Abortion Radicals Agitate While Waiting For SCOTUS

Abortion Radicals Agitate While Waiting For SCOTUS

Abortion Radicals Agitate While Waiting For SCOTUS

The Supreme Court really should have stopped the suspense when the leak of the Alito draft happened. They should have simply released the final opinion at that point and let the chips fall where they may.

Instead, we have gotten the water-torture version of waiting, which has led to not just the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice, but increasingly violent acts of vandalism by abortion radicals who are lashing out before the final decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is released. SCOTUS has added an extra release date of tomorrow to their schedule, and may put Dobbs out there with the last remaining cases as a “Friday document dump” before closing up shop for the term and getting the heck out of there.

And when I say “increasingly violent acts of vandalism,” I mean it. Pro-life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers across the country have had windows smashed and threatening graffiti spray-painted on buildings by groups like “Jane’s Revenge,” which can be rightfully labeled a domestic terror group.

And while this didn’t make any national waves, a Washington state legislator’s office was the target of an arson attack.

Rep. Andrew Barkis is a pro-life Republican, and while there weren’t any helpful graffiti threats left behind to confirm the reason for a lit flare to be thrown into the office, it’s not inconceivable to connect the dots (there are plenty of pro-choice Republicans in very blue Washington state, and the flare just happens to land in the office of a pro-life Republican at this moment?) and assume that the slow simmer over Dobbs is just the excuse that abortion radicals have been hoping for.

Also, taking over a government building – a capitol, no less! – is totally okay again if your cause is deemed holy by the Left.

Governor Tony Evers had asked for a special session to repeal Wisconsin’s abortion law, and the Republican controlled legislature complied with the legal request – with a thirty second session that allowed them to gavel in and out.

Evers called for the special session earlier this month following the leaked Supreme Court draft decision that indicated a majority of the justices would overturn Roe v. Wade.”

Wisconsin’s abortion law, which was implemented in 1849, will go into effect in the event that Roe is overturned.”

While the state’s law would go after doctors or providers that assist women in getting abortions, it does not expressly punish women who perform their own abortions, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.”

According to the outlet, “Wisconsin state law requires the Legislature to meet if the governor takes executive action and call for a special session. It is up to the discretion of lawmakers, however, to determine how long a session lasts and what topics are or are not discussed.”

And miraculously, all these Planned Parenthood activists were allowed into the building!

Silly pro-lifers, it’s not an insurrection if Planned Parenthood does it!

The Dobbs decision is going to be a turning point for this country. We will either see the reversal of fifty years of horrible legal reasoning that has led to the deaths of untold numbers of innocent children in the womb, or we will be forever burdened with the tortured legal reasoning – perhaps lightened, but still twisted in order to rationalize the killing of innocents at the federal level – of Roe v. Wade. If the Supreme Court majority sticks to the Alito draft, everyone needs to be prepared for what will follow. While there are groups on the left like the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising and Democrats for Life who will celebrate the repeal of Roe, their voices are going to be drowned out by the uproar by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Emily’s List, Ruth Sent Us, and Jane’s Revenge. Not to mention the howling, wailing, and gnashing of teeth from the media and Democrat leadership (but I repeat myself) just as they are doing today with the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen decision.

If Dobbs is released tomorrow, it will be a weekend of whining like we have never seen before. Unfortunately, it could also be a weekend of violence. Everyone needs to be alert and prepared for both.

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  • Scott says:

    “The Supreme Court really should have stopped the suspense when the leak of the Alito draft happened. They should have simply released the final opinion at that point and let the chips fall where they may.”

    Gonna disagree with you Deanna, I think it’s great that SCOTUS has given the radicals on the left the chance to show all those “undecided” voters just exactly who they are, and what they support. It’s also given Merrick Garland a chance to show what a partisan hack he is, and how lucky we are that he’s not sitting on the Court.

    As to being prepared, without a doubt! Avoid democrat controlled cities at all costs, keep your head on a swivel, and if you so choose, be armed at all times, this is gonna get bumpy! There’s not question IF the left will get violent, just where (in cities they feel safe, and know they outnumber conservatives who are likely to defend themselves), and when / how bad. The summer of 2020 showed their playbook, with “fiery but mostly peaceful protests”

  • American Human says:

    I love all eight of my babies. I cannot imagine life without them, neither do I wish to. The youngest baby is now 25. I don’t know how I would have felt if any of them were taken away by this inhuman practice. Little babies are just that, little babies. How much I love them. I know that those aborted little babies are in the arms of our Savior now and will dwell with him in the highest kingdom of glory. But what a difference they could have made in our lives if only they’d been allowed to live. Who knows what magic they could have conjured up if allowed to live. Maybe one would have come up with a new type of battery that would be easy and cheap and hold a charge for weeks on end, or maybe one or two working together would have been able to develop a viable method for a fusion reactor that would have allowed us to have almost unlimited energy available 24×7. Who knows. Certainly not us, but look at what has been taken from us.
    Please let the children live.

  • Scott says:

    Well, it’s done, Roe is on the trash heap where it belongs (and where it put countless innocent babies).. now it’s back to the states, but the lefts shock troops are still gonna riot tonight! Stay out of cities if you can!

  • Ralph R Jaeger says:

    The heathen are going to rage no matter what. Maybe a few memes of Whoopie and Joy dressed in red cloaks and wide white bonnets ,just to add a little fuel to the fire. I applaud SCOTUS for not being intimidated .

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