Rachel Maddow Wants to be Rewired

Rachel Maddow Wants to be Rewired

Rachel Maddow Wants to be Rewired

People across America, including yours truly, did a Happy Dance when the Center for Disease Control suddenly altered its mask guidance. But Rachel Maddow has misgivings. In fact, she told viewers on her MSNBC program that she’ll need to “rewire” herself when she sees naked faces.

“I feel like I’m going to have to rewire myself so that when I see someone out in the world who’s not wearing a mask, I don’t instantly think, ‘You are a threat.’” Or you are selfish or you are a Covid denier and you definitely haven’t been vaccinated. I mean, we’re going to have to rewire the way that we look at each other.”

Judgemental, isn’t she? This, in a nutshell, is what she thinks of Americans who don’t want to wear masks: they are stupid, selfish, and a definite threat to her. How dare they impinge upon her comfort level!

Later, while interviewing CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, Maddow asked her if she was sure this was gonna be okay.

Poor Rachel Maddow. She’s not only brainwashed to the point where she doesn’t feel comfortable looking at someone’s bare face, but she also despises that mask-free face. Let that sink in.

Even one of Maddow’s colleagues at MSNBC was aghast at her contempt for other people who don’t think like her. Contributor Noah Rothman tweeted:

“The ‘patience’ message is a good one, but I live just over the river where over half the adult population has been vaccinated for a long time. You’re just now coming around to the idea that someone without a mask may be responsible. And only because a federal agency said as much?”

Megyn Kelly reacted to Maddow’s discomfort with faux sympathy, tweeting simply:

“Thoughts and prayers for her during this difficult time.”

Whereas writer Walter Kirn addressed her desire to rewire (see what I did there?):

“That’s the whole problem with being a robot operated by remote control: You can’t “rewire yourself.” You need to call in a certified technician from headquarters. And they’re very, very backed up right now — those that are even coming in to work”

rachel maddow/robot


But Rachel Maddow isn’t the only one fretting over the fact that Americans are shedding their masks. Four states — Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, and Massachusetts — will still keep their mask mandates. And Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that she’ll still require masks on the House floor. After all, she doesn’t know who has received Covid vaccinations, and she doesn’t want selfish people to be a threat to her either (I’m sure she was thinking of Majorie Taylor Greene).

Plus, Dr. Doom-and-Gloom, Michael Osterholm, who just three months ago predicted “house on fire” outbreaks for states that opened up, wrung his hands on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe:”

“The next question is going to be, ‘How will we know if someone has been vaccinated?’ If you’re sitting close to someone at a restaurant or . . . in a theater, how are you going to know that they’re not just kind of fibbing?”

Once again: that’s what elites think about their fellow Americans.

But don’t Democrats trust the CDC, or Joe Biden — their “North Star” as Jen Psaki called him?

(Yes, she really called Biden that. I think I threw up in a mouth a little.)

And what about the Science! Dr. Marty Makary from Johns Hopkins told Fox News that not only is the new CDC guidance a “baby step,” but it also comes about three months late.

But you know what Democrats and fellow travelers like Rachel Maddow are really experiencing right now? It’s not fear. Rather, they’re loathe at losing not only their power to control Americans, but also their perverse joy at feeling superior to them. As Walter Kirn wrote:

“As the masks go away a lot of Americans are going to miss the ability to classify, shame, and despise one another at first sight.”

Unfortunately, as Charles C. Cooke wrote in National Review, some vaccinated people will still wear masks because they’re afraid of condemnation:

“To wit, that certain people within our society will continue to wear masks simply so they are not mistaken for the sort of undesirable and unclean types who disliked wearing masks in the first place.”

Take off your mask if you’ve had the vaccinations. Hell, take it off even if you haven’t. Don’t heed the fear-mongers, the Karens, or the people who give you stink-eye for exposing your glorious naked face in public. And if you’re a woman, put on some lipstick, too. What better way to say GFY to people like Rachel Maddow. She hates you anyway, and there’s no way anyone will be rewiring that.


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