Liberals Limbo Themselves In Half To Defend Franken [VIDEO]

Liberals Limbo Themselves In Half To Defend Franken [VIDEO]

Liberals Limbo Themselves In Half To Defend Franken [VIDEO]

This has been a most interesting and illuminating week in American politics. We’ve gone full circle from “victims should always be believed” in the case of Roy Moore, to “Al Franken was joking and she was asking for it” on the left. In just ONE week.

No, really. When someone like Alyssa Milano offers this opinion:

And her “supporters” immediately start in on her:

If you swapped out “Al Franken” for “Roy Moore” with these defenses from the left, I wonder how it would sound?

And the excuses now contain absolute pretzels of illogical craziness.

I mean, wow.

If you’re looking for the bottom of the barrel….

we haven’t reached it yet.

And the Washington Post even let her write an op-ed, how thoughtful.

But remember, these are the same people who freaked out over Mike Pence.

Also, once it’s tweeted, it’s out there forever. The internet never forgets.

But it wasn’t REAL groping!

Does your head hurt yet? Mine does.

Jake Tapper nailed it:

As Marta so brilliantly put it yesterday, Franken should resign. These are the rules that I thought the left wanted us all to sign on to. It seems that – surprise! – we are back to the Bill Clinton defense of “he can do what he wants so long as he votes for what I want,” except that Bill Clinton is now under the bus and the feminist left wants to spend their time, energy, and political capital in defending Stuart Smalley.

Good luck with that.

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  • GWB says:

    (eg: this seems to have been non-contact)

    I noted this yesterday. But this defense leaves out the other accusation that most decidedly involves touch – he touched her danged tonsils!

    makes it too easy to deliberately sabotage someone’s career with a single fake claim

    Do you have the ability to check this person’s Twit-feed for what they have said about Moore?

    none of the GOP pigs are budging

    Ummmmm, which would be who, exactly? (And the GOP always throw their people under the bus, regardless of the veracity of the accusations!)

    I do tend to agree with those saying the picture isn’t really assault or really harassment. It’s stupid and childish. But he’s not touching her as near as I can tell (and there’s no way he could have through the flak vest). The forced tonsil hockey, otoh, is flat out sexual assault. (And there’s no one to vouch for that accusation.)

    false accusations aren’t cool, either

    Because she posed nekid once, she can’t be believed? Now THAT is blaming the victim!

    How am I slut shaming her?

    Well, since you’re making her veracity dependent on her being a “slut” or not, and that’s pretty much the definition of blaming the victim……… *eyeroll*

    I’m a feminist.

    Well, that’s really all that needs to be said. The rest of the headline is an obvious conclusion.

    The Al Franken picture looks staged.

    Well, duh, Seamus. He staged it. *EYEROLL*

    Look, Franken is no Weinstein. I have more important things to waste my energy on, in respect to our legislature. (But I’m not going to complain about others spending their time on it.)

    Franken is (and always has been) a side show.

  • Johnny says:

    Look Democrats, if you’re going to talk the talk you’ve gotta walk the walk, or you are simply hypocrites. Grow up, grab a couple of brain cells, and look up “consistency” in the dictionary.

    Whatever standard of behavior you want to apply, it must apply equally to the left and right. As a right-winger that doesn’t bother me a bit, because I know that the average right-winger is wiser, more charitable and simply more moral than the average leftist.

    So bring it on.

    • Scott says:

      Democrats have never, not once, had any consistency, outside of always attacking and obstructing conservatives… if you’re waiting for the left to hold their own to the same standard they hold conservatives too, i’d suggest that you wait foe hell to freeze over, it’ll be a shorter wait…

  • Leland says:

    I guess under Democrat’s version of Sharia law, once you pose naked for Playboy; it’s ok for people to grope you. I wonder how that will work out for Madonna?

    And heck, why stop at Playboy? What about all the actresses that have showed us their boobs?

    Here’s the thing, Franken made several passes at Tweeden that she rejected. Angered by her rejection, Franken waits until she passes out to stage a photo to humiliate her. That seems to be the very definition of Sexual Harassment, whether he touched her or not.

  • GTB says:

    When is McConnell going to ask Franken to step down?

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