Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Double Standard

Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Double Standard

Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Double Standard

Nancy Pelosi is fine with impeaching Trump because he supposedly undermined our election process in a way that is “not only wrong and unconstitutional – it’s poisonous.” Back in 1998 however, Nancy sang a completely different tune.

Hold on! Wait just a minute! Back then impeachment was unfair? Checks and balances along with privacy were violated during the Clinton impeachment process? Back then it was the Republicans who were “paralyzed by hatred??” 

Yet, it is quite ok for the Democrats to rush headlong into impeachment of Trump today based upon …what? Remember, the Clinton impeachment process was due to his LYING UNDER OATH. What are the Democrats going to impeach Trump for? Colluding with Russia during the election? That was debunked with the Mueller report. How about colluding with Ukraine and also supposedly asking Ukraine to go after Joe and Hunter Biden? That’s according to what a whistleblower told the Democrats. Keep in mind, said whistleblower (a Democrat) will only testify in writing.

Victor Davis Hanson asks, “…what exactly is the point of impeaching Trump just 13 months before the election?” 

Back in 1998 Nancy shrilly lectured Republicans for daring to hold onto information that exonerated Clinton until after the hearing and after the election. But it was absolutely ok for Democrats such as Diane Feinstein to withhold salacious information from the Republicans during the Kavanaugh hearings.  It is absolutely ok for Democrats to treat the discredited Steele dossier as fact and use it as a bludgeon against Trump. Democrats are fine with using the Deep State as a weapon against Trump.

According to NY Times columnist James B. Stewart, today’s Deep State is a cadre of bureaucrats who have pledged to respect the Constitution and our rule of law. 

“He specifically touted how ex-FBI Director James Comey “told me in my book, ‘Thank goodness for that,’ because they are protecting the Constitution and the people when individuals – we don’t have a monarch, we don’t have a dictator – they restrain them from crossing the boundaries of law.”

After Guthrie worried that “The ‘deep state’ is now a pejorative term,” Stewart reassured her: “What Trump calls the deep state in the United States is protecting the American people and protecting the Constitution. It’s a positive thing in this sense.””

Yes, I admit it, I laughed for a good five minutes after reading that.

Folks, this is where we are. In 1998 the Democrats threw tantrums galore about the Clinton impeachment. Now they are gleefully running with impeachment of Trump because why? Trump won and Hillary lost.

The Democrats are running with impeachment for impeachment’s sake and it’s their only way to get Trump gone. 

“The aim, again, is not to offer an alternative agenda to Trump’s issues that for the most part poll far higher than what we have seen on the Democratic candidate debate stage. Trump, the man, is the only issue and thus all that is needed after the Mueller implosion is the proper excuse to smear and slander him again. Impeachment is just a construct to amplify the daily invective.”

I believe Hanson is correct. The democrats refuse to engage on the issues. They spin everything, and I mean EVERYTHING back to Trump stole the election!

Nancy supposedly went through an evolution metamorphis regarding impeaching Trump or not. Quite frankly I think she was playing games and an impeachment inquiry was what she wanted all along.

Look again at what she said in 1998.

“…until the Republicans free themselves of this hatred our country will suffer.”

Pot meet Kettle with a side of Adam Schiff and his whistleblower.

Speaking of Adam and whistleblowers… Jim Jordan has questions.

Nancy, the hatred we are seeing now is from the Democrats with the enthusiastic aid of the media and the Deep State. The double standards you have regarding impeachment are both laughable and disturbing. No, don’t tell me ‘that was then, this is now.’ That argument is null and void.

Nancy Pelosi certainly has standards regarding impeachment. Standards that are solely in favor of the Democrats. Standards that completely disregard the rule of law and our Constitution. I guess that’s ok. I mean, at least she has standards…right?

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  • talgus says:

    we will impeach him for what we did. We colluded with Ukraine and UK (Steele) and weaponized the current administration to take down the Republican challenger to our candidate. Trump won (anyways) and therefore we HATE him, will not work with him, and will do everything in Congressional and Judicial power to defeat him. (Too bad US citizens, you do not count (until Nov 2020)) my take..

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