Law Enforcement Says NOPE To Beto’s Gun Confiscation Plans

Law Enforcement Says NOPE To Beto’s Gun Confiscation Plans

Law Enforcement Says NOPE To Beto’s Gun Confiscation Plans

Law enforcement agencies will be perfectly fine going door-to-door confiscating those eeeevil AR-15’s and AK-47’s says Beto O’Rourke. The problem with Beto’s assertion? Law enforcement agencies and organizations are NOT fine with it.

“National law enforcement organizations harshly criticized Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s plan to send police officers to collect AR-15s and AK-47s from those who refuse to turn them in under his mandatory buyback scheme.

In interviews with the Washington Free Beacon, leaders from groups representing hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers described Beto’s gun confiscation plan as “ridiculous,” “asinine,” and likely unconstitutional.”

I’m with them. You see, his plan goes way beyond asinine. But he’s so down with his plan that he’s using his young son to drive the point home.

First of all, I have to wonder if the parents were notified that a drill like that would take place. Secondly, if it really DID take place why weren’t the O’Rourkes up in arms about it the next day? Third, all the rest of the parents with kids at that school had no problems with an active shooter drill?

Getting rid of guns and keeping schools as gun-free zones is a big part of Beto’s platform, one that he plans to keep hammering on even after his campaign folds. 

No, Beto won’t get elected as President. HOWEVER, the reason he keeps hammering away at gun confiscation, even though the other Democrat candidates don’t want him too, is because there ARE people in this country who believe it is the only way to stop gun violence. He’s speaking to that uniformed base. The same uniformed scare-mongering base that believes Moms Demand, Everytown, and Gabby Giffords’ foundation have the right idea. Make those scary guns go away and no one will ever get hurt again.

First of all, kudos to Alisyn Camerota for pointing out the obvious. Beto’s gun confiscation and so-called “voluntary” buyback of handguns won’t stop criminals from using guns. Secondly, Beto’s word salad basically tells me three things.

A. He just wants guns gone

B. Guns are bad even if law-abiding American citizens own them so confiscation is GOOD!

C. He implies that red flag laws will be an effective tool.

Understandably, members of law enforcement are not on board with Beto’s plan.

“”I’m not sure whether his statements are naive or just plain ignorant and arrogant. Maybe it’s all three,” said Eddy County Sheriff Mark Cage. “The thought of anyone utilizing my sheriff’s office or any other law enforcement agency in this country as their personal Gestapo to go door to door violating citizen’s rights is disgusting, unrealistic and downright un-American.”

Cage is concerned if any law enforcement agency participates in O’Rourke’s plan on a large scale, “bloodshed would be inevitable,” adding that “some of my constituents are already adopting the mantra of ‘Come take mine Beto!’…His rhetoric has gotten old and I look forward to the day when he shuts up.””

I too look forward to the day that Beto shuts up. The problem is, as I point out above, Beto’s ideas have traction. Traction not based in reality, but unfortunately enough traction that leads to more red flag laws. Traction that leads to more anti-2A legislation proposed and possibly passed across the country.

Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams is understandably concerned about the dangers these ideas pose to law enforcement and law-abiding citizens who would be rightfully concerned that law enforcement is there to disarm instead of protect.

But hey! Beto and team are here to tell you that…just like the IRS, no one will be sent door to door to take away those nasty guns. Why? Because we’ll be happy to just hand them over.

We are supposed to look to Australia as our shining example of how to understand that gun confiscation and voluntary buybacks keep us safe!

Except that the United States is NOT Australia. Furthermore, the United States has this really cool thing called the Constitution. In that Constitution we have something called the Second Amendment.

Beto wants to infringe upon our rights to keep and bear arms because of the actions of a few criminals. Beto needs to take his anti-2A ideas and go back to residing in unicorn rainbow land. We’d all be better for it.

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  • Scott says:

    “Beto wants to infringe upon our rights to keep and bear arms because of the actions of a few criminals. Beto needs to take his anti-2A ideas and go back to residing in unicorn rainbow land. We’d all be better for it.”

    Well that was apparently a good enough reason to get the 1934 National Firearms Act passed, as well as the 1968 Gun Control act, and the blackest mark on the Reagan presidency the deceptively named Firearms Owners Protection act.. Not one of them was needed, nor did just what it’s proponents claimed, but they all advanced the cause of destroying the Second Amendment..

    • Joe in PNG says:

      I can understand why the FUDD leaning gunowners of the time would go along with those laws.
      They honestly thought that would be it, and they could be left with their double shotguns and bolt action hunting rifles in peace.
      Then came the ’91 and ’94 bans, and it became dang clear that the antis weren’t going to ever stop, which has seriously changed the gun culture.

  • Scott says:

    Yeah, and they hadn’t yet come to learn that you can never trust what a democrat says, only that they’re out to take your rights. Though you’d think that the complete failure of Prohibition might have been a clue…

  • zenman says:

    But the I.R.S. does perform raids on business and individuals. Ae

    Three businessmen told the Senate Finance Committee today of Internal Revenue Service agents who, with guns drawn, broke down doors, terrified workers and forced teen-age girls to change clothes in front of male agents in raids at the men’s homes and businesses that they said were unnecessary.

    These aggressive paramilitary tactics were denounced as intolerable and ”fascist” by Democratic and Republican senators as the panel heard testimony for a second day in its second round of hearings on I.R.S. abuses of taxpayers.

    But the testimony by the three wealthy businessmen from Texas, Oklahoma and Virginia also showed that the agents had reason to suspect they had come across a $300 million tax fraud in one case and a drug operation in another.

    On Wednesday, January 9th, 15-20 armed IRS Special Agents executed a search warrant at the home and office of anti-Income Taxer Steven A. Swan in Auburn, New Hampshire. Swan is being investigated by a federal grand jury to determine whether or not he has committed any crimes regarding the federal Income Tax. Swan believes that the federal Income Tax has been fraudulently imposed upon the American people and he has been attempting to expose this fraud since 1996 by conducting seminars in person and on videotape and through the use of his Web site at Swan has hundreds of clients all over the country who have used his information to stop paying federal Income Taxes.

    One such business owner is Randy Sowers, who owns and operates a dairy farm in Maryland. Testifying before Congress, Randy recounted his four-year-long battle against an IRS seizure. In 2012, two armed IRS agents descended on the farm and told Randy the agency had seized over $60,000 from the farm’s bank account. They also served him with a grand jury subpoena, raising the possibility that Randy and his wife could face criminal structuring charges. Facing potentially enormous legal bills if they fought the IRS, the Sowerses felt they had no choice other than to take a settlement deal and so agreed to forfeit $29,500 to the government.

    Open the Books found there are now over 200,000 non-military federal officers with arrest and firearm authority, surpassing the 182,100 personnel who are actively serving in the U.S. Marines Corps.

    The IRS spent nearly $11 million on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment for its 2,316 special agents. The tax collecting agency has billed taxpayers for pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns, semi-automatic Smith & Wesson M&P15s, and Heckler & Koch H&K 416 rifles, which can be loaded with 30-round magazines.

  • Rob says:

    It is a nagging irritant to me, this bundling together of AR-15’s and AK-47’s, as if they were pretty much interchangeable and both equally common. Isn’t the AK-47 an actual military assault rifle, capable of automatic fire, and hence highly regulated, and scarce in the US? And isn’t the AR-15 not any of those things?

    • Joe in PNG says:

      You can still get a variety of semi-auto AK variants in the USA, and have been able to for the past few decades.
      They aren’t as cheap as they used to be- you can get a decent AR-15 for less than a cheap AK these days- but they’re still available.

  • talgus says:

    Beto is bad. Can I get him bought back.

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