Liz Cheney Wants to Be GOP Nanny

Liz Cheney Wants to Be GOP Nanny

Liz Cheney Wants to Be GOP Nanny

Rep. Liz Cheney wants to be the nanny of the Republican party. That’s because, as she told Fox News’s Chris Wallace on Sunday morning, Trump supporters were “misled” and “betrayed.” So it takes a wise woman like Cheney to show them their error and guide them to a path of enlightenment.

Surprisingly, Wallace pushed back, and asked her why she alienated “tens of millions of Republican voters who still support Donald Trump.” Cheney responded:

“You know, what he’s doing is he’s causing people to believe that they can’t count on our electoral process to actually convey the will of the people. You know, we have to be a nation of laws. . . .”

“Those millions of people that you mentioned who supported the president have been misled. They’ve been betrayed.”

Got that? Trump tricked you into supporting him. He also tricked you into questioning the veracity of the 2020 election results. You’re too stupid to recognize the dangers of the Orange Man. But listen to Nanny Liz — she knows better than you.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Elise Stefanik are also “complicit” in the Big Lie, says Liz Cheney. After all, they rejected her wisdom when they tossed her from her House leadership position. Stefanik now has Cheney’s chair.

Not only does Liz Cheney hold McCarthy in contempt for his support of Trump, she also thinks he’s withholding information about the January 6 DC riot. So maybe the FBI should investigate McCarthy, she told Chris Wallace.

“He clearly has facts about that day that an investigation into what happened, into the president’s actions ought to get to the bottom of. And I think that he has important information that needs to be part of any investigation, whether it’s the FBI, the Department of Justice or this commission that I hope will be set up.”

Methinks many of Cheney’s Republican colleagues will be removing her from their Christmas card list.

Meanwhile, the media have been reveling in the Liz Cheney kerfuffle. Like Chuck Todd, who tried to catch Rep. Dan Crenshaw up in the Liz Cheney drama on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Crenshaw, to his credit, refused to play along.

But it also looks like everyday Republicans don’t want Liz Cheney to be their nanny. In fact, according to a CBS poll, 80 percent of Republicans agree with removing her from leadership.

Liz Cheney

Screenshot/CBS News/Twitter.

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass adds that Americans have more things to worry about than Liz Cheney.

“Most Americans think about other things — the price of chicken going up, the price of gas, the price of lumber skyrocketing, and whether throwing trillions more at an economy coming out of pandemic shutdowns will eat savings in a burst of inflation.”

While Aram Bakshian, Jr., a former speech writer for Presidents Nixon and Reagan, thinks that while Trump is still a major voice, he’s fading in influence:

“The future of the Republican party doesn’t hinge on Donald Trump, one way or the other. Slowly but surely, he is becoming a loud but shrinking figure in the rearview mirror of American politics.”

Maybe Trump is shrinking, or maybe he isn’t. Actually, he merely has to do some serious teasing about 2024 and he’ll be front and center once again. The man is a genius at self-promotion.

Personally, I would rather have someone else as our Republican candidate in 2024. I would like to move on. However, the Trump years did persuade me of one thing: a president with executive or managerial experience would best serve the nation, such as a governor, or even another business executive. Seeing how Trump was able to successfully execute Operation Warp Speed convinced me that we need an actual “Chief Executive” in the White House, not another bureaucrat.

I also have a person in mind, but for now I’ll keep that to myself.

But we Republicans can pick our own standard bearer. We’re grownups. And if it’s Trump in 2024, I will vote for him again. But we don’t need nanny Liz Cheney spoon-feeding us whom she thinks is worthy.


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  • Taylor says:

    That woman has definitely had a nervous break down. She needs to be out of the house of representatives pronto.

  • Randy Martin Pochel says:

    Yes we were unwise to support her. But now learn from out mistakes and recognize what a political shrill she is.
    You try to figure out how she can think this way, full insanity and that is what a democrat is,

    1) President Trump tricked us ( No YOU tricked us but no more)
    2) President Trump is questioning the results of a fair election ( Where do I go with this a) If it was fair then why are you fighting tooth and nail against the audit? b)All the stuff coming out of the audit proves that it wasn’t a fair and honest election. c) In a vote count numbers go up they don’t go down and the democrat he gets bumped up by the same number d) We THE PEOPLE ! know it wasn’t a fair election e) Why are you demonizing and calling everyone that disagree with you needs to be investigated ( I will tell you why because you have become a socialist)
    f) Have you had the vaccine yet ? If this what it does to your brain then warming to people don’t take it.

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