as appropriate, [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] CDC guidelines that advise customers who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks while shopping.”

Walmart, Costco and others followed suit. Of course, many on social media immediately started asking if those stores would require vaccine passports. Still others announced they would not frequent those stores if people aren’t wearing masks. 

I tell you what. The panic fear porn that has infused this country since a year ago March is incredibly disturbing. A significant portion of this country has had the virus, others have been exposed but only have antibodies. And now we have people getting vaccinated, even as bribes of money and scholarships are being offered because people are choosing to not get vaccinated or delay their vaccination. 

States dropping their mask mandates? How DARE YOU NEANDERTHALS??!!

That was then. Now, when asked about the new CDC guidelines that suddenly say ditching masks is ok? 

So we move from “neanderthal” to “North Star??” Excuse me while I step away to go deal with my nausea. 

If you look on social media and read the reactions to all of these announcements from yesterday, you would think the world is coming to an end. We will now be entering the phase of Karens who will be demanding proof of vaccine before they get with in 30 feet of you. The NY Times has already gotten into the game with a “tell us how you’ll deal with the masks disappearing” article. The responses to The NY Times are quite something. Meanwhile, others such as Rachel Maddow is needing rewired, and Parkland’s David Hogg is all in on masks because of …conservatives.

The tantrums are both sad and comical. What is even more illuminating is the tantrums from those who weren’t consulted on these changes. 

“When federal health officials said on Thursday that fully vaccinated Americans no longer needed to wear masks in most places, it came as a surprise to many people in public health. It also was a stark contrast with the views of a large majority of epidemiologists surveyed in the last two weeks by The New York Times.

In the informal survey, 80 percent said they thought Americans would need to wear masks in public indoor places for at least another year. Just 5 percent said people would no longer need to wear masks indoors by this summer.

You know what that tells me? The public health officials across the country aren’t and haven’t been following the science of this virus. Nope, it’s ALL 100% political. If the CDC had only TALKED to them, the mask mandates would still be in place because REASONS. 

Oregon’s state epidemiologist Dean Sidelinger is demanding that businesses station greeters at the doors of the businesses and demand vaccine proof before being allowed to enter. Good luck with that. 

Meanwhile, Eric Feigl-Ding, who starred in the ad that claimed Biden would be the savior of Covid, is really REALLY miffed that he and others weren’t consulted. 

It’s really quite something watching the left eat their own. In this instance it’s even funnier because the CDC has been just as much of political hacks through this entire COVID mess as anyone. 

You can darned well bet the tantrums will continue for days and the panic news stories about ‘how to navigate safely without your mask’ are already in the hopper. 

Meanwhile, this Neanderthal and her family are quite thrilled masks are no longer required. 

Feature Photo Credit: Covid mask via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Matthew W says:

    If they are “vaccinated”, why are they concerned about a mask?

  • Scott says:

    Yeah, “demand vaccine passports”.. so HIPPA is just out the window?? F these people!

    It’s been more than a month since I wore a mask without being asked. I just walk in like a normal person, and if asked by the business, I’ll either wear one, or leave, depending o9n how important it is for me to be there..

    As for Hogg, no-one with a brain would confuse him for a conservative, but I’d suggest that instead of a porous cloth mask, that he go with a plastic bag, preferably duct taped around his neck, to prevent leaks of the evil virus! (this would also do a great job of identifying him as a leftist..

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  • Personally, I’m sticking with the original advice: keep my distance, wash hands (which I did a lot beforehand), don’t touch.

    Now I have to learn to talk softer, since we all started talking louder with masks on. Felt really weird being at work with no mask on. On the bright side, no more mask headaches from the elastic rubbing on back of my ears.

  • iowaan says:

    If people who think they are the mask police stay 30 or more feet away from me because i don’t have one on, i’ll be happy.

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