Cheney Says Wyoming Voters Are “Crazies”

Cheney Says Wyoming Voters Are “Crazies”

Cheney Says Wyoming Voters Are “Crazies”

“Crazies.” That’s how Liz Cheney describes all Wyoming voters who disagree with her regarding Trump and her status on the January 6 committee. And yes, she really did call Wyomingites “crazies.”

In an interview on Saturday in Cheyenne, Ms. Cheney tried to put to rest those questions and resisted the suggestion that she cared more about the fight with Mr. Trump than about running for re-election.

“I’m not going to convince the crazies and I reject the crazies,” Ms. Cheney said of Wyoming’s Republican leadership. “I reject the notion that somehow we don’t have to abide by the rule of law. And the people right now who are in the leadership of our state party, I’m not trying to get their support because they’ve abandoned the Constitution.”

In her first visit back to Wyoming in MONTHS, she says that while happily meeting with members of the Wyoming Press Association. 

It’s been over two years and she has yet to set foot in any county or attend any Republican event across the state. She hasn’t appeared for parades or any other special event. Oh sure, someone is going to point out that everything was shut down in 2020 so OF COURSE she couldn’t visit the state. Why yes, yes she could. Why? Because Wyoming never shut down!

I’ll grant that it’s reasonable that she hasn’t stepped foot in Wyoming since January of last year. Needless to say, a significant number of Wyoming voters are not thrilled with her emphasis on Trump and her LACK of emphasis on listening to the needs of Wyomingites. 

Bidenflation is at a 40 year high right now. What is Liz Cheney trying to do about it in order to help her constituents?

Does she offer ANY solutions to slow the rise of inflation? Is she offering ANY  real solutions to continue to stop reckless spending other than voting against Build Back Better? Not that I can find. What she has done is sponsor 18 bills. ALL of which are still in committee. Why? Because she and others are too busy with the January 6 Commission to be about the business of the people. 

Instead she is sending out tweets.

Also, she’s writing op-eds defending the January 6 Committee because Trump bad! 

The Jan. 6 investigation isn’t only about the inexcusable violence of that day: It is also about fidelity to the Constitution and the rule of law, and whether elected representatives believe in those things or not. One member of the House Freedom Caucus warned the White House in the days before Jan. 6 that the president’s plans would drive “a stake in the heart of the federal republic.” That was exactly right.

Those who do not wish the truth of Jan. 6 to come out have predictably resorted to attacking the process—claiming it is tainted and political. Our hearings will show this charge to be wrong. We are focused on facts, not rhetoric, and we will present those facts without exaggeration, no matter what criticism we face.

There it is. The implication that anyone who disagrees with her stance has not only abandoned the Constitution, but should be labeled “crazies.” 

President Trump won 70 percent of the vote in 2020. Do you know WHY he won by that margin, even in a major Republican state? Because Wyoming was seeing the benefit across the board of policies that he worked to implement. The economy was booming, income levels were definitely rising, and prices across the board were down, thus leaving more money in people’s pockets. 

And then, January 6 happened. Trump really put his foot in his mouth, and a great number of jackassess paraded through the U.S. Capitol. Liz Cheney, with Nancy Pelosi flouting all ethics and protocols of Congress, is appointed illegally to the January 6 Committee. Ever since, that has been Liz’s focus, to the detriment of the Wyoming voters who she is SUPPOSED to represent. 

“She speaks about her conscience, but you weren’t elected to do what you think is right, you were elected to do what the people want you do to,” said Sam Eliopoulos, a Cheyenne businessman and Republican who is running for a seat in the State House. “She didn’t do what the people want her to do. At the end of the day, that’s it.”

Because he disagrees with her, I’d bet that Cheney considers Eliopoulos as one of the “crazies” as well. 

I definitely have had issues with Trump’s rhetoric and have long made it clear that the events of January 6 were bad for this country. But for Liz to ignore the needs of her constituency, and then label them as “crazies” for disagreeing with her is beyond the pale. Now she’s hopped into bed with the very Democrats she professed to dislike. 


Indeed. Insulting one’s constituency is one way to conduct a campaign and lose the trust of what few Wyoming-based Republican supporters she has left. 

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  • Hate_me says:


    Really? Wyomen? Wyominglings? Wymen? Wyomongers?

    There must be a better option.

  • mac says:

    “And then, January 6 happened. Trump really put his foot in his mouth, and a great number of jackassess (sic) paraded through the U.S. Capitol.”

    What kind of nonsense is this? How did President Trump “put his foot in his mouth”? I saw and heard his speech on Jan. 6. He said absolutely nothing encouraging any kind of illegality. Jan. 6 was a CIA-FBI false flag operation and you’ve been taken in by it. You should know better.

    I suggest you read up on the people allowed into–actually ushered into–the building by Capitol Police. Do you really think that anyone smart enough to vote for Trump and who REALLY planned to do violence would go to the Capitol without firearms? Even the criminals in the Capitol Police admit there was not one firearm found. Get real.

    Cheney is a carpetbagging ass and a backstabber who suckered the good people of Wyoming into sending her to DC as their Congressperson. Wyoming has now recognized its error and is booting her out. President Trump has called her out for being what she is and has endorsed an opponent, who looks set to clean Cheney’s clock. Other than that, he has had little to do with her.

    You “have had issues with Trump’s rhetoric.” Maybe you ought to recognize that as completely FUBAR as the situation in our country was when he was elected, some strong and straightforward language was called for. If you haven’t been tempted to use such language after 24 years of con artists and liars running our country, you must not have been paying attention. That was one of President Trump’s strengths that appealed to many people: he didn’t sugarcoat things. He called them as he saw them. After that long stretch of lies and dishonest dealings we had with Monica’s boyfriend, Mike’s beard and the Texas twerp, our country was long overdue for some straight talk. Thank God we had President Trump for at least four years to remind us what it was like to have a President who actually worked FOR the United States of America!

  • Blackwing1 says:

    As a Wyomingite (yup, that’s what we call ourselves) I can safely tell you that I have not met a single person anywhere at any time here in northwestern Wyoming that would support Cheney after her work supporting Pelosi’s witch hunts. Her support for the January 6 Inquisition (and of the gulag-style treatment non-violent protestors have received) means that she has betrayed the Constitution of the United States, and her typical left-wing projection of her own traitorous thoughts is all that she can spew.

    She was elected to the House for the State of Wyoming for the purpose of REPRESENTING the people of Wyoming. Shucks, the name of the office (“Representative”) and the name of the building (“House of Representatives”) is what’s known as a clue. She was given the trust of the people of Wyoming to represent them, and she utterly and completely betrayed that trust in the course of supporting her Never-Trump stand. Her dishonesty and betrayal of that trust in favor of being able to appear at the politically-correct parties and win a job as a “conservative” commentator will be all she earns after her political career craters in Wyoming.

    She will lose any honest election in a landslide, and has already been cast out of the Wyoming Republican Party, which I am hoping means that she will not even be able to take part in the Rep-wing primary.

    The main reason she will not appear in front of any group of random group (as opposed to very carefully selected and “vetted” RINO’s) of Wyoming voters is that she knows she will be endlessly heckled and called out for her betrayal of the people she was supposed to represent. About the only place she could safely appear would be in Jackson County, the only blue area of the State (taken over by the multi-millionaires who are the only ones who can afford to live there). She cannot face her electorate honestly, so she will continue to hide.

    I only fear that if she does actually, physically, appear somewhere that people will lose their tempers and start throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at her, justifying (at least in the minds of the collectivists) her staying hidden away.

    The people of the State of Wyoming wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire for fear it might give her strength to crawl to water.

  • Severely Ltd. says:

    I’m with Mac on this, exactly how did Trump put his foot in his mouth on January sixth?

  • […] called Wyoming voters idiots, lunatics, and deplorables. She’s been running the show of the January 6th hearings and everything we […]

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