Teens Sound Off On Political Affiliations in Teen Vogue

Teens Sound Off On Political Affiliations in Teen Vogue

Teens Sound Off On Political Affiliations in Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue strikes again with more gold, ladies and gentlemen, from the teens of our time. This time, the online magazine penned an article on the political affiliations of a few members of Generation Z.

Teen Vogue took a sampling, interviewing Democrat, Progressive, Marxist and Unaffiliated teens and young adults. Not one Conservative teen was included in this collection of interviews. My bet is they did not even solicit a Conservative teen to sound off on why he or she aligned with Conservative beliefs. For an extra touch of woke, they even provided preferred gender pronouns attached to each of their names.You can read all of them here but we broke down a few highlights of what the little darlings had to say.

Female from Wales (not even from the U.S.A):

….a party or politician must listen to the youth before I consider giving them my vote.”-Teen Vogue

I see another episode of “How Dare You People” on the front from across the pond…

Next, we hear from Lydia, Lydia, Lydia…Lydia The Self-Proclaimed Marxist from Los Angeles:

I spent a few months in France in the fall of 2018, and happened to be there during the gilets jaunes (yellow vest) demonstrations, one of which I attended. It was the first truly mass demonstration I’d been to. I met many communists and anarchists in Paris. When I got home, I was determined to study as hard as I could. I read through [Karl Marx’s] Capital, Volume 1, most of [Vladimir] Lenin’s works, some [Peter] Kropotkin, [Rosa] Luxemburg, some [Leon] Trotsky, some works by historians, and many articles and online texts. I joined discussion groups and met a lot of other leftists.

I consider myself a Marxist but am still sympathetic to anarchism in the sense that I do think there is a meaningful distinction between libertarian and authoritarian conceptions of communism, and that the need to abolish the state must be emphasized. I’m still learning a lot, and I want to work with others to understand how to liberate humanity and abolish class society and wage labor.”

Because nothing violent occurred at the hands of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Yay for forceful and brutal propaganda and the Bolshevik philosophy of “ends justifying means” in the creation of the Red Army. Those deeds of archived land ownership that were destroyed by Lenin? He was just trying to liberate humanity and abolish class society. Controlling the media and means of communication was just an attempt to do more of the same. They knew what was best for their society. And how’s about demonization of opposing viewpoints and utterances of “civil war”? Is it a mere coincidence the Democrats of today are incorporating some of this behavior into their progressive ideologies as of late? Me thinks not. Look no further than the books and political essays they read. Right, Barack? Right, Hillary?

And speaking of Hillary Clinton, Plum is a big fan of the old, rotting prune:

Hillary Clinton was such an influential figure to my political awakening. Seeing all the backlash she got for solely her gender was frustrating, but it only made me more determined.”-Teen Vogue

Yes, Plum. We girls can do anything. Like write letters to NASA to tell them we want to walk in space. Here’s a little lesson for you, oh fresh blossom of Generation Z: Hillary did not face backlash solely for her gender. She played her gender card and thought because she is a woman, she was entitled to that presidency, silly girl. Hillary Clinton faced backlash because she was (is) disingenuous, conniving and has a track record of corruption. Hillary Clinton also ran a crappy campaign full of empty promises and no real substance. So no, the supposed “backlash” Hillary faced was not because she is a woman. Time to put away the victim card and open up a can of suck it up soup.

Dean, a 17 year-old who splits his time between Brooklyn and Florence, Italy (life is rough, I imagine) had this to say:

I believe that big money does not belong in politics; I am very pro-choice (though I do understand the nuances in the debate); I am strongly against the Patriot Act; I believe in creating more opportunity and upward mobility for the most disadvantaged; and I am a strong supporter of freedom of expression. I do not identify strongly with either of the major parties, but I would say I am left- and libertarian-leaning on many issues. In 2016, I was a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. I believed that he would make life better for many people and shake up the whole system. In this year’s Democratic primary, I am supportingAndrew Yang, largely because of his support for UBI (universal basic income).”

I would say that a teenager who regularly travels between the United States and Europe is far from disadvantaged. I would even venture to guess that this kid probably goes to some private school in Brooklyn and “summers” in Firenze and does not even KNOW anyone who is remotely disadvantaged. I wonder how his parents feel about Universal Basic Income? I am certain they would not be able to afford the luxury of international living should this ever be imposed, let alone their little sanctuary in liberal la-la land, Brooklyn.

Emily of North Carolina, bless her heart, is just following the script:

I am an anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and a prison abolitionist; I am also concerned with environmentalism and intersectional feminism.”

Like, take THAT, Conservatives. You racist, bigoted, gun-toting, Bible-thumping, pro-life orangutans!

Fiza, of Forest Hills, Queens (an upscale area of the borough), blames the cops:

The school-to-prison pipeline is a nationwide system that pushes students out of school and into the criminal justice system. This system is most prevalent across neighborhoods that are in poverty. The more contact a student has with police, the more students are arrested for disruptive behavior, having cell phones, and dress-code violations. The root of that problem is the government spending money on police officers to bully those students instead of using that money for student support services, such as investing in teachers, counselors, and social workers. Receiving an education should be a right, not a fight.”

In Fiza’s view, these students targeted for prison never bully their peers, teachers, administrators and the police officers put in place to keep them from harming others. You see, we have to give these kids an equal chance even if they disrupt others (of the same racial, socioeconomic background) who are fighting every day to go to school-praying they don’t get bullied or heck, even killed-because they want to better themselves with an education. We have to give these kids who are constantly disrupting and intimidating others an equal chance even when their parents are too busy getting drunk and stoned to give a rats ass about their welfare and how it impacts the others around them. Teachers’, counselors’ and social workers’ hands in most of these cases are tied but Fiza wants to get rid of all police officers in schools because their presence is intimidating and it isn’t fair.

To sum it all up, this generation wants YOU to just listen to them, they’re cool with anarchy, playing the victim and whining about it, they’ll talk up their great lifestyle “for me and not for thee” while preaching about universal wages, they’ll mindlessly follow what their peers are saying and recite it verbatim and they want to put law enforcement officers out of a job.

Are we scared yet?

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  • GWB says:

    how to liberate humanity and abolish class society
    We already did that, sweet cheeks. But you folks keep f*ing it up.

    abolish … wage labor
    And, why on Earth, would you want to do that? Because you think people being able to value their labor is a bad thing? Because allowing people flexibility in their labor arrangements is double-plus-ungood?
    No, mainly because you’re a bloomin’ IDIOT who has no business claiming any level of knowledge.
    Her reading program is a perfect example of being “unlightening“.

    Seeing all the backlash she got for solely her gender
    Oh no, honey, none of what she endured was because she was a woman. It was because she was humorless, scolding, nasty, vicious, totalitarian, self-important, arrogant, and believed she was entitled to an elected position. It had nothing to do with what was between her thighs.

    splits his time between Brooklyn and Florence, Italy
    Yeah, he’s not privileged at ALL.
    Yet, he will insist that it’s the REST of us who are privileged.

    though I do understand the nuances in the debate
    Somehow I doubt that.

    I believe in creating more opportunity and upward mobility for the most disadvantaged;
    Really? You believe that the “disadvantaged” are primarily not rich because there isn’t enough opportunity?! Then you’re an idiot.

    I am a strong supporter of freedom of expression.
    Baloney. Because you identify as “left”.

    he would make life better for many people and shake up the whole system
    Ummm, your definition of “many” must be significantly lower than “most”, because “shaking up the whole system” NEVER makes things better for the majority.

    I am an anti-racist
    I sincerely doubt that. You are most likely anti-white, and anti-Western-Civilization.

    Oh yes, you are most definitely anti-free-enterprise and anti-growth.

    a prison abolitionist
    So, you think there are no bad people in the world? Or all those bad people can be rehabilitated via hugs?
    Or, do you think all people who commit actual crimes should be simply hung from a lamppost?

    environmentalism and intersectional feminism
    IOW, you’re a moron. You don’t understand science (though you fervently believe those who claim to know science, without actually being able to understand their ‘scientific’ claims).

    The school-to-prison pipeline is a nationwide system that pushes students out of school and into the criminal justice system.
    Oh dear sweet fluffy Odin.

    The more contact a student has with police, the more students are arrested for disruptive behavior
    Ummmm, that would be because those who get themselves arrested do bad things that require more involvement with law enforcement. Crowing about your lack of ability to comprehend cause-and-effect really does NOT make you look smarter.

    Look, kids? Whoever told you that you’re the smartest and most noble people on the planet is NOT your friend.

    These kids are nothing more than what kids have always been – ignorant, but thinking they know it all.
    That thing we call “growing up” usually cures it.
    Unfortunately, our society now makes them celebrities and worships them, preventing their ultimate cure by preventing them from having to actually grow the f* up.

  • drew458 says:

    I’d say Vogue’s article was overwhelmingly sexist. 20 interviews, 17 teens identify as female. 1 of the males is trans. So it’s 9:1 girls:boys. How diverse.

    Best response was from the Ghanaian immigrant girl. She says she’s a Democrat but doesn’t know why.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      Probably because she’s frightened of the Cancel Culture, and the repercussions of coming out as anything other than Woke.

    • GWB says:

      “Girls”?!? “Boys”?!!! What sort of cis-heteronormative MONSTER are you!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!111!!!!

  • Jim says:

    Empty vessels make the most noise.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    A handful of kids connect to the New York magazine publishing clique doesn’t say much about the next generation.

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