Ethics: Old White People Should Be Last To Get Vaccine

Ethics: Old White People Should Be Last To Get Vaccine

Ethics: Old White People Should Be Last To Get Vaccine

Ethics is informing the public that if you are old and white, you should be last to receive a Covid vaccine. You think I’m joking? I’m not. Courtesy of the New York Times we are now to explore who gets the vaccine first. Elderly or essential workers.

You see, we are supposed to be FAIR about how the vaccines are distributed and to whom first. Not only that, but we are now supposed to decide who will be first, second, or third by applying what is essentially a filter of social justice to the figure out the solution. 

Social justice?? What in the wide world does that have to do with deciding who among the essential workers and whom among the elderly will get the vaccines sooner rather than later? Quite a lot apparently. 

Some people want teachers to be among the first tier of essential workers to be vaccinated. Others point out that the majority of teachers are actually among the least vulnerable because children are the least at risk for the virus. Why?

“Teachers have middle-class salaries, are very often white, and they have college degrees,” he said. “Of course they should be treated better, but they are not among the most mistreated of workers.”

But you see, that’s discriminatory and teachers SHOULD be vaccinated quickly! Why? Because of all the minorities in the classrooms that they teach according to Elise Gould from the same article. 

Colorado is twisting itself into a pretzel trying to be FAIR with the vaccine distribution. Fair and racially just that is. 

“Under its draft plan, the state health department repeatedly acknowledges systemic racism and notes that people of color have become sick and died from COVID-19 at a disproportionately high rate. But it does not specify they should receive higher prioritization for a vaccine — an issue that has been debated by public health experts across the country.

By prioritizing individuals at high-risk of exposure and severe disease in the second phase, the plan addresses “both the ethical principle of trying to save the most number of lives, while also working to address racial inequities.””

When you work on turning backflips to accommodate everything by filtering it through a social justice lens, then people will get left behind or, kicked to the curb. It is ok to be racially sensitive or racially insensitive when the ethics of vaccine distribution to the “right” people is involved. 

“Harald Schmidt, an expert in ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania, said that it is reasonable to put essential workers ahead of older adults, given their risks, and that they are disproportionately minorities. “Older populations are whiter, ” Dr. Schmidt said. “Society is structured in a way that enables them to live longer. Instead of giving additional health benefits to those who already had more of them, we can start to level the playing field a bit.””

“Level the playing field…” WOW. Harald’s ethics leave a lot to be desired here.

True story.

Then again, Harald is likely completely on board with Zeke Emmanual’s proposal to let people 75 and older just die off as they are no longer necessary. Harald, in fact, was one of the leading cheerleaders in assuming that Operation Warp Speed would be a complete failure. Harald wants a vaccine lottery system. Why? Because it is a far better way of treating everyone EQUALLY while also ensuring that all whites will be relegated to the middle, the back of, or even underneath the bus. A vaccine lottery is equal at the baseline declares Harald, especially once you weight the lottery. In other words, he wants the system to be gamed to prioritize certain groups over others for the vaccine. 

Ethics is deciding that it is ok to be racist in when dispensing the vaccine because of racial and economic disparities. 

Remember when Sarah Palin bluntly told us that there were death panels hidden within Obamacare? Remember when the media mob unleashed hell on her for saying so and did their damndest to bury that fact? 

Guess what? These ethics on display via the New York Times are similar to death panels. 


The fact that people are proposing to give a thumbs up or thumbs down of who gets vaccine based upon social justice racial construct will exacerbate the problems, create MORE divisiveness in a time when we need less, and is inherently evil. 

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  • Dietrich says:

    “Then again, Harald is likely completely on board with Zeke Emmanual’s proposal to let people 75 and older just die off as they are no longer necessary.”
    Great, does that mean we can kick Biden, Pelosi, and Feinstein to the curb? Each is over 75.

  • CW2isComing says:

    Has it not been noted by anyone other than I that being at the back of the line (to receive the vaccine) is the best possible position in which to be? Do we as Americans know nothing of the makings of this most bizarre of vaccines? That, given a SARS-CoV-2 infection there is an over 99.4% likelihood of full recovery? Meaning, why create a vaccine for ANY disease with such a low fatality rate?

    Oh, 300,000 Americans have died of “The Covid” already, you say? Really? The CDC admitted that 94% of the dead had an average of 2.6 co-morbidities, that there appeared to be only 6% who may have died purely of the disease and its sequelae. That’s 18,000 actual dead. Like a bad flu season. Like 2018, when about 80,000 Americans died of the flu. And we didn’t blink an eye.

    If our FedGov, states and their public health officials actually cared about the citizenry they would have made Ivermectin and/or HCQ available–early–to all who developed symptoms of SARS-CoV-2. Ivermectin–even in later stages of disease–can prevent your death. It is so effective that one can say that “if you take this drug you will not get sick–you will not die!”

    Imagine those 18,000, above, if they had access to Ivermectin early in their disease.

    Educate yourselves about this abomination of a vaccine. Celebrate your continued good health at the end of that line. Because, those ahead of you are perhaps “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.”

  • JustaCitizen says:

    So we want racial equality until it’s advantageous to leverage racial inequality?

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