Fauci: Man of Virtue To Sheep, Ignoramus Every Day

Fauci: Man of Virtue To Sheep, Ignoramus Every Day

Fauci: Man of Virtue To Sheep, Ignoramus Every Day

Doctor Anthony Fauci just loves being on TV spouting his latest health guidance. Many consider Fauci as the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite his conflicting advice on many an occasion and associations with the WuHan lab.

Senator Rand Paul also loves sparring with Fauci on Fauci’s fuzzy logic and there seems to be no end in sight on this. We say good. We hope he doesn’t let up. What set Paul off this time? Fast forward to about 2:21 in this clip:

So, let’s translate what Fauci said in circles: if you’re walking past someone who has potentially been infected with COVID or who has not had the vaccine, and you’ve HAD the vaccine, your likelihood of being infected with the ‘Rona is almost non-existent. Honestly, nobody knows for sure. But, the chances of you getting ill are very small. BUT, if a child is unvaccinated and interacting with others, you, the parent, want to make sure they are masked. Really, Fauci? In comes Rand Paul.

He probably has the highest IQ for someone who actually acts like an ignoramus every day of the week.”-Senator Rand Paul

Ouch. Wait, there’s more.

I mean, really? Kids don’t get this disease. When they do get it, it’s a mild form. They don’t transmit it well. We’ve got two years worth of evidence on this. We don’t have a rash of deaths [in kids aged] 1-10, 1-18. They [the CDC] still have their camp provision. They want them going around camp wearing a mask, doing the 6-foot stuff,” the senator went on. “There’s no science behind it. It’s all conjecture, it’s all Tony Fauci, his way or the highway, Mr. Little Dictator . . . If Fauci wants kids to mask up and wear masks everywhere, he should show us the science.”-Senator Rand Paul

Science? What science? Mask up or shut up, ya filthy, disease-spreading animals.

Listen to the tyrants. This Wisconsin teacher did. How dare a vaccinated high-school student come into class without a mask! This deserves a full berating in the eyes of some teachers. And, dare I say, more justifications for staying home for yet another year. This kid is a jerk. After all, he should hear how some other kids talk about him (quote from the teacher). This teacher has been placed on leave…but this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come.

This teenager was just following the latest CDC guidance. The “little dink” (again, quote from the teacher) was vaccinated. But they trust Dr. Fauci. They recite Biden’s script that was written for him verbatim.

Who are they? The teachers and parents behind this movement. Listen to Babbling Joe Biden. Listen to Dr. Fauci. Throw around virtue around like confetti. I honestly worry about the start of next in-person school year (if it even happens in my state). Why? The chasm of division keeps becoming more apparent. A person’s rights and any autonomy are slowly disappearing. Why? Fauci. Biden. Others. There is this mentality of “go along with the program or you will be an outcast”. It’s the mean kids on the schoolyard all over again but this time, adult government officials, educators and parents are driving this school bus to hell.

As the U.S. vaccine rollout expands to 12-15 year-olds, I am faced with the decision of listening to Fauci or perhaps holding off a bit on vaccinating my son. Of course, my current decision to hold short is not the popular one-even though my son already had COVID and recovered. When I voiced this opinion to a parent that I knew that was keen on letting me know vaccine appointments were available (she sent several messages), I was met with “scientific data” that re-infection could happen after 90 days. The “scientific” evidence did not include specific age groups but honestly, I do like this person and did not want to argue.

Dr. Fauci, I confess. It’s been more than 90 days since my son’s last COVID-19 infection. What say you, Anthony?

I know what Fauci would say. He’s an outcast. He’s not one of the cool kids. What ensued after this conversation was my friend scheduling an appointment for her 15 year-old son and the social media pictures to prove it. What followed were the comments: “you are such a good mom”, said one person. “Way to advocate for your child,” said another. Oh, the sheer awesomeness of it all! The virtue-signaling was real, yo.

I thought about this for a bit. I let it marinate and stew in its juices a while. This is now what a good parent looks like? Raising compliant, little robots who look cool in photos and get jabs in the arm and who wear masks if they don’t? This is responsible parenting! Oh, the haves and the have nots! In my high school years it was a car and high-top Reeboks. In my son’s high school years, who knew? It’s a vaccine scar with J’s on the feet, J’s on the feet.

As a parent, I need to repent. I’ve been doing this all wrong. Here I am thinking that discouraging my child from hanging out at the mall with little wanna-be white-boy thugs who sag their jeans was a good parenting move. Here I am thinking that teaching my son a good work ethic, to not be a little douche and to be comfortable in his own skin but not conceited and not try so hard to impress his peers was a good parenting move. Here I am thinking that back in 5th grade, when his vaccinated peer got on SnapChat and I said “no way”, that I was being a good parent. (Parents, did you all know how many kids are buying and selling drugs and drug paraphernalia on the platform? True story.)

Man, have I been an utter failure!

I am not saying that I would never sign my son up for a vaccine appointment in the future. I would just prefer to wait a bit and I would have thought all of the above was a parenting win but alas, I see that all of the above is no longer a definition of good parenting anymore. Vaccinating or, alternatively, making my kid wear a government-mandated muzzle on his mug is. This is what makes a virtuous mother? Noted. Thanks a lot, Freaking Fauci, you old quack! You’re still a media-hungry ignoramus. All day. And no, I will not bleet in unison.

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