Study Says: Masks Offer No Protection From Coronavirus

Study Says: Masks Offer No Protection From Coronavirus

Study Says: Masks Offer No Protection From Coronavirus

The bipartisan petty tyrants who’ve abused their powers since the China Virus began raging across the globe earlier this year have become even more authoritarian in the past few days with regard to masks and other unscientific dictates. Exhibit A from yesterday:

And they plan to enforce that unconstitutional edict…how?

Similar (unenforceable) edicts heading into the Thanksgiving holiday came from On High in Washington state, of which I live within 40 miles of and plan to travel to next Thursday. Inslee’s Edicts prompted a frantic text from a family member who wondered if we should cancel our plans.

My response was thus: we can either live in fear of jackbooted thugs, or we can give the finger to tyrants, peppered with a few f-bombs with regard to Jay Inslee. And by the way, given what we now know about the rampant fraud that transpired on Election Day and beyond, I’m seriously wondering if Jay Inslee is even a legitimate governor.

Suffice it to say: plans are not changing; eff your mandates, Der Inslee, and the same to my own alleged GOP governor, Brad Little Despot.

Ahem, what Governor Noem said:

And then there are the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-doers:

DiFi looks super-scared of that Killer Virus, eh?

Maybe…the Party of Science knows something that they’d like to keep from the rest of us. And perhaps it’s this:

Which leads me to this question: Are masks causing, or at least contributing to, the alleged spike in Covid cases (note that the fear porn arbiters refuse to discuss the fact that the death rate has declined thanks to the discovery of effective treatments in the months since the China Virus raised its ugly head). It’s an interesting question given that everywhere I go, people are wearing masks—I’m not one of them—and yet the cases are reportedly on the rise? Well how could that be if the bulk of us are being good little plebes and obeying the mandates from on high? And could it be something as nefarious as said Powers That Be wanting the pandemic to continue in order to impose the communist policies they’re not even bothering to hide anymore? I think given all we know now, it’s a more-than-fair question.

These two studies regarding masks may answer that causation question. And both fly in the face of everything Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Government are actively drilling into our heads.

Need more evidence that this is primarily a giant power-grab? How about the fact that Governors Newsom (CA), Brown (OR), and Inslee (WA) are jetting off to sunny Maui, lobbyists in toe, for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, even as they demand we stay home and not spend the day with our families and friends.

The fact that so many of our betters do one thing on-camera, and another in private, suggests they know their Wear a Mask! demands are utter bull puckey, and further evidence that the Powers That Be have weaponized the virus as a vessel to usher in authoritarian rule where, for example, *some* mask-less “protesting” is ok, but don’t you dare rally while being conservative, because some people are more immune than others.

I’m not wearing a mask. And I don’t need studies to tell me what I already know: they’re unhealthy and do little to nothing to stop the China Virus. All we need do is observe those wearing them routinely placing their grimy hands all over them, wearing them for long periods of time, re-using them, and/or wearing them improperly, while the (alleged) rise in cases continues regardless.

So, for me, the evidence is clear: those who continually demand that we obey them are not doing so out of concern for our health. They’re doing so to control us—I’m looking squarely at you, Gretchen Whitmer—and it’s become patently clear given the ramp-up of Lockdowns Part Two, the continuous onslaught-reporting of cases, and the countless numbers of those who virtue-signal on-camera while doing the opposite when they think the cameras have stopped recording:

And now these same petty dictators want us to stop WALKING OUR DOGS because they’ve somehow connected exercising our pooches, and by extension ourselves, to increased Covid risk. I shit you not.

Yeaaaah…Fido says eff you. And so do I.

So my point is this: don’t comply. Ignore those from both political parties threatening your freedoms for disobeying their overreaching edicts. Go spend time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving. Live your life. Practice good hygiene. Wear a mask, or don’t wear a mask. YOUR CHOICE. Evolve with the actual science. Because if we continue abiding by their abuses of our rights, they will continue trampling all over them, becoming more and more brazen in their demands, until we’ve allowed said petty tyrants to wither them all away forever.

We’re Americans, people. Let’s start acting like it.


Feature Image Credit: Cory Doctorow via Flikr, CC BY-SA 2.0 license, image cropped.

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  • mer says:

    UV light kills/helps kill the virus.
    Sunlight contains UV.
    Vitamin D helps your body’s immune system fight the virus, helps inflammation, helps mental acutity.
    Sunlight helps your body produce Vitamin D.

    Sunlight is outside.
    Walking the dog takes place outside, not in a gym on a treadmill.

    Walking the dog, outside, in the sunlight, exposes you to UV rays which kill the virus, helps your body create/store Vitamin D which helps your immune system fight off the virus.

    Let’s not even start talking about the benefits of breathing fresh air on your body and mind.

    Stop walking the dog? No.
    People should be encouraged to walk dogs more. Dog walking is a naturally “socially distancing” activity (6 ft lead, 2 dogs puts owners 12 ft apart).

    I’m thinking every Fido owner should start bagging and boxing and mailing “gifts” to these “people that have been voted to the level of their incompetence”.

  • Ampleforth says:

    I’ve said all along that if C-19 was a genuine threat the masking and social distancing would be done in reverse. The supposedly elected in Washington would be in isolation and wearing masks, and the electorate would be left to fend for ourselves for protection from the virus.

    If you don’t think there is precedence, go to D.C. and take a look at the security perimeters around government buildings. After 9-11, they were pushed farther away from the buildings. Access was severely limited. The hoi polloi have to wait in masses (a target rich environment) on the other side of the security.

    The goal of the current clampdowns is to crash the economy while Donald Trump is still president. The left is constantly generating and looking for scapegoats because they are incapable of governing. Their policies always fail. They know it. They don’t care, as long as they are in power.

    Bow to your urban overlords and genuflect towards the learned degrees they have. As we approach Christmas, remember that the state is their god. Don’t be surprised when the clampdowns worsen.

  • NC says:

    As the perpetual “never Masker” Victory Girl… I love this.
    When do I wear a mask? When a business demands it. Our governor didn’t mandate individual penally, but did mandate business owner penalty. A business owner shouldn’t pay for my personal choices, and has a right to define their guidelines for use. So, if the business has a requirement, I comply. But as soon as they are off the hook for this stupid mask mandate, I’m back to going commando.
    If a business doesn’t enforce it (and there are a couple who are very lax about it), I’m going to patronize their establishment.
    I don’t wear a mask in the parking lot. In my car. Outside garden centers. In my house. Additionally, I don’t require contractors inside my home to make either. It’s entirely up to their level of comfort.
    I’m not caviler about this virus, but after working as a nurse (where “inactive” TB patients didn’t require a mask to administer care – because we can’t make them feel bad. Or where a shared room has one patient with Hepatitis B – but we can’t disclose that to the roommate…) I find this level of hysteria a bit hypocritical and excessive.
    Love this Jodi!!!

  • GWB says:

    And they plan to enforce that unconstitutional edict…how?
    Why is it just the inside-your-own-home mandate that’s unconstitutional? ALL of the mask mandates are unconstitutional! EVERY. LAST. ONE.

    I’m not one of them
    Well, see there? It’s all your fault, these spikes. You and your ilk are obviously spreading it all about.
    how could that be if the bulk of us
    But you see, if there’s even one who will not bow, then they will kill us all with their dirty, freedom-spewing mouth and nose. ALL must be leashed masked!

    lobbyists in toe
    *facepalm* Next, you’re going to have us towing the line…. 😉

    suggests they know their Wear a Mask! demands are utter bull puckey
    Or, instead, they know they have access to lots of treatments (ones they’ve often scoffed at for the commoners) if they do get sick, and don’t have to worry.

    those wearing them routinely placing their grimy hands all over them, wearing them for long periods of time, re-using them, and/or wearing them improperly
    Except for the last one, I truly doubt any of those things make the masks less effective for others (and seldom for themselves).

    Go ahead. And send all their poop to the dictators. Heck, box it up as a neighborhood so you can get a bulk rate.

    Practice good hygiene.
    Yes. Do the things you should have been doing anyway. Get a supersoaker for Uncle Sasquatch who keeps coughing all over the table and fill it with Lysol. (Yes, a lysol-filled gun IS the American way to handle things!) And then go live your life. You’re going to die anyway, so live it while you can.

  • alanstorm says:

    I guess you must be a neighbor to some degree, seeing as how you call out Governor “Chicken” Little.

    Have you caught any of his news conferences? He seems to be following Joey B’s downward slide.

  • Matthew W says:

    “we can either live in fear of jackbooted thugs, or we can give the finger to tyrants”
    Yeah, I’m not into being subservient to jack booted thugs so……………………….

  • LilGreenBug says:

    In Coos County Oregon, for the first few months, we had no cases here. Along came the mask mandate. Guess what happened. We started having cases!

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