Kids Are Being Sacrificed For The Adults Now

Kids Are Being Sacrificed For The Adults Now

Kids Are Being Sacrificed For The Adults Now

The common refrain during this pandemic has been “The kids are resilient! They will adapt, we have time to recover later!”

The kids are not resilient in the face of endless lockdowns, virtual school, and the stripping of friends and family and social interactions away from them. The numbers on youth suicide are reaching shocking levels. How can dead kids be “resilient,” I ask you?

In the course of world history, child sacrifice has been part of some of the most barbaric practices. We are seeing the 21st century version of child sacrifice. The mental health and physical well-being of our kids is currently being sacrificed to satisfy the fears and demands of adults. Those who have no power, authority, agency, or voice are being ignored, run over, mocked, and left out by those who are making the rules right now. The teachers’ unions are full-out resisting going back, even as Joe Biden makes tepid noise about sending kids back to school sometime by the end of the school year. Other governors, who have been in thrall to the teachers’ unions, are experiencing some kind of unknown change of heart. The data has existed for months that despite the labeling of children as snotty little germ factories, schools are not super-spreader locations, especially not elementary schools. The science has not changed, so what has?

The politics have changed. The Bad Orange Man can’t be blamed any longer. Democrats know full well that they will have to assume the responsibility of the current situation – which is why the arbitrarily stupid “100 days” was tossed out there. What will change about our understanding of the virus in 100 days? Nothing. We already have therapeutics working and a vaccine deployed (with a second one poised for authorization any minute now), and teachers are being moved to the next phases of vaccine distribution.

So of course the teachers are willing to go back to the classroom. Right?


In Chicago, the teachers’ union is fighting a plan to begin returning some studens to schools early next year. “Obviously, if school is continuing remote, there’s less urgency around the vaccination,” said the Chicago Teachers Union’s president, Jesse Sharkey.”

To get around this problem, Chicago apparently plans on hiring somewhere around 2,000 new employees (many of them non-union) to SUPERVISE the children in classrooms while the teachers continue to stay home. The weird thing is, others suggested this very same idea before the beginning of this school year, in order to bring the children back to school. I myself brought it up in a school district Facebook group, and got roundly yelled at by teachers who insisted that they were the best trained for classroom management – but they couldn’t POSSIBLY go back, it was too dangerous.

The goalposts keep moving, and the kids are being sacrificed. And the older kids know it.

Data accumulated globally has shown that infections did not surge when schools reopened, and the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said as much in late November when he called on schools to reopen. While many private schools have reopened completely or partially, some of the nation’s largest school districts are still closed. In Washington, D.C., the city’s teachers union rejected an agreement with the public school system to reopen campuses in November. In Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Topeka, San Diego and multiple other cities, districts put off their plans to reopen in mid-November and gave no set date for reopening.”

In an essay (private school teacher) Eileen’s daughter wrote about her virtual learning experience, she describes the despondency and defeat students and teachers feel. In some classes, students mute their audio feature to hide the fact that they’re playing video games instead of paying attention. Teachers have difficulty holding students accountable, making flouting the rules easier. Eileen’s daughter, an aspiring writer and accomplished student, also faces her own waning motivation.”

“Every minute I sit at my desk I am being erased. It started with one of my dimensions. Then my voice was replaced by the chat, my face with a logo, and my life with progress checks,” Eileen’s daughter writes. “Virtual school is not real school. They are not giving us an education. They are teaching us how to not get caught using google translate. They are teaching us which websites will do your algebra homework for you. And if the Board of Education doesn’t take my education seriously, then why should I?”

Megan Knoll, a nurse in Minnesota, said she has watched her 12-year-old son slip into depression.”

“As his English teacher put it in her latest email; ‘sorry for all of the emails, but, I just want to say good job! WE can do it!’ No, actually, we can’t. We are breaking,” she said.”

The mental health aspect of this pandemic and school shutdown cannot be ignored. If every school shooting that results in a death is a preventable tragedy, then what should these suicides be called?

Do you know the names of London Bruns, Spencer Smith, or Christian Robbins? They all committed suicide. But like Chicago’s forgotten victims of gun violence, no one knows their names. They are COVID deaths, just as surely as anyone who died of the virus. These teenagers all died due to the effects of the virus, caused by the lockdowns for the safety of the adults in charge around them.

In discussing the mental health of these students with a friend just yesterday, he reminded me of the Ursula Le Guin short story “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.” In the story, the happiness of Omelas depends on the misery of a single child, which the entire population must accept in order to maintain their utopia. Those who can’t accept it “walk away” toward the unknown. It’s a dystopian analogy that we are now seeing played out in real time. Except that the single child is thousands of students, and they are collapsing under the strain that those adults have forced upon them for “the greater good” of keeping the adults healthy. Not to mention that the adults in charge are even debating the ethics of who should be saved first.

And the kids have no one in power who speaks for them. Their interests, their socialization, and their mental health will be sacrificed on the whim of the adults who proclaim their belief in science, and then refuse to act on that belief because it will upset the teachers’ unions.

How will kids “bounce back” once they’ve been broken? And what will it take for people of conscience to “walk away”?

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  • SFC D says:

    These “teachers” who refuse to teach because of the danger they believe themselves to be in need to go have a discussion with the folks running their local grocery store. The clerks, baggers, cashiers and stockers face a far greater risk every day than these union educators. Here’s an idea. You either get your asses back in the classroom, or seek a new line of work.

  • Robin H says:

    I am so glad my kids have been done with school for a few years now. I can’t imagine the hell it would be to do school all day from their rooms. I had a friend who’s son was a senior at Princeton last year and did his last semester at home, from his room. His mom said he felt like he was in middle school.

    I know it’s hard, but these parents need to form some homeschool groups. There have to be enough parents that can help teach and there are online resources. Get the kids together in one home every day so they have some real interactions.

    • GWB says:

      Homeschooling only seems hard. Most of the “difficulty” is untraining yourself from the progressivism you were taught: teachers are professionals with special knowledge who are the only ones who can competently teach your children.

      Once you’ve broken that mindset, and understand the flexibility you have, homeschooling is a wide open land upon which to frolic.

      As to the “enough parents”, there might already be co-ops in your area. Also, the second hardest thing about homeschooling? Convincing others that they were lied to about the teaching “profession”.

  • GWB says:

    they were the best trained for classroom management
    Bullcarp. I could train a sheepdog to manage kids better than a lot of so-called ‘educators’.

    These teenagers all died due to the effects of the virus,
    NO! They died as a result of the technocracy that treats people as widgets and not as human beings. They see them as malleable clay, and not as things with a certain nature, imparted to them by God or Nature. Seeing the sexes as interchangeable is only a visible facet of the progressive religion’s mindset that treats each and every human as no different from any other. Winnie The Flu just hastened the inevitable result of a progressive technocracy.

    Stop the Fear Now. Release the children from the control of the state. Take back your families. Homeschool. Get rid of your debt so that you aren’t beholden to the powers that be. Learn to be a generalist. Learn to sustain your own household and the immediate community around you. Become an American once again, who could strike out, if he had to, and plant a homestead where the wheels fall off.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    We are making young people spend a year terrified of the outside world. Our 20 year old is traumatized by it, and she doesn’t even know it. Just watching a TV show now, where characters aren’t masked and hug each other, feels wrong to her. She has completely internalized the idea that going out in the world is a bad thing.

    This is going to affect her for the rest of her life.

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