Liz Cheney: Dear Democrats, Pretty Please Vote For Me!

Liz Cheney: Dear Democrats, Pretty Please Vote For Me!

Liz Cheney: Dear Democrats, Pretty Please Vote For Me!

Nothing like finding out a Republican politician is begging Democrats to vote for her! The New York Times broke this news today. It seems that Liz Cheney really needs that Democrat vote during the primary.

Representative Liz Cheney, a Republican of Wyoming whose polling remains far behind her Trump-endorsed primary challenger as her House committee’s Jan. 6 hearings continue, is urging Democrats in her home state to switch parties to support her in the Aug. 16 primary.

In the last week, Wyoming Democrats have received mail from Ms. Cheney’s campaign with specific instructions on how to change their party affiliation to vote for her. Ms. Cheney’s campaign website now has a link to a form for changing parties.

Yes indeed, her campaign website has that very link right on the front page. 

This is 100% a move that reeks of desperation. Liz is failing in about every single poll in Wyoming. In fact, her poll numbers as of June 6 were in the negative. 73% of Wyoming GOP voters viewed her unfavorably and 66% view hr VERY unfavorably, versus Harriet Hagemen who has a 58% positive rating at that juncture. Those numbers are BAD. But it’s understandable as to why.

She called Wyoming voters idiots, lunatics, and deplorables. She’s been running the show of the January 6th hearings and everything we find out, we already knew about. Secondly, she and the rest of the committee have NO problem with denying Americans of their Constitutional right to due process! Furthermore, it’s highly evident these hearings are so scripted as to force the narrative and conclusions they want. 

Her campaign has also been busily rounding up support. I see Facebook posts from her campaign of someone supporting Liz about twice a day now since just after the second day of the Jan 6 hearings. Plus, suddenly she’s been making campaign stops in the state on the weekends! 

What changed? Her poll numbers. 

Remember, in February, she said this:

Ms. Cheney said she will not organize “Democrats for Cheney” groups, encourage party switching or bless a political action committee to encourage Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. She did have a one-on-one meeting last summer with Jeffrey Katzenberg, the billionaire Hollywood mogul and Democratic megadonor. After the meeting, Mr. Katzenberg and his wife each made maximum contributions to Ms. Cheney’s campaign.

So, she lied like a big ole rug. Liz and her campaign must be incredibly desperate if she’s going to blatantly flip flop like this and beg Democrats to vote for her.

Indeed, not only has she put a link on her campaign website, she’s paying to send mailers to Democrats in the state about how and when to switch to vote for her. 

Look, our economy is in the tank. Wyoming is a huge agriculture state that is struggling right now due to inflation and the high fuel costs. Every farmer and rancher I grew up with is paying double to TRIPLE for their fuel costs this year.

Is Liz getting out front and addressing THAT issue? No. Senator Barrasso is. Her opponent, Harriett Hangmen is. What has Liz been doing? Snidely lecturing us about the sanctity of the election process during the January 6 hearings. 


In Wyoming, a candidate is only as good as their platform and their willingness to travel the state asking for votes. People in Wyoming, I grew up there, look at the candidate. They look at the issues. They look at the CHARACTER of the person, and they look at how hard that person will fight for the state as a whole.

The most recent example is her vote on the Armed Services Committee will most certainly tick off Wyomingites, as a significant number of them are current or retired veterans. 


Spending the last two years screaming about Trump BAD! and now begging Democrats to vote for her is NOT a good look for a Republican candidate in Wyoming. Liz should follow Toni’s advice and just switch her party affiliation instead of begging Democrats for their vote.

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  • Ashley Squishy says:

    Heh. Wyoming has 196,000 registered Republicans, and only 45,000 registered Democrats. I REALLY doubt that a concerted effort at party-switching would alter the primary outcome. Liz is toast.

    Democrats outnumber Republicans only Teton County, the playground of the rich and woke, and even there their margin is shrinking.

  • Amy says:

    I think she knows she’s doomed so she’s just doing what she can go ensure Trump backed candidate doesn’t get elected. She has to know any Dems that get her through the primaries will NOT vote for her dumb Janus-headed RINO a$$ in the general.

  • SDN says:

    This is no different than what Vichy Mitchy did to Tea Party candidates for years, and still does whenever he thinks he can get away with it. Look up “Mississippi Senate race 2014.”

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