The Gaslighting of Brett Kavanaugh

The Gaslighting of Brett Kavanaugh

The Gaslighting of Brett Kavanaugh

If you didn’t see the opening statement that Judge Brett Kavanaugh delivered, sit down and watch it. It is about 45 minutes long, so it’s not a short statement. But it is one full of righteous anger and heartbreaking agony at what the last week and a half has done to the personal life and professional career to this man.

Judge Kavanaugh came out of the gates swinging. He was not going to let these charges lie passively at his feet. He was determined to refute each and every one of them in the most emphatic way possible.

But from the way pundits on Twitter went through their hot takes, you’d think Kavanaugh was a deranged lunatic for defending himself. Oh, and that he doesn’t have the right temperament to be a judge.

This is what you’re going with, leftist Twitter? Really?

The idea that a man shouldn’t loudly protest his innocence when being faced with the level of destruction that Judge Kavanaugh is facing, is just beyond crazed, and veers into monstrous. It is sexist.
And it is gaslighting of the worst kind.

The definition of gaslighting is such:
verb: to cause (a person) to doubt his or her sanity through the use of psychological manipulation
And demanding that Judge Kavanaugh not respond to these insane charges with any kind of emotion is just inhuman.

Fortunately, Senator Lindsey Graham had enough.

I am now completely reassessing my opinion of Lindsey Graham with THAT statement.

This circus needs to come to an end. Dr. Ford has had her say. With no evidence to support her allegation, this needs to be over. Judge Kavanaugh is rightly angry because his life has been upended and his reputation ruined. The only solution now to this attempted borking is to get the vote over.

Featured image: Judge Brett Kavanaugh delivering his opening statement, September 27, 2018 (image via screenshot)

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  • FU says:

    Not answering a question with a direct true answer, and instead, avoiding the subject in anyway possible, is “gaslighting”! Grow up!

  • Jack Harris says:

    The smart money odds are57% in favor of Kavanaugh

  • Jim says:

    The lady’s tear-jerking presentation made front pages here in Australia, especially in the left-leaning press. One has to wonder if the Democrats actually understand what they have started? Will future political and legal appointments be managed on like witch hunts and scored on the basis of who cries loudest and longest and makes the most outlandish claims of victimhood? By subverting objective processes and turned the selection process into a smutty soap opera they have opened the door to retaliation in kind by Republican supporters in the future.

    • GWB says:

      One has to wonder if the Democrats actually understand what they have started?
      Remember that progressives and communists do not study history. So, they’re repeating the methods and strategies of the Reds and the Maoists, and expecting when it all turns out, they will be the aristocrats running the place, with all the appropriate perks and privileges and power.

      They know damn good and well what they have started. What they refuse to acknowledge is how it has turned out EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. TIME.

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