The Truth About Thanksgiving

The Truth About Thanksgiving

The Truth About Thanksgiving

Will your college student come home to tell you how celebrating Thanksgiving is an exercise in celebrating Native American genocide? Will Uncle Bernie, who pines for the fjords of the 1960s, wag his finger over the cranberry sauce to lecture about the inherent white supremacy and racism in classroom pageants of Pilgrims and Indians?

In the true spirit of the holiday, kindly ask them if they have five minutes to spare to deal with actual, historical facts.

If they refuse, they have nothing to complain about if you shoot whipped cream down their pants.

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  • Scott says:

    One more example of the fact that liberalism is a mental disorder!

  • GTB says:

    1). It’s amazing how there was no disease or any infectious bacterium or germs in “nature” before the white men arrived. Appartantly, if you accidentally cut yourself, your wound never got infected or anything.

    2).It’s amazing how the natives were always portrayed as civil when they killed each other, raped each other’s squaws, and sacrificed each to “the Gods.”

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